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Brown-Man, Democracy & Paris Attacks

The Coming Brown-Man


Re: What Comes After Democracy?


Perhaps TIA would be willing to share this link with your readers that describes the genesis of the decision to open the borders of Europe to other races and cultures as coming from the Utopian vision of Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1804-1972), the Father of the European Union who garnished support and financing among the European elites to lay the ground work for what is now known as the EU.

He himself, who was a product of European and Japanese ancestry, had as his vision for Europe a future melting pot of races and cultures similar to that of the United States, thus, paving the way for peace within European borders.

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism)

Another article from the website of the British National Party attributes the impetus of Kalergi's plan not peace, but self defense on the part of the crumbling European aristocracy against Trotsky and his Bolsheviks who called for their demise in Europe.



You Did Not Address These Topics


Re: What Comes After Democracy?

Regarding your comments on feminism: What about women who cannot have children? Single women?

Your 11/23/15 article supports women only in the home. What about wives whose husbands are permanently disabled, poor widows, couples who physically can't have children (motherhood's vocation is denied).

Ideally yes, women should be domestic. But life doesn't always provide for an able-working husband or children. And when most of the men are overseas at war, the women have to step in to keep things going. Or leave women widows.


TIA responds:


One thing is the rule, which was dealt with in that article by Mr. Guimarães; another is the exceptions, which you mention in your e-mail. Each one of these exceptions must be dealt with separately to evaluate the best solution.

Some of these cases have already been addressed on our website. Perhaps you would benefit from reading them. They are here, here and here.


     TIA correspondence desk


I Cannot Stop Reading Your Site

Dear TIA,

Re: What Comes After Democracy?

What is a better question is, when/what was the coup d'etat? Between Traditioninaction.org site, and a Ms Vicky Davis site, my schedule is completely ruined, because reading is taking place of my knitting work I need to finish before Christmas.

I have many times posted links to TIA's articles on many websites, quote some of the writings (and attribute them of course). I think your site is one of the very few websites I visit on an almost daily basis. I save many of the articles also, and learn a lot from them.

This was the Catholicism I remember growing up, not this new weird stuff, but I didn't know exactly what was happening until I found your site. I will tell you how I found it! I was on a long and arduous search for any information I could find online that would answer my question as to why wedding gowns were so outrageous today, why sleeveless?

A TV show about choosing which wedding dresses showed a bride deciding upon garish paste jewels, and displaying her many tattoos on her back. I recall in 1987 at my brother's wedding at the Church (I think it was Holy Family in Seal Beach CA) and how angrily my mother chastised me for my blouse that bared the tops of my shoulders, and she made me wear a sweater to cover myself and it was summer time). Now, I was merely a guest, now the brides are a disgrace.

OK, in response to your recent article about "Democracy" I wanted to know if any of you have read any writings by a Vicky Davis? She is brilliant, and I often read her articles and yours side by side, as the New World Economic Order/Anti-Christian-destruction of the Church is a favorite research topic of mine.

An excerpt from her site: "Recently as more and more details of this so-called refugee crisis have come to light, Barnett’s words still ring in my ears. … Is it the west versus the rest or is it the best versus the rest? That’s a more inclusive redefinition of Hitler’s master race concept. Another critical message from Barnett was that, there are four flows that are crucial to globalization. Resources in regions where they are plentiful must migrate to where they are scarce."

A link to her present-day page is here. Her old page is here.

I warn you - if you start reading - you will get lost in her website and lose many hours. She also digs up a lot of dirt on "Catholic" Charities. I do not know if she is knowledgeable about catholic (small c intentional) communists.

Thank you for all your wonderful, wonderful articles! and I just love the folk songs often posted as well, very nice. You just don't find this kind of thing elsewhere.


TIA responds:

Dear K.M.,

Thank you very much for your support.

We also are obliged to you for the advice to visit Ms. Davis website. Judging by your comments it should be very interesting.

We plan to do so, as soon as we finish preparing a new book that is going to press, which is taking all our spare time.


     TIA correspondence desk


Paris and Satan

Dear TIA,

I do not like it when the news media manipulates my emotions to feel sympathy for Satanists.

Below is a poster of the "band" and their followers who were targeted in the Paris attacks.

I believe the photos speak for themselves.

     God Bless,


Eagles of Death


Les Brigandes


Someone recently sent a link to you praising the French singers Les Brigandes (the female bandits). I went to watch some of their songs.

I just want to warn you that they seem to be this type of traditionalist who promotes Putin (see at 3:00), pretends that Communism is over, and attacks America.

In some of the performances the girls seemed to me quite eager to display their sex appeal, which is not a good sign of traditionalism.

They are against the Jesuits too.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 3, 2015

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