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Rabbits, C-Sections & Transgender

A Grateful Nursing Home


This is J.S. again. I wanted to send you a thank you note for the very kind and generous gift of supplies that you have donated to our nursing home, and tell you how much of a blessing you have been.

Everyone loves the materials, very high quality.

You will be in our prayers every week when our prayer group meets.

Again, thank you very much and may God bless you.


Kindle Catholic Books

Dear TIA,

I wanted to pass along the information to your readers that if they have an Amazon Kindle they can search the online Amazon Kindle Storefor many old Catholic books, many available for free or a dollar or two at the most, including the Church Fathers, St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa, the writings of the Saints, and devotional books, etc.

I just downloaded for free an almost 500-page book on the doctrine of Purgatory from the 19th century. Some of these may be books no longer available in print.

I encourage your readers to take a look!


Sunday & the Rosary


Francis, the current Bishop of Rome, has advised parents and children to 'talk to one another' as part of his two year program that focuses on the family. Never once, as far as we can determine, does he suggest they pray the Rosary together. At first glance this would seem odd since he consecrated his papacy to the Blessed Virgin, although he never seems to ask for her help. It isn't really strange, however, because Francis is an apostle of the 'new theology' which eliminated the Rosary at Vatican II to accommodate the desires of protestants and other non-Catholics.

The two year focus on the family will conclude this October at what should really be called the 'Synod of Sin.' The highlight will be a sale on annulments (Catholic Divorces) which will be free, so families can break up easier. Francis advises couples that in order to qualify for an annulment, just admit that you are ignorant of the faith. That's easy. Who isn't today?

In the Message of La Salette, Our Lady said, "The heads, the leaders of the people of God, have neglected prayer and penance, and the Devil has darkened their minds; they have become those wandering stars which the ancient Devil will drag with his tail to destruction..."

     Homer Sweeney



You'd think that Satan would be satisfied with the results of his temptations, which seem to be that about 90% of Catholic women make use of artificial birth control. He isn't satisfied.

He now has more time and energy to devote to the remaining 10% and the vehicle that gives him the most advantage is feminism.

The husband is the head of the family and the wife is the heart. As soon as this is challenged by either of them, feminism rears its ugly head. Praying the Rosary every day is the antidote to this poison. EVERYDAY !!!


Francis Meets with a Transgender & Fiancée

Dear TIA,

At first I thought this was a joke. But it is true.

A transgender [woman who became a man] from Spain and his ‘fiancée’ [female] had a private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday [January 24, 2015] at his official residence.

Neria told Francis in a letter that some of his fellow parishioners at the church he attends in the Spanish city of Plasencia had rejected him after he underwent sex-reassignment surgery. He said a priest even called him “the devil’s daughter.”

So Francis made one of his surprise phone calls, ringing up Neria on Christmas Eve after receiving his letter. The private audience took place a month later. “After hearing him on many occasions, I felt that he would listen to me,” Neria told Hoy in an interview the newspaper published on Sunday.

A translation of the Spanish text indicates that Lejárraga said the pope embraced him and that he now feels at peace. (original here)

Isn’t that wonderful?

Actually, it couldn’t be more horrendous and un-Catholic. What will Francis do next? Perhaps marry a pair of homos? Nothing would surprise me.

May the intervention of Our Lady – promised at Fatima and Quito – come soon.


Francis' Rabbits


I recommend you to watch a sound video by Louis Verechio.

To watch click here.


‘I'm Proud to Have Had Six Caesarean-Sections’


This is a good answer to the Pope’s out-of-the-wall statements on birth control. Please, read the article below.

Gary Morella

I have been blessed with six children. Children I had by six Caesarean-sections. My C-sections were never because of convenience or fear of labor pains. Quite the contrary. I have always wanted to give birth naturally, but my firstborn went into fetal distress after 13 hours of labor. Meconium [1] and blood made his birth a medical emergency and the C-section inevitable to save his life.

Thank God I gave birth in a time when the C-section is an option. Some decades before, and me and my boy would both be dead. Even though he had a very low initial APGAR [2], my firstborn recovered well and is a bright, family loving, good son.

Unfortunately, in Brazil the practice of VBACs [3] is still very much discouraged. Down here, the saying goes “once a C-section, always a C-section”. And so, by no fault of my own, I had 6 C-sections. Even though I did not go through the pains of labor, I offered to God the post-surgery sufferings, which can be quite long and painful.

I‘ve had good and responsible doctors. Doctors who assured me I could go on having children despite the number of C-sections. I even know mothers who have more than a dozen children via C-section. Anyway, I was blessed 6 times. Seven, if I count a pregnancy that did not go ahead.

Every day, I face the curiosity, the disrespect, the jokes, the whispers and the comments by many people who think that, just because I have six children, they have the right to give their opinion on what is so sacred to me. I have way too many anecdotes. I have been stopped on the street walk and asked if “I did not care about the environment”. I have been laughed at dozens of times when asked if I did not have a TV at home (BTW, no! We do not, Thank God!), if I knew what caused pregnancies, if I did not have a hobby. And all that spoken inconveniently, without modesty, in front of my small children!

I have been called ignorant, irresponsible. I’ve had to give financial explanations to strangers. Our family is frequently looked with disdain. Once, a doctor discretely suggested that I abort my 3rd child because it was somehow “dangerous”. My husband is always asked if his six children are from “the same wife”! Once, when we were outside under a pouring rain and in need of a cab, many taxi drivers went past us making signs with their hands meaning we were too many people. Too many people…. Can heaven be too crowded?

Anyway, we have always endured the criticism with a few compliments here and there. The compliments that exalt my so-called courage were never our support for the sacrifice of having many children. People’s opinions, either good or bad, are irrelevant. Our focus, my husband’s and mine, was always Our Lord. It was always to do God’s will. And to do God’s will in what is the very purpose of matrimony: the procreation of children. Despite the antichristian society. Despite the cost. Despite the world! And now, I am afraid to say, despite the Pope!

In all these years, and there goes 17 years of marriage, I have never heard the pearl the Bishop of Rome gave to the mothers of large families: rabbits! His Holiness was, and I say this with an aching heart, vulgar! Yes, vulgar!

 I would never dare to compare a catholic lady, wife and mother to an irrational animal. And a rabbit too! How would you think fathers would feel if compared to asses for working too much? Or poor people being called rats for not being dressed up? Or if people in a coma were called sloths? Shall I go on? The comparison is vulgar and denigrates the target of the criticism. It is disrespectful. It is, pure and simple, a lack of charity!

In addition, the Pope, he who should confirm our Faith, he who should support us, defend us, just threw mothers and fathers of large families to the lions! My husband just tells me that tomorrow at work he will be questioned about the Pope’s words.

Evidently, the neo-cons, the type of Catholic who appears so clever, so obedient, so faithful, even though so coward and so full of human respect, they will defend the His Holiness’ words with some mental gymnastics saying the media distorted his words, that they put out of context what he said, that he said “rabbits” in the best possible way. They might even say that yes, those mothers of many children are indeed irresponsible. And they will feel so clever, so obedient, so faithful!

Notwithstanding, I, my husband and my six children will not defend him. We will defend what the Church has always taught. I will never perform intellectual pirouettes to publicly excuse Peter whenever he assaults what has been always true and holy! I would rather look up to Heaven than to bury my head in the sand.

In one of his comments, he even gave the dubious number experts defend is the ideal number per Family: 3. He also said the Church gives “many licit ways to limit procreation”. He used the example of a mother who is pregnant with her 8th child, having had 7 previous C-sections before that. She would be irresponsible. “Does she want to leave 7 orphans”? , asked the Pope.

What does he suggest now that the child is already in the belly? Am I the only one who sees the very dangerous implications of the Bishop of Rome’s words? His Holiness does not know what he has done. He threw us to the lions of U.N., of the N.O.W., of the Masons. Those lions, you know?!, that walk around us looking for someone to devour….

But I have something to say to the many mothers of large families (many friends of mine, from our Chapel, in which blessed pews the many families of 3,4,5,6,7,10 children barely fit!), to the mothers who are discriminated against for having had multiple C-sections, to the mothers who keep on having children despite the opinions of family members, of society and, unfortunately, of liberal sectors of the Church: “Let us run to embrace the cross! So many Christian women were given to the lions to be martyred. Let us not run from the cross! Ahead! Let us fill this Earth with holy priests and Christian parents and fill heaven with many saints”. Heaven is the prize, said Saint Therese.

And let us pray for the Pope. He knows not what he’s done.

     In Christ,

     Patricia Medina

[1] Meconium is the earliest stool of a mammalian infant. Meconium is normally retained in the infant’s bowel until after birth, but sometimes it is expelled into the amniotic fluid (also called “amniotic liquor”) prior to birth or during labor and delivery. The stained amniotic fluid (called “meconium liquor” or “meconium stained liquor”) is recognised by medical staff as a sign of fetal distress, and puts the neonate at risk of meconium aspiration. Medical staff may aspirate the meconium from the nose and mouth of a newborn immediately after delivery in the event the baby shows signs of respiratory distress to decrease the risk of meconium aspiration syndrome.

[2] The Apgar score, the very first test given to a newborn, occurs in the delivery or birthing room right after the baby’s birth. The test was designed to quickly evaluate a newborn’s physical condition and to see if there’s an immediate need for extra medical or emergency care.

[3] Vaginal Birth After C-section
Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 27, 2015

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