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Modern Architecture, SSPX Money
& Halloween

Modernist Architecture Is a Failure


It would be wise to start using classic styles again, we need to get over our post-WWII fear of classic and ornate things.

Modern architecture quickly becomes ugly to the general public after its newness wears off; then it just becomes an eyesore (except a few structures).

The public has never fallen in love with modern architecture like they were 'supposed' to.

The same with much modern art.

“Have you ever looked at a bizarre building design and wondered, ‘What were the architects thinking?’ Have you looked at a supposedly ‘ecological’ industrial-looking building, and questioned how it could be truly ecological? Or have you simply felt frustrated by a building that made you uncomfortable, or felt anger when a beautiful old building was razed and replaced with a contemporary eyesore?

You might be forgiven for thinking ‘these architects must be blind !’ New research shows that in a real sense, you might actually be right.” - Quinlan Terry

For an illustration of this, see the pictures below and watch this video here.


Manchester yesterday and today


Jewish Money Funding SSPX


I received these proofs that SSPX has been funded by the money of a Jewish Austrian family, the Gutmanns, very close to the Rothschilds.

It makes me wonder why since the SSPX has clear sympathy for Petain, Franco, Salazar and other Nazi leaders. Once I heard that Nazism and similar movements around the world were created by the Jews to purify their race and to make the pure ones flee from Europe to populate the state-to-be Israel. It makes sense, although I don’t know to what degree this is backed by historic evidence.

In any case, it would explain why Jewish money is funding SSPX.

The link is here.


Pagan Gods at Loyola University


Loyola University Chicago Launches Pagan Student Club

Besides the Queer Peers program you commented on, here is another travesty at a Jesuit university: Loyola University in Chicago opens a new pagan student club to help their dear pagan students to follow their gods….

“Loyola’s mission states that ‘seeking God in all things’ is one of the main tenants of the university,” said the group’s student president, Jill Kreider, in an email to The College Fix. “While the mission primarily focuses on the Abrahamic God, there is no reason a Pagan student (or a Hindu, Baha’i or Sikh student) cannot seek using his or her own faith, regardless of which god they are doing it for.”

The link is here; a photo of the advertisement is below.


an advertisement for the Loyola Pagan Student Alliance

Movie Promoting Ouija Boards

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

There is a new horror movie coming out about the Ouija Board game (just in time for Christmas).

This is very dangerous, as it is another very big avenue for the Devil to control and harm us.

I do not recommending watching even the trailer, but I thought you ought to know about it.

     In Maria,


Isn't that Nice?

Dear TIA,

Re: Hindus extol Vatican for Diwali wishes

I wrote a semi-Christmas one-lined song for this very feast a few years ago, upon the Vatican's wishes at that time. Recalling that Pope Roncalli started the whole ecumenical beat, I called that song “Have a Holly, Jolly, Roncalli, Bengali Diwali.”

Maybe Rome will invite me to sing it.

     Pat O'Brien

Exorcists & Halloween

Dear TIA,

I thought your readers should know that when the International Association of Exorcists held its first official conference in Rome this October 2014, there were more than 300 officially recognized exorcists attending.

There was general agreement that they receive many more calls on “Halloween” – hundreds of calls on that day vs. the average 40 per day – than any other day of the year.

A member of the conference told the press his organization's emergency number receives hundreds of calls on October 31, up due to concerns about increased occult activity. “Many say Halloween is a simple carnival, but in fact there is nothing innocent or fun about it,” Fr. Aldo Buonaiuto said. “There are always more evil rituals, animal sacrifices, desecrations of cemeteries and thefts of sacred bones... From here the door to the Devil can be opened.”

The group’s spokesman Valter Cascioli told Vatican Radio there has been a “steady increase” in possessions also. “The battle against evil is becoming more of an emergency. We are calling for major vigilance.”

Here is the interesting part - the Catholic Church in Italy wants to replace the night of costumes and trick-or-treating (which it only in the past decades adopted) with a positive event called “Holyween.”

“While most people are steeped in zombies and horror we will put on our door or windows a light or an image evocative of the saints,” Buonaiuto said in a statement. “And then there will be Masses, prayer vigils and worship to celebrate the saints and victory of good over evil.”

Now the questions that naturally arise:

Why hasn’t the press given this the kind of coverage it loves to give to the homosexual agenda? Or the coverage the explosive remarks Francis is always making gets?

Why don’t priests and parishes in the English speaking world – where Halloween originated and has the greatest popularity – take up this suggestion immediately?

Why aren’t Catholic authorities warning their flocks with great insistence about the danger of possession if they dabble with the occult – Ouija boards, tarot cards, charms and spells, etc. Many Catholic youth are playing with these things everyday. Is there any wonder why there is a rise in possessions?

Finally, what do you think Francis had to say about this meeting? Wouldn’t he be the one to warn the Catholic people worldwide about the increasing possessions and influence of the Devil? No, not at all. All he did was to send a message to the Exorcists’ Conference about treating the possessed with “love and kindness from the Church towards those who suffer because of the evil one.”

No condemnations of those occult practices that usually open the door to the possessions.

It is a mad, demonic world! We should take the counsel of these exorcists seriously, even if our Pope and clergy do not.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 30, 2014


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