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The Black Flags of Khorasan

Khorasan’s Terrorists


I recently read about that the US is acknowledging and targeting a terrorist group in Syria by the name of Khorasan operating there.

Khorasan Terrorists
The word Khorasan sheds important light on the grandiose, even apocalyptic vision that drives many Sunni radicals. Islamic jihadists quote the verse often today, “The hadith says … ‘If you see the black banners coming from Khurasan, join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice; no power will be able to stop them. And they will finally reach Baitul Maqdis [Jerusalem], where they will erect their flags.”

The prophecy above – attributed to the Prophet Muhammad – imagines a Muslim army emerging from the region and conquering the Middle East, including Jerusalem, under their black flags.

Many of the recruits for the Islamic State army say they believe they are helping to fulfill the Khorasan prophecy. The ISIS flag is mostly black.

Several videos are available online telling the story of the black-flag Islamic army. One of them, titled The Emergence of Prophecy: The Black Flags of Khorasan, depicts the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a sign of the prophecy’s fruition, and summons Muslims to join the battle. It is still available here.

It looks like the scourge of God of the 21st century. Only today the Church does not seem to have the will to recognize the evil or fight it. Only the intervention of the Mother of God will stop this wave of terror.


Islamic Threat

Dear TIA,

I would like to share with you and your readers these two videos about the fanaticism of Islam.

The first shows Islamic terrorists training boys to shoot for military purposes, which reveals that they intent to use minors in their guerilla fighting. It is available here.

The second video shows the masochist religious pleasure that Muslims have to shed their own blood only to look “pious.” I recommend ladies and men with delicate sensibilities not to watch this video, which has repulsive scenes of blood, either self-inflicted or inflicted by others at the request of the victim. The video can be watched here.

These are the people who want to destroy the West.

Do you believe we can defeat them with the smiles of ecumenical Popes? I do not. To defeat this people, we need a new Urban II; we need men of steel with the purity of the Faith of the crusaders. Nothing else will put the Muslims down. We don’t combat a bad faith only with good weapons. We destroy them with good weapons plus the True Catholic Faith.

I hope Our Lady will call these men, these new crusaders, and make of them this Order of Cavalry. I hope, above all, that she will end the invasion of Progressivism inside the Church – worst than any invasion of Islam – and send us a true Pope to lead this crusade.

     Keep up TIA’s good work.

     M.F., Brazil

Attending a Traditional Mass


I have now access to a Trad Latin Mass other than one Church that has a FSSP Mass on weekends, and this one they are fighting to keep.

Is this Mass ok to attend and go to confession? I can not take not going to Mass anymore, I am so discouraged.



TIA responds:


We believe you should never be discouraged, but pray to and trust Our Lady. She never abandons any one who has recourse to her.

If you want our opinion on whether or not the Mass you found is valid and legitimate, please, send us more data on it. What you sent is not sufficient for us to identify it.

In the meantime, you may want to check what we have responded to others on this topic here and here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Eastern Rite Mass

Dear TIA,

Interesting letter and comments about the Ruthenian Rite and their dropping of the "Filioque." My Eastern Rite Ukrainians here in Denver, where I have been in attendance for forty years -- not exclusively --have omitted the "Filioque" in the past few years as well. When daily Mass is in English, which it is about half of the time, and my wife and I are the only ones in attendance, I always add it. When the Mass is in Ukrainian, the old deacon and his wife omit that word, but I manage to slip in a stealth "i Synu" with no difficulty.

I thank God for the kind Providence which allowed us to live within a half mile of this Ukrainian church. In years of liturgical chaos, we have always had a place of reverence and peace. I tell my SSPX and FSSP friends, the Eastern Rite is very different, but never, not even once, offensive. I always leave Mass happy and edified. Try saying that about the Novus Ordo!



Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Dear Marian,

I am very grateful for your books regarding Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana.

Some years ago I read about the devotion of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus which started in 1854. Saint Pierre-Julien Eymard was the first priest to spread this devotion. Reading your books, I was surprised to see that Our Lady of Good Success in 1634 mentioned the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus for our times.

In Wettingen in Switzerland where I live, there is a former Cistercian monastery with the image of the Infant Jesus of Wettingen which miraculously escaped a devastating fire in the Monastery on April 11, 1507. There is a brand which reminds of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Here is the link to my homepage if you are interested: www.jesuskind-wettingen.ch


     M.B., Switzerland


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 30, 2014

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