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On the Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Approval

Marxist States of America


From a butterfly to a caterpillar!

In trying to come up with a proper name for our type of country, it seems to me that the Founding Fathers gave us a Democratic Republic. Lincoln turned it into a Federal Republic. Wilson turned it into a Corporate Oligarchy. Roosevelt warped it into a Socialist Oligarchy. Obama completed the treachery and pushed us across the line into being a Marxist Oligarchy. I think they are done.

Welcome to the MSA, the Marxist States of America!!



Firestorm over ‘Gays’


A gay pride youth party in Taiwan ended with disaster last night as a special effect consisting of huge clouds of rainbow-colored glitter particles was launched into the air over the partygoers. To the shock and horror of everyone, the metallic glitter ignited, raining down a firestorm upon hundreds of attendees.

The event was planned as a celebration of gay marriage legalization around the world. It was not heavily promoted as a "gay pride" event because being openly gay is not widely accepted in Taiwan society (which is still culturally quite conservative as far as family values go). Instead, the event was promoted using the key word "rainbow," the universal global symbol associated with gay pride.

Over 600 people were injured in the firestorm, not the 200 or so being mentioned in the media. Local hospitals are completely overrun with burn victims, and some victims with less severe burns were turned away from hospitals.

A video showing fire raining down upon hundreds of partygoers can be watched here.


Unconstitutional Decision Makes the U.S. Communist


I believe these comments by Sher Zieve are sound. Please, read them and disseminate them.

In Jesus and Mary,


With Friday's decision to remove States' rights from the actual 50 States and give the federal government the right to determine who can marry and whom or what they can marry, the Communist Goals set out for the USA are virtually complete. The ruling minority has won over the majority in the USA, because they placed their operatives in virtually all strategic positions necessary to rule over a population however they want... because the rest of us were actually working to better ourselves and our country. Will the 50 States rise up against this oppression and usurpation of their authority under the now nearly-dead US Constitution? Or will they be part in parcel in digging its grave?

We are now in the newest Socialist country on the planet and will soon go complete Communism. BTW, with respect to theses same Communist goals and what's currently happening with our police forces, you may find it of interest ti read #18. It is "Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat]." The ObamaGov has changed it slightly, in that local PDs are being turned into social agencies.

We've pretty much reached the end of the road, comrades, although I suspect the ObamaGov has some upcoming intensely disturbing and debilitating-to-us-all surprises up its sleeves. Now that all 3 branches of the US government have turned solidly against We-the-People, the repeal – without our consent – of the Bill of Rights (starting with the Second Amendment) will occur shortly. The repeal efforts are already said to be underway.

Will Americans finally rise up against their oppressors or will they continue – as did Nazi Germany – to ignore it and "hope" it gets better. Even history no longer seems to matter to some, as they keep repeating the same patterns that got them into trouble in the first place...and then never seem to correct it for very long. Thank God it won't be long now before He returns!

Full textl here.


The Right to Discriminate


Now they are showing their stripes.

The criminalization of Christianity is now on the official LBGT agenda. Read it here.

A thought on a tool demanded by the PINK MAFIA to further trash our freedom of speech and freedom of religion rights, i.e., ENDA, on an altar to sexual perversion. Such unjust unconstitutional laws MUST be opposed for the sake of the common good which should be a State's highest priority!

Responsible parents justly discriminate between right and wrong behavior all the time, or else they cease being responsible. Similarly, responsible States must do the same for the sake of the common good, which is supposed to be the State's highest priority as understood from the time of Aristotle's Politics.

Accordingly, people of faith can justly discriminate against that which flouts their faith per their Constitutional freedom of religion rights to do so, rights which they're not required to check at the door by The Constitution upon entering public life.

ENDA would be seen as an extension of the laws on civil rights; it would bring an extension of the federal power over hiring and firing in private firms; and it would bring into play the same apparatus of legal remedies applied by the federal courts.

What happens to the freedom of religion rights of those private firms that would be obliterated on an altar to hedonism? For rights without duties toward the common good are no rights at all.

The purpose of ENDA is to include "sexual orientation" as a protected class under employment discrimination laws. But ENDA is really bad business. It grants those inclined to homosexual acts the benefits of minority class status – based solely upon their behavior.

Those inclined to homosexual acts are not a model of a disadvantaged minority class. Disregarding the standard gay rights rhetoric, their movement is nothing more than a powerful special interest lobby intent on using their money and political influence to "piggyback" onto legitimate gains of the truly disadvantaged. They can only gain these special rights and privileges at the expense of others.

Homosexual "rights" are not about equality under the law, which homosexuals already possess, but about special privileges and legitimating their lifestyle. Clamoring for this protected status borders on the ridiculous when seen in the light of logic.

If we cannot discriminate against proven changeable aberrant behavior that has been shown to be physically, psychologically, socially and economically ruinous, i.e.., behavior that is contrary to the promotion of the common good, then our system of positive law collapses. Implicit in the definition of behavior is the presumption that behavior can be categorized as good or bad, right or wrong. Without this gauge, anarchy exists with the freedom for the autonomous unencumbered self being the only concern.

Orientation implies a "lasting direction of thought, inclination or interest." There are any number of references in the scientific literature that totally refute this definition in the context of a homosexual orientation. To say such a description is problematic is being kind, given the widespread disagreement in the literature with absolutely no definitive proof that anything resembling a "gay gene" exists - by the admission of homosexually inclined researchers themselves.

A civilized society must justly "discriminate" in favor of health over disease, right over wrong, moral over immoral, discriminate use of sexuality over indiscriminate sexual expression. The death and dying statistics speak to the consequences of non-discrimination in this context.

     Gary Morella


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 30, 2015

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