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Stefanowicz, CMRI &
Accident with the Eucharist

Out from Under Book

Dear TIA,

Re: Your article: ‘Gay Marriage’ - Lessons from Canada

I just read Out From Under by Dawn Stefanowicz and need to mention a few things:
  1. I thought the book would be a compendium of studies concerning children raised by homosexual parents. It is not. It is strictly autobiographical.

  2. The book should carry a warning. The author describes perverted sexual actions in explicit detail, too many times to count.

  3. I did some research and believe this book would qualify as a mortal sin of detraction against her parents and brothers.

  4. The author assumes her father is in heaven because he had a "faith experience." There is no mention of whether or not he was ever baptized or held the Catholic faith.

  5. She quotes scripture frequently, but not those lines that condemn homosexuality, adultery, bestiality and fornication, which are described in the book in disgusting detail.

  6. Nor does she ever state that these behaviors are mortal sins.
Yes, she had a tragic childhood, and I don't mean to "pile on." I was very disturbed by the vindictive tone of the book and the unnecessary explicitness. I know you have a small staff and are very busy, but I would appreciate your opinion about this book.




‘Married Gay’ in Catholic Relief Services

Hello TIA,

You know about CRS – Catholic Relief Services. It has been instrumental to promote contraception in many ways opposed to Catholic Doctrine. Notwithstanding, it enjoys the support of the Hierarchy, particularly of Card. Dolan.

Well, now it came to light that one of its directors was a homosexual man “married” with another man… No comments.

The news report is here.

Keep up the good work.

     In Christ Jesus,



False Right


Re: Your article on the False Right

I just read your article. I have been looking for The Church ever since I thought it a "good idea" to give my children a "Catholic education" in the 1980s. Born in NY 1951, the liturgical changes were already in play to a lesser degree that Easter Season before I was even born in May of that year!

Presently we attend Mass @ CMRI chapel. This Holy Week, however, a glossy booklet entitled: "The History and Spirit of Holy Week" by a "Rev" John H. Miller, CSC, was placed on the literature table along with the usual fare of good Catholic devotional material.

It reads like typical V2 blither-blather, because it IS!

I did some research on this "John Miller," and sure enough I discovered that he went on to bless the NO mass post- Vatican II. I took it up with the good priest here in San Diego and he referred me to the "bishop " who has yet to respond to any of my emails. One of them stated, "Even the Rorate blog got it correct on this one!"

Got what correct? That it is not primarily WHAT the changes were at first but WHY and WHERE they were leading.

This year when I heard our good priest say to the choir something to the effect, "We don't have to take up so much time with such-and-such music," I felt uneasy. This publication sealed it.

BTW, 15 or so CMRI nuns have "defected" to the NO diocese. Our priest maintains we are to have nothing to do with NO. The founding bishop of CMRI the Archconfraternity of St. Alphonsus Ligouri was driven off in scandal so they say BUT was he? Or has this new bishop been set up as the False Right of the Controlled Opposition?

Thanks for inviting our comments. We in the pews are doing our best with what we have. Praying too for the unsuspecting good clergy whose "Shepherd has been struck and their sheep scattered."

     With much admiration and prayers,



Degrading the Respect for the Papacy

Dear TIA,

The media appear to be keeping track of the Pope's "obiter dicta" which necessitate Vatican press office explanation. The Pope's constant expression of his private opinions only serves to further degrade respect for the Office which he holds.

He truly is "Francis the Talking Pope."



Accident with the Eucharist

Dear TIA,

I would like to know what to do in a rather puzzling situation.

Perhaps a few of years ago my mother received Communion and felt a scrap of paper or plastic in the wafer. She removed it from her mouth and, with it, a Particle, which is at present in our living room. I assume the Particle is still the Body of our Lord? What is the correct thing to do?

Please answer as soon as possible. Thank you!



TIA responds:

Dear A.F.,

For us to evaluate this situation properly, more details would be necessary. What is the size of that Particle? And why, in these past few years, are you still unable to verify whether the Particle is on a piece of plastic or paper? What is the size of the paper/plastic? Where is it in your living room, in an honorable place? Is it visible to anyone?

At any rate, out of respect for the Eucharist with the possible Real Presence still there, we believe that these are general responses to the situation:
  • If the paper/plastic is chewable, we believe your mother or someone in the state of grace should make a conditional act of adoration and should consume it as if the Divine Presence were still there. We believe this is the first thing she should have done when she felt that paper/plastic.

  • If the paper/plastic is too thick to chew, you should explain the details to a traditional priest from your area and ask him whether he would authorize you to bring the Particle to him or would go to your house, separate the Particle from the paper/plastic, consume it, and purify the paper/plastic before destroying it.

  • Should such an incident occur again to you or someone you know – a paper/plastic or something similar too thick to be chewed and swallowed – then we suggest that you seek the orientation of a good priest immediately.

     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 14, 2015

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