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Saints of the Day & Advice on Marriage

Saint of the Day by Prof. Plinio

Dear TIA,

I would like to make the following suggestions for your website:

The Saint of the Day section on your website is truly fantastic - can you please make it more prominently displayed on your site? I'm of the opinion it should be on the home page.

Would you consider putting the entire Saint of the Day writings out as a daily devotional book - I know I would buy copies for all my children (7) and the few friends that I have.


TIA responds:

Dear J.J.J.,

We are very glad to know about your high appreciation for the Saints of the Day and commentaries by Prof. Plinio.

We normally highlight the Saints of the Day on our Spotlight page. We have many readers who go straight to that page only to follow the coming Saint of the Day. We suggest that you do this as well, if you do not already do so.

We also agree with you that those precious commentaries should be printed in a book. The only problem is that we still have many other Saints of the Day to translate and post. This creates a problem of publishing the ones that are already online because, if it were in a book form, then the future commentaries could not be inserted in the correct chronological order of the Liturgical Year.

Perhaps we could avoid this problem by printing the collection we already have in form of a card file which would allow future cards to be inserted. Let us give some thought to this idea.


     TIA correspondence desk


Byzantine Rite Catholic Alternative

Dear TIA,

To your knowledge, are Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies being attended by a significant number of Roman Catholics who are near a Byzantine Rite parish and want to avoid the Novus Ordo liturgy in their own local parishes and who do not have access to the Latin Mass?

Would you encourage such action, given such options?


TIA responds:

Dear W.M.,

Yes, there are many Catholics we know who assist at those Eastern Rites in places where they are available to avoid going to Novus Ordo Masses.

We encourage them to attend those Masses. but we recommend that they check beforehand to know how much they have also modified their Masses to incorporate the novelties of Vatican II. Some of the major Byzantine rites like the Maronites and Melkites have suffered many modifications; others like the Ukrainian and Ruthenian. much less.

If the modifications are substantial – abandonment of their original languages, introduction of dialogue with the assembly and changes in the Canon – to go to these Eastern Rites is tantamount to going to a New Mass in the Latin Rite.


     TIA correspondence desk


No to Laudato Si’


Please enjoy this clip that someone sent to me.

Best regards,



Please, Advice on My Marriage


I am married to a man who is not baptized and we have two children (33 & 32), both male. I am Catholic, but I’ve been in the Novus Ordo since I can remember. Then, I started remembering about the Latin Mass I went to when I was young.

I'm 61-years-old now. My husband doesn't want to get baptized or believe in the Catholic Church. I started wearing a dress and he got mad and said he wanted nothing to do with me.

Also, I quit watching filthy TV and that brought another argument. I quit listening to bad music and started to get rid of bad magazines and other things.

We also made mistake with credit card debt and so on, but our land has a large gravel pit which would be able to pay debts. But he has a different outlook on that: Yes, I’m to blame, because I spent more than needed. He wants me to take my name off the land, but I haven’t yet.

I left him, but did not file for a divorce, because now I know that's wrong. So, my children are confused. Since I’ve changed, my family wants nothing to do with me.

My husband also got violent, mostly when he’s had too much to drink.

What do you suggest? Please advise me for I’m very confused.

I moved to Browerville, MN, to be by St. Pius X Mass. Then, different persons tell me that it's invalid. What does a Catholic do?

I can’t find work here. So I’m cleaning a Lutheran church which I would rather not do. Is that wrong? I work for a company.

I thought about hiding a green scapular in there and praying. Would that be wrong?

I also have 6 brothers and sisters and they have all turned Lutheran or Novus Ordo, so I hid green scapulars.

I just started to say the Rosary and try to get my family members to pray it also, or at least a Hail Mary. We all were baptized in the Catholic Church.

What would you advise me to do?


TIA responds:


We read your letter with sympathy and we offer you our opinion and suggestions.
  1. It is very good that you have started to pray the Rosary and encouraged your family members to do the same. You should always have recourse to Our Lady in your needs, especially to Our Lady of Good Counsel. She never fails to inspire those who come to her with wise solutions to their problems.

  2. In general lines, your past conduct seems to be correct. The path of incomprehension and bad treatment from family members and neighbors is the path that countless Catholics have to walk as a consequence of their fidelity to our Catholic Faith and Morals.

  3. Regarding details: You did well not to file for a divorce. Continue to pray for your husband from a distance. Do not try to impose your positions on him and avoid close contact insofar as this violent antagonism continues.

  4. The Masses of the Society Pius X are valid. Do not worry about rumors saying the opposite.

  5. We did not understand what you meant when you say that you are hiding green scapulars. If you mean that you hid them in places where your relatives live so that the green scapular can have a good influence on them, then this is a good thing. If you normally wear a green scapular and you hid it out of human respect, this is not good. You should not make concessions to human respect.

  6. As far as we can see, you did well keeping your name on your land title. This can give you some advantage in future negotiations with your husband and sons.

  7. We do not have all the data to offer a precise suggestion regarding your work in a Protestant temple. Here are, however, some guidelines: If you work for a company and the company, among many other jobs, assigns you to clean a Protestant temple, you can ask the manager to give you another place to clean, explaining to him that you do not feel comfortable about doing that work for religious reasons. If this option is not available, continue to do the work, but begin to look for another job in another company, and change to it if possible, and as soon as possible.
We hope these answers will bring you the necessary peace of soul to handle your situation. Do not hesitate to write us if you would like our opinion about other matters in the future.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 30, 2015

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