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Biennale, Funeral & Laudato Si’

Dark Art


Re: The Dark World of Art at the Biennale

No wonder there are so many problems in the world if people think these examples are art.


Example of Miserablism

The artist pictured below from the recent post by Margaret G. Galitzin is a study in your term 'miserablist.' At first I thought she was a super realism sculpture made as part of the installation in the style of the compassionate modern super realist sculptor Duane Hanson. She is not a sculpture; she is a person.

She is grieving. All her work is grief. She has no one. Nothing. Her world offers only growing chaos that never ends. More art. More coffee. More openings. No Truth, and she knows it. Slow Anger. Slow Rage. Grief. She is symbolically weeping in public. She is 'miserable' (miserablist) inside and out. I said the following out loud to myself this morning before seeing your post today. "Artists make what they are." Her work is her interior. She has made what she is and what the world around her predominantly is, darkness sinking in miserable catastrophic chaos. Poor soul. Her face. Let us remember it and her in our rosary.

     Thank you,


Fiona Hall surrounded by hideous sculptures of her own creation


The Queen & Modern Art


It seems the Queen in not so impressed by modern art, especially when it is a portrait of her, her pony and her father.

Queen baffled by portrait gift as she asks German president: 'Is this supposed to be my father?'

Check a video here.


Novus Ordo Funeral


Recently, I attended a Novus Ordo funeral for a very prominent person in Pasadena, California. There were several hundred people attending, many of them were not Catholic.

The presiding priest welcomed everybody saying that, whatever faith they were, they “enriched” all present. He said, “Those who are Muslim, Hindu or any other religion should not change their faith. God is bigger than all religions.” He praised the deceased for being a “humanist.”

I refused to hold hands as all stood for the “Our Father,” and broke the line that went across the aisles. He invited all to communion and said, “If you don’t want to receive, ask for a blessing.” The concelebrating priests distributed Communion while men & women Eucharist ministers gave the chalice of wine to all who wished to take it.

Very disturbing, unsettling and sad.


Pope: ‘Gun Makers Are Bad’

Note from TIA:

A reader sent us the discussion he had with one of his correspondents regarding this news report:

Gun Makers and Investors Are Not Real Christians

Speaking to young people during his visit to Turin, Francis made impromptu remarks about those who make weapons: “It makes me think of … people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons. That leads to a bit a distrust, doesn’t it?” He also took a shot at “Christians” who invest in guns, telling the audience that “duplicity is the currency of today … they say one thing and do another.”
(Original here)

R.H. asks:

Does it logically follow that those who wish to defend themselves against terrorists, thieves and despots are 'not Christians' either!?

F.J. answers:

This needs to be in context of the Pope stressing human value in all issues.

R.H. replies:

I've heard enough for a lifetime, about "human values" etc. How about getting busy doing what Our Blessed Lord commanded His Church to do: Go and teach all nations (evangelization), baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost! There is no SALVATION outside of this... period. Wherever Christ reigns there is no lack of human values. All this 'ecumenism & dialogue' talk is the smoke of Satan! Either admit it or show me its fruits.

As to the good things he actually says in his encyclical, they are contradicted by what he DOES, especially on the all important subject of Holy Matrimony. Behold the SYNOD (2014 & the one pending 2015).

Also, one can't escape the fact that this Pope has bought into and supports the United Nations & Obama's global warming cabal, which is nothing less than an obvious conspiracy to gain more control of our lives & economy, and is pushing US evermore into a 'one world Govt.' I heard Rush Limbaugh saying the same thing. May God help us!

It is not for me to say, but remember Sacred Scripture warns of a "false Prophet" that will assist the Anti-Christ when he comes. I wonder if that is part of the 3rd Fatima secret they have kept hidden?

     Watch and pray,



Laudato, a Machiavellian Maneuver…

Tradition in Action,

In effect the Holy Father has managed to roll a huge Trojan horse right into the encampment of the enemy! They cannot be happy with this encyclical. The Holy Father has hi-jacked at least a part of the environmental movement.

What is the environment? Is it "planet earth"? Is it a causeless process? No, it is a creation. And to whom does the creation belong? The Creator!

Saint Paul says that the reason why God put us here, was to find the Creator (Acts 17, 24-29). How is that done? For the average person: the farmer, the green-grocer, the blue-collar worker, and even the busy technician or white-collar worker, it is not done by Saint Thomas' five philosophical proofs for the existence of God; it is done, as Saint Paul observes (Rom. 1, 19-23), by a contemplation of the universe, its order, its beauty, its immensity.

Despite making himself the voice of many worried about certain ecological concerns, true or imaginary, the Pope has given us one of the most powerful, eloquent, and beautiful cases for a providential God ever written.

If anyone foolishly believes that atheists own the environmental issue, they better read Laudato, Si. Drawing from the beautiful riches of the eternal Word of God, the Holy Father has precisely defined the foundation of a true and authentic environmentalism, and has pin-pointed many inconsistencies and hypocrisies among environmentalists.

Using "the environment" as a jump-off point, much like Saint Paul in the Areopagus in Athens used "the altar to the Unknown God" (Acts 17, 23), the Pope has carefully outlined for many non-believers, the way to God, the Creator, and he has replaced the neo-pagan goddess idol, "Mother Earth", with the true "Queen of Creation," our Mother Mary.

     Fr. Tom Carleton


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 2, 2015

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