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Desecration, Stigmata & Clothing for Men

Best Wishes for the Year

Dear TIA,

May Our Lady continue to bless you and your crucial work, and may Jesus and Mary protect your hands, hearts, and skills to endure the continued sabotage of our beloved faith.

     E.S., Ph.D.


Desecration of the Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Our Lord explained to Sister Lucy of Fatima that there are five ways in which people offend and blaspheme against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. One way is to insult her directly in her sacred images. This is what was demonstrated on Christmas Eve in Oklahoma City.

The Catholic Family News website confirmed that the desecration of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary occurred as planned. A small band of cretins obtained a city permit from Oklahoma City under the administration of Mayor Mike Cornett to carry out the desecration. The question is asked in the article why are Christianity and the Blessed Mother fair game for city approved blasphemy.

The answer was most likely provided by the January 2008 picture taken in the Roosevelt Room of the White House which shows Cornett exchanging the Masonic handshake with President Bush (see picture at right).

We know from history that one purpose of Freemasonry is to destroy the Catholic Church. Our Lady of Good Success prophesied in the 16th Century that by the end of the 19th Century and especially in the 20th Century Satan would rule almost completely by the means of the Masonic sect.

     Homer Sweeney


Bloody Passovers

Dr. Marian Horvat,

Having just read your online article about Ariel Toaff's Bloody Passover book, the book is available to download for free at www.archive.org both in English and in the original Italian.

Here is the link to that specific page, where you can download it in English as a PDF file:

The very beginning has pages in French, but if you scroll past these you will find the English translation.

     God bless you for your wonderful work.


Dr. Horvat responds:


Thank you for your e-mail and the link to Toaff's book, Bloody Passovers.

Our web editor, Mr. Atila Guimarães, however, wrote a comprehensive review of the book several years ago. He used the original Italian text. You can read his review here.

We think you will find it very interesting and enlightening.


     Dr. Marian Horvat, Ph.D.


Clothing for Men & Clothing for Children

Dear TIA,

Having just finished that wonderful, three-volume biography of Winston Churchill, The Last Lion, I feel qualified to make a few critical comments on your recent posting: Clothing for Men & Clothing for Children.

Setting: The Churchill photo appears to be a posed studio portrait, whereas the Truman photo is a snapshot. Apples and oranges. (TIA also does this when comparing Popes. I can’t help but think that had camera-enabled cell phones been prevalent in Pius X’s day there would be quite a few less than flattering photos of him.)

Environment: Churchill appears to be in a London, or at least English setting. Truman, based on the palm trees in the background, appears to be in the South Pacific, or at least southern California. Truman is wearing a tropical shirt appropriate for tropical climates. If you look at informal photos of Churchill off-duty while stationed in India you will find him far less formally attired than in his London studio portrait.

Station: TIA has often posted articles about how important it is to dress according to station. Winston Churchill was the grandson of the 7th Duke of Marlborough and son of Lord Randolph Churchill. Harold Truman was the son of a farmer and livestock dealer. I would argue the clothing is correct as pertains to social station.

I am also curious to know whether Prof. Correa de Oliveira would have used Churchill as an example of proper attire if he had known of Churchill’s lack of hesitancy of going around the house stark naked, even in front of staff.



TIA responds:

Dear R.S.

Certainly your objections to the comments by Prof. Plinio represent an effort to order your thoughts and some time to write them down. It is an indirect way to show some consideration for us. We thank you for this.

1. In one point of your message you seem to be correct, under the title Setting: It is that the young Churchill probably was posing for a picture, and Truman was not. However, your implication that Churchill was just occasionally in such an outfit, as when he posed for this picture, is not objective. His apparel was – and still is – the daily uniform in Harrow School, as you may see in the photos below this paragraph. So, his dressing expressed a way-of-being, a mentality of his time, which is what was being analyzed in that article.

Harrow School uniform

The Harrow School daily uniform

2. Under the title Environment, you try to justify Truman’s Hawaiian shirt by appealing to the climate difference in England and in the U.S.. In warm climates such as Southern California, you say, casual dress would be imperative.

This also is not a good argument. When one looks at photos of people and the clothes they wore in warm climates around the time of the adolescent Churchill – circa 1890 – one finds an analogous serious mentality and dignity in dress. This can be verified in photos of people in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and even Hawaii, posted below. So, again, the reality does not permit the conclusions you drew from it.

San Diego 1900"

San Diego - 1900

San Francisco - 1873

San Francisco - 1873

Rancho Palos Verdes, Los ANgeles County - 1920

Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County - 1920

Hawaiian Band - 1900

Hawaiian Band on the steps of the Iolani Palace - c. 1900

3. Under your Station entry, you say that it was understandable for Churchill, a noble, to dress with distinction, but not for Truman, a plebeian. The latter would be justified in wearing his casual Hawaiian shirt. To this statement you add that we at TIA, who defend that humble classes should keep their characteristics, would be in contradiction if we were not to agree with Truman’s casual dress, which supposedly represents the simpler classes.

There are several imprecise statements in this paragraph:

A. Hawaiian shirts are not good examples of plebeian classes. You see below a group of vendors at a market in Hawaii dressed in much more dignified clothing than Truman's.

Hawaiian venders - 1901

Hawaiian venders of flowers and leis - c. 1901

B. TIA defends that the simpler classes should not try to climb in society moved by a revolutionary ambition. The stability of the classes is one of the conditions for a balanced society. However, when a man from a modest origin rises to a higher position – religious, political, juridical, military or teaching – he must adapt his behavior, manners and external dress to the new position he acquired. The effort demanded of people of higher classes to do so is natural for them, but for someone from a lower social extraction it calls for a constant sacrifice. It is the price he has to pay for that sudden social ascension.

C. Nonetheless, at the time of Churchill’s adolescence and maturity, modest classes in warm areas of the United States dressed with much more dignity than Truman, as shown in the pictures below of a dinner for Italian workers in Los Angeles and a policeman in San Diego. Again, your statement does not coincide with reality.

Italian Circle of Workers - 1919

Italian Circle of Workers, Dinner in Los Angeles - 1919

San Diego Police Officer - 1915

San Diego Police Officer - 1915

After analyzing all you have to say, we see that your alleged practical reasons to justify the difference between the pictures of Churchill and Truman are baseless. We also see that throughout your analysis you skipped the main point of the article, which is to show the change of mentalities that took place from the time Churchill was an adolescent - the 1890s - to the time Truman was president - the 1940s-1950s. This change made man much more revolutionary.

Why did you spend so much time to make such a flimsy refutation? We wonder whether you are a covert partisan of egalitarianism who was aggrieved by those comments and motivated to throw all the stones you found at hand at them.

Perhaps you are. Perhaps also, in a moment of grace, you will open yourself to correct this wrong position. This is what we wish and pray for, so that you may become a true counter-revolutionary Catholic.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 14, 2016

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