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Gratitude, Lucy & Burying Beggars

A Convert Thanks Us for Our Work

Dear Marian Horvat,

Thank you so much for sending me a piece of a cloth draped on the Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of Good Success and a beautiful picture of Our Lady and the Christ Child. I cherish those items very much. I bring the piece of cloth with me every time I go to Mass. Please forgive my inexcusable lateness in getting back to you with thanks.

As I said in my email, your writings and the writings of Mr. Guimaraes for Tradition in Action led me more than any other human instrument to the traditional Catholic parish I have been going to for close to a year now, ever since God gave me the grace to see that I needed to convert to Catholicism. ...

I especially admire your courage in writing against calling Protestants Christians, something you probably were unjustly accused of being uncharitable for. As someone who was a Protestant for 24 years of my life, I can say that there is nothing Protestants have to give up to convert to Catholicism except for our sinful lives and heretical beliefs!

Anything orthodox in Protestantism the Catholic Church has and had long before. Every convert knows that receiving Holy Communion for the first time makes any anxiety or discomfort that arose in the process of converting appear as the nothingness that it was. I will always be grateful for the charitable Catholics like you who are teaching the necessity of the Catholic Church for salvation and encourage conversion rather than the ecumenical deceit.

May Almighty God and the Blessed Virgin Mary reward you for your kindness in sending me the piece of a cloth from the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success and for all the great work you do for TIA!



USMC Grenade Training


A hand grenade can go off in 4-5 seconds. Ever hear the saying "throws like a girl"? In the (new) Marine Corps (with women in combat), This is what it looks like...

Filmed on location at Camp Pendelton, CA.


Hat Etiquette


Should I remove my hat (not cap) when at a grocery store check out when there is a female clerk at the cash register?


TIA responds:


No, you do not need to do so in the situation you describe, since you have a commercial relationship with the cashier, not a social one, where the rules of courtesy properly apply.

Analogously, when you are in the waiting room of a medical laboratory, you do not need to pull back the chair for the female secretary to be seated at her desk as she gets up and down to do her work.

These are commercial situations where only the basic rules of urbanity apply, not those of courtesy, which are reserved for social or professional relationships and situations.


     TIA correspondence desk


Forensics on the Two Sisters Lucy

Hello Dr. Horvat,

I very much appreciated your article on the age regression and progression of the Sister Lucy photos. However, I wanted to share this link with you which provides information on a more scientific forensic comparison which might one day be done, God willing.

Thank you for your dedication to this important mystery.



Sr. Lucy’s Death


I read your info:

Entry 265 lists the correct birth and profession dates of Lucia dos Santos: she was born March 22, 1907 in Fatima, and took her first vows as a Sister of St. Dorothy on October 3, 1928. It is difficult to understand why the official archival documents would list her as deceased on May 31, 1949. Perhaps it is because she really died at that time, and another person, who died in 2005, took her place.”

I was wondering how do you explain that #265 death info via the Discalced Carmelites site that she died in 1949. Have you looked into this? Do you continue to believe that she lived beyond that time frame?

     Thank you.


TIA responds:


Many things in the life of Sr. Lucy are mysteries. One is this information about her death. Was this datum real? Was it just a mistake?

If true, how can one explain the many good statements Sr. Lucy made after that, for instance, the things she told Fr. Augustin Fuentes in her last interview with him in 1957? Should we suppose another fake Sr. Lucy already existed at that time? Why would an impostor warn Catholics to not trust Rome, the Bishops and the priests? Why did the Hierarchy punish Fr. Fuentes for disseminating that interview with Sr. Lucy if she were a fake?

We do not have clear answers to these questions. We believe that when we are facing a mystery, the best thing to do is to be humble and acknowledge that we do not know, rather than take one of these data as certain and, based upon it, elaborate theories that would not hold up to criticism.

Thus, what we do at TIA is to assemble the data that exist, even when some facts seem to be contradictory, and continue our fight in peace. One day, after all the confusion that fell over the Church with the present day apostasy will be over, we hope that light will come on the mysteries surrounding Sr. Lucy,

In brief, to answer straightforwardly your question – Do you continue to believe that she lived beyond that time frame (1949)? – we would say:

We do not know with certainty whether she died in that year or not; but it seems probable that she did not and was at least alive up until the mentioned interview with Fr. Augustin Fuentes in 1957.


     TIA correspondence desk


Beggar Buried in the Teutonic Cemetery

Hello TIA,

Regarding the homeless man who was buried in the Teutonic Cemetery, it is interesting to consider the following:

The Teutonic Cemetery is a symbol of many things in the Vatican History.
  • First, it is a symbol of the many martyrs who died there when it was a pagan place;

  • Second, it is said the site was given to the Church by Charlemagne, and thus holds the good memories of the Carolingian Donations, which gave birth to the Papal States;

  • Third, it was transformed into a cemetery to bury the Germans living in Rome at the service of the Pope;

  • Fourth, it became the place to bury the members of the Swiss Guards, who primarily come from the German Canton of Switzerland;

  • Fifth, it was where the heroic Swiss Guards and Papal Zouaves were buried after they gave their live to defend the Pope and his territories from the usurper troops of the Freemason Vittorio Emmanuelle, which took over the Pope's properties.
So, when Pope Francis tells the Vatican authorities to bury a beggar in the Teutonic Cemetery, he is consciously trying to wipe out all these symbols of the past which live in that historical place.

Those who believe he is just showing compassion for a poor beggar missed the target…

Below, is the news report.

     In Christ Jesus,


Agence France-Presse - Thursday 26 February 2015

A homeless man has been buried in the exclusive Teutonic Cemetery within the Vatican in the latest sign of how Pope Francis’s concern for society’s most vulnerable is changing the way the Church does things.

Willy, a Belgian who lived on the streets around St Peter’s until his death in December, was well known to many priests, some of whom used to bring him food, Vatican radio reported. He died after being hospitalized with the symptoms of exposure. His burial in a cemetery normally reserved for senior German clerics was funded by a donation from a German family.

Francis has made a focus on the rights, welfare and dignity of the poor one of the central themes of his papacy, reflected in his maxim that he wants “a poor church, for the poor”. Earlier this month, showers for the homeless were installed in public toilets just yards from St Peter’s square, at the Argentinean pontiff’s request.

To mark his birthday in December, Francis ordered the distribution of dozens of sleeping bags to homeless people across Rome, and parishes in the Italian capital have been asked to follow suit with similar initiatives.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 2, 2015

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