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Balloons, Leo XIII & Calling the Police

Balloon Sundays

Dear Tradition in Action,

In the photo below the pope is going out of a church holdings balloons and children walking with him, apparently celebrating the family world day.

According to reports, he wants to promote a secular view of Sunday as a family day and to go to Church, but the emphasis is in family. I disagree, we parents and spouses have to take care of family everyday, that is the way we mold our children.

For many, many years, daily and Sundays it should be primarily dedicated to Our Lord. That is why I think that after the Latin Mass, there used to be additional prayers and songs and even the priest would be there on the altar to give thanks to God and the Trinity for the Mass. That is all gone.

Even the attendees at the Latin Mass mostly get out of chairs and leave even as the candles are put out; or if they stay they talk. It is sad to see in my church how even homeschoolers that go to daily Mass wear tight jeans and sexy clothing, even they come from ‘good’ homes, but the sense of Mary-like modesty is extinct.

Please check 1/7/15 Tampa Bay Times:  after gay marriage was ruled legal in Florida, the next day editorial includes a letter from Bishop Robert Lynch. You should read his letter or maybe check the Diocese website or his own blog that may have a copy of the letter on it.

The Pope with the balloons gives me the impression of a circus.

     Thank you,


Pope Francis with balloons


Opportune & Elegant

Congratulations Fiuza,

Re: Brazil 2005: What Comes Next?

A very opportune analysis written in an elegant styled English.

God bless us.


Apparition to Leo XIII


I have been told that there is no record to be found of Pope Leo XIII’s vision [of the challenge made by the Devil to Our Lord that he, the Devil, would destroy the Church if he were given 100 years. A challenge that Our Lord accepted]. But I was taught about it back in the ‘50s.

Is this just a ploy to minimize it? It seems to me that the 100 years began with Vatican 2 and the removal of the St. Michael prayer after Mass. Since Vatican 2 the world and the Church seem to be going down in morals.

We were also taught that the Church was to be the moral compass to the world, the salt to the earth. It seems the salt blew out when they opened the windows…

”As the Church goes… so does humanity” was pounded into our heads.

What are your thoughts?


TIA responds:


It was based on that apparition to Pope Leo XIII that the prayers at the end of the Mass were established (three Aves a Salve Regina and the prayer to St. Michael). The Church at that time would have never done this without a solid base on an authentic apparition. This is why we believe that the apparition really took place, although today we cannot find a definitive document about it.

You are well oriented by suspecting that the records about that apparition were hidden to fulfill the agenda of Progressivism, which hates the militancy of the Church and is silent about the Devil. This hypothesis could explain why the prayers at the end of the Mass were first simplified, then abolished and, finally, with the Novus Ordo Mass they were forgotten.

You are also on target affirming that Morals have been going downhill since Vatican II. It is all part of the Conciliar Revolution, which is ceaselessly destroying everything it can of our Holy Mother Church. In this regard, it suffices to consider what Pope Francis is pushing the Church to accept in the coming October Synod: full tolerance for homosexuals, Communion for the divorced and civilly re-married,” acceptation of living-in-sin pre-marriage situations, virtual establishment of divorce by enormously facilitating annulments, etc.

The Church is, indeed, the beacon of mankind. We can imagine the responsibility of these conspirators, who took over the Catholic Church and are making her send the opposite message to mankind that she should. They will pay for that. God may delay His punishment, but He never fails to chastise. By the magnitude of the crime, we can evaluate how universal the coming punishment will be.


     TIA correspondence desk


Calling the Police


May I start by saying I am a long time reader of TIA and thank you very much for your contributions to Catholic Society.

I personally have been seeing the meltdown of the Faith in my own family, as many Catholics have, and this is recently manifesting itself more gravely than ever.

I had only, by the grace of God, found Tradition 7 years ago when I left the Conciliar Church and the novus ordo to attend SSPX Masses here in Tennessee, knowing I was not joining a 'group' but attending the very best Mass I could find.

Last year, when I found out that I could be conditionally confirmed by Bishop Williamson, only a 3 hour drive away from us, I opted to make the trek with my family, then only to be 'forbidden' by my priest that if I went then he would not be able to 'guarantee' a spot for my son at the First Communion ceremony scheduled two weeks following, the one my son had just finished preparing for. His reason was that needed to be 'loyal' to my Parish and Priest. And that I needed to wait for the future Confirmations, which by the way were not even scheduled for anywhere near our State and many months later.

With the threat of 'no First Communion' for my son, I contacted Fr Joe Pfeiffer who happily agreed to help, tested my son the day before the Confirmations, heard his first Confession, and he received his First Communion the next day! Praise God, it was a happy day!

Since then, I have not returned to the chapel in Franklin where this all started, but I have family that still attends there, until now...

This last Sunday, family members of my own were forcibly removed from the chapel by the LOCAL POLICE, while they were praying the rosary with everyone PUBLICLY just before Mass. Who called the police? The Chapel Coordinator, with the permission of the Priest.

Police showed up, they came in, told them they had to leave, which they did. All of this during the Rosary before Mass with everyone present.

Why? Because they are a scandal to their family and have been banned from the Chapel for months; only this last Sunday, they wanted to see Bishop Tissier who was there to confirm their grandchildren.

What is the scandal? The husband and wife have a man living with them that their grown children don't approve of. He attends the Mass with the husband, wife, and two adult children, but the other adult children who attend the chapel complained to the Priest, who then told the couple that they could no longer receive the Sacraments at the chapel. When they tried to explain their side, he said, 'I have all the information I need.'

Now with this new scandal for the SSPX, other family members are now leaving this Chapel.

This reality is too much to bear. What has happened to the traditional priests? Have they gone mad? The places and people you least expect. The POLICE?? REALLY??

I have nothing else to reference this from. I am in serious shock.

     A confused and saddened Soul in Tennessee


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 3, 2015

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