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Crusades, Assisted Suicide & Resistance

Jihad vs. Crusades


I offer you and your readers this indirect answer to the obtuse accusation made by Obama that the Crusades were something similar to the Jihad.

Bill Warner, Ph.D., finishes with the question in a way that leaves no margin for contestation.

The link to his short and very-worth-while-watching presentation is here.

     Gary Morella


Crusades out of Context


Mark Levine's excellent comments on Obama, Christianity and the Crusades

I suggest this to all of you. There is a misconception of the Christian Crusades and it is refreshing to hear a Jewish man explain how it differed so very much from the so-called ISIS “crusade”.

There is a short commercial, but the whole thing is only 5 minutes long [including the commercial]. Levine is commenting on Obama’s National Day of Prayer Breakfast remarks.

The link is here.


Canada Approves Assisted Suicide

Dear TIA,

A piece of important news from Canada is also useful for the U.S., since it sets a precedent that will likely be followed by our country.

Curiously, this approval by the Supreme Court of Canada accords with what we have seen all around the world: The Supreme Courts of many Western countries decided to introduce homosexual marriage and rights. After having fostered these revolutionary initiatives on homosexuality, now they are approving assisted suicides.

We are living in a dictatorship of the Courts, which impose what the people reject. And we still believe we are in democracies…

Read the news report here.


Virgen de Urkupina & Virgen del Socavón

Dear TIA,

A Bolivian friend of mine at work, recently asked me if I knew anything about the Virgen de Urkupina (in Quillacollo) and the Virgen del Socavón (Virgin of the Mineshaft in Oruro). She and her family have a "loose" attachment to the Catholic Faith. I was hoping that a little "hometown" information on the Blessed Mother might "reel" them back to the true Catholic Faith.

Thank you in advance for your time, effort, and vast resources!


TIA responds:

Dear F.K.H.,

We have recently posted an article on the Virgen del Socavón, also known as the Virgin of Candlemas. You can find it here.

We hope the Virgin, patroness of Oruro, will inspire your friend to return to the faith. You can count on our prayers for that.


     TIA correspondence desk


Enemies in Hollywood

Dear TIA,

Re: America's Enemies in Hollywood Then and Now

I remember well the rebuke that many people went through in ferreting out communists in Hollywood and government activities.

One thing I have a problem with is the use of the mnemonic "HUAC." This mnemonic was media-generated to disparage the investigators and their work.

Media's meaning of HUAC was "House Un-American Activities Committee, implying that the House Committee was un-American.

Strange, but this twisting of the committee's name always reminds me of the incorrect translation of "Gloria in Excelsis Deo ..." as "Glory to God in the highest. And on earth peace, good will toward men," rather than its correct translation; "Glory to God in the highest. And on earth peace to men of good will."


Wrong Approach on Zionism


Christian Zionists remind me of the final words of the Colonel in the 'Bridge on the River Kwai'...."What have I done ?"

We Christians are SUPPOSED to bring all who deny Christ into the fold. Christians who support and encourage Israel/Zionism are helping Jews to continue their rejection of Jesus Christ! Hatred of Jews is a serious sin. Hatred of their rejection of Christ is an obligation. Prayers for the conversion of Jews and Muslims are said in every Catholic Mass. Christian Zionists continually support the Jews' error of waiting for the Messiah. HE CAME, HE SAW, HE CONQUERED!!

Lead them TO CHRIST. Stop making them comfortable in their rejection of Him. Showing true charity to the Jews and the Muslims and ALL non-Christians is to lead them to Our Lord.


Catholics Being Killed by ISIS


See the photo below. These are the Assyrian Christians at Mass. These are the peoples ISIS is killing!


a photograph of Assyrians in Church


Inquiry on Sede-Vacantism


I stumbled across your webpage during an internet search. I for one am in love with the Tradition of the Church, Her rich beauty and mystery (including the EF of the Holy Mass) and many other aspects as the Bride of our Lord. And we should all continuously encourage and instruct those who have not received the grace of realizing this rich Tradition so that they may appreciate it as well.

I do, however, just want to clarify whether this website supports the Magisterium of the Church as it stands (i.e. current bishops and Pope Francis), or makes some sort of sedevacantist claim, questions the validity of Vatican II, the Novus Ordo, etc?

     Yours in Christ through Mary,


TIA responds:

Hello S.J.,

It is always good to meet someone who also loves the traditions of the Catholic Church as we do. We agree with your comments.

Regarding our position on the Conciliar Popes – from John XXIII to Francis – we recognize them as Popes with due power of jurisdiction and orders. Therefore, we dispute neither their acts of government nor the validity of their consecrations of Bishops and ordinations of priests. Some priests, however, are promoting so many abuses in the Novus Ordo that we believe we can seriously say that their masses are not valid (see photo below).

Clown Mass
Regarding the power of teaching, which is the third of the three powers of the Pope, we resist the doctrines, of the Conciliar Popes that are not in accordance with the previous Papal and Ecclesiastical Magisterium. For example: the teaching that all the religions lead to salvation. What the Conciliar Popes unanimously have been preaching in this regard is frontally against the previous teachings and dogmas of the Catholic Church.

In the cases where the power of orders or power of sanctification is immediately linked to the power of teaching, our position of resistance is also directed against these acts. For example, we resist the canonizations of John Paul II, Escrivá and Edith Stein, as well as the beatifications of John XXIII, Paul VI, Newman, Mother Teresa to name just a few. The upcoming “martyrdom” of Oscar Romero and beatification of Dorothy Day are blatant examples of the non-objectivity of these titles.

Also, we believe the Novus Ordo Mass must be avoided, not because it is necessarily invalid, but because it was conceived to take from the Mass any characteristic that was anti-Protestant. Therefore, it has a marked Protestant character. You see, thus, that this avoidance of the Novus Ordo is also included under the resistance to the Conciliar Popes’ power of teaching, which is contrary to the previous Magisterium.

This position of resistance, therefore, is not that of sede-vacantism. You may find it explained at length in an open-letter we wrote to John Paul II – We Resist You to the Face – and in the booklet Resistance versus Sede-Vacantism, or simply by going to the Search page of our website and entering the words sede-vacantism or resistance.

We hope this explanation clarifies your doubt.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 10, 2015

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