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Latest on Islam & Pope at Mosque

‘Your Enemies Don't Fear You;
‘Your Allies Don't Trust You’


Barak Obama recently delivered a speech to the military. In it he affirmed that the great danger that threats the U.S. is climate change…

Some Arabs who are anti-ISIS became indignant over it. Check their reactions in this program on Egyptian TV.

They sent a message to the United States: "With Obama as a president your enemies don't fear you and your allies don't trust you. Get rid of him."

     J.S., Ph.D.


Every True Muslim Approves Jihad


The video below shows perfectly that there is no distinction between radical Muslims and moderate Muslims. All of them approve Jihad.

I hope we will open our eyes to this reality while there is still time to protect ourselves.

The video is available here.



Arrogance of the ‘Immigrants’

Hello TIA,

Confirming what you have constantly said, the waves of immigrants that are reaching Europe don’t have pacific goals. They go there with an aim to conquer and, in their view, no one has the right to stop them.

It is an invasion to which the Pope and the Masonic European governments are opening the gates.

As one example among many, please, read the news report below.

Keep up the good work. We need your orientation.

     In Christ Jesus,

Migrants attack Macedonian police
as construction of Greek border fence begins

November 28, 2015 - Officers retaliated with stun grenades and plastic bullets after unrest broke out among 800 migrants waiting at the border to continue their journey to northern Europe

Macedonian fence

Macedonian soldiers build a metal fence at the Greek-Macedonian border,
with the aim of controlling the flow of migrants through the Balkans

Migrants on the Greek-Macedonian border have attacked police with stones, enraged by the sight of Macedonian authorities erecting a fence along the border.

Authorities said 18 Macedonian officers were injured in the brief but intense clashes on Saturday. Most of them received minor injuries but two were hospitalized in the nearby town of Gevgelija, Macedonia’s interior ministry said.

There was no official tally of injured migrants, although Macedonian police targeted them with stun grenades and plastic bullets. Doctors from the Red Cross and other non-governmental organizations said they treated 20 people for head injuries and breathing problems.

Tensions on the border were compounded by the accidental electrocution of a 24-year-old Moroccan man at the top of a train carriage. The man suffered severe burns, prompting anger among his compatriots, many of whom have been stranded at the border since Macedonia decided earlier this month, along with Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, to let through only those from the “war zone” countries of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

More than 600,000 refugees and other migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia have entered Europe through Greece this year, many after making the short sea crossing from Turkey. Most of them continue on a long trek through the Balkans toward the promised lands of central and northern Europe. …

Immigrants attack police in Macedonia

Migrants hurl stones at Macedonian policemen during clashes as the migrants protest against the building of a metal fence at the Greek-Macedonian border

Moroccan nationals allegedly formed the bulk of the about 250 people who started throwing stones at Macedonian police. Also among the 800 who are stuck at the border are citizens of Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and Congo.

The clash ended in less than an hour when other migrants intervened, holding white clothing as a sign of peace. …

The migrants are camped along the railway tracks, blocking rail traffic for the 11th consecutive day.

Full text here


Francis Visits Mosque


Nothing better to do than visit a mosque and declare we are all brothers as the Muslims kill the Catholics...


Pope Francis visited a mosque in a Muslim neighborhood of the Central African Republic's capital that has been a flashpoint for violent clashes, continuing his message of religious tolerance on the final leg of his African tour. ...

Vatican Radio reports that Pope Francis on Monday morning visited the Grand Mosque of Koudoukou in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, meeting with the city’s Muslim community.

In his address, Pope Francis insisted that "Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters."

Then, even though everyone knows that this is a religious war, he insists it is not:

"We are well aware that the recent events and acts of violence which have shaken your country were not grounded in properly religious motives. ..."



Kidnapped Boys Trained to Be Suicide Bombers


Here is the true and terrible face of ISIS. At a training camp for boys they had a public execution of 12 boys who tried to flee.

It makes you shiver, the horror of it. The other boys were forced to line up and watch the executions of their friends so they will learn the lesson: better to die a hero as a suicide bomber than to be executed publicly in disgrace.

Read the report below.


Suicide bombers to be

Rise of the Mini-Jihadis

Khaleda Rahman

ISIS has released a slickly-edited propaganda video showing boys as young as 5 being indoctrinated at a military-style training camp for "cubs," February 2015.

The Islamic State terror group has executed 12 Iraqi children who attempted to flee from a jihadi training camp in the group's Iraqi stronghold of Mosul.

Saeed Mamuzini, the spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party's Mosul branch, told the Kurdish news site Rudaw that the militants killed the boys last Saturday for trying to escape from the town while they were being trained and indoctrinated at IS' Ashti military training camp.

"At least 12 children have been reportedly killed by the IS radicals. The children were receiving training at Ashti military camp in Mosul and they were caught trying to escape," Mamuzini said. "The ages of the executed children are around 12 to 16. They are mostly Arabs from Mosul."

Another media activist in the area, Yousef al-Jubouri, told ARA News, a Kurdish-Syrian news agency, that the children tried to flee because they wanted to avoid being used in suicide missions. He added that they were executed in a wooded area in Mosul.

"The victims have tried to escape the camp in a bid to avoid carrying out suicide operations on behalf of ISIS," al-Jubouri explained.

IS militants force children living in its controlled territory in Iraq and Syria to attend jihadi training camps, which have been established in the IS strongholds of Mosul, Ramadi and Raqqa. In the camps, children are brainwashed with IS' radicalized version of Islam so that they are desensitized to killing in the name of Allah.

After the children are indoctrinated, they then go through extensive and abusive combat and military training.

"These youngsters are subjected to the worst kinds of torture during the brutal training," al-Jubouri asserted. "They have been recruited from all regions of Iraq and Syria."

Al-Jubouri estimates that there are over 4,000 minors being trained in IS military camps. The training sessions last about a month and a half. After training ends, the children are dispersed among suicide bomb units and bomb production workshops.

"Those who do not show unique capabilities during the training are being utilized by IS as human shields during battles," Al-Jubouri said.

Al-Jubouri explained that some of the parents of Syrian children receive monetary compensation from the militant group in exchange for their children participating in the jihadi training.

"In Syria, dozens of minors have been recruited by ISIS in Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa and Aleppo, where their parents receive funds from the group," Al-Jabouri said. He added that in Iraq, IS has gathered up the children belonging to the al-Tarabsha and al-Bu Nimr tribes and established a training center at the al-Tarabsha headquarters in the al-Furat district.

The militant group has also been known for kidnapping children from their schools and neighborhoods and forcing them to join the jihadi training camps.

In June, a report came out that stated IS had kidnapped over 1,227 youth from various neighborhoods in Mosul and shipped them off to training camps. IS also abducted adults who protested the group's kidnapping of children.

Also in June, IS kidnapped over 400 children from Iraq's Anbar province and another 100 from the Diyala province.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 1, 2015

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