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Earth Hour, Pious Parrot & Angelical Help

Vatican's Earth Hour

Dear TIA,

Here is how the Vatican will encourage Catholics to do penance in Holy Week.

The cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica and Bernini's famed colonnade will go dark March 19 for one hour in an effort to promote climate change awareness.

The Vatican announced it will join countries around the world in turning off non-essential lights for “Earth Hour 2016,” an event promoted by the World Wildlife Fund International. The initiative, according to the fund’s website, is meant as “a symbol of their commitment to the planet.”

No more commitment to the Reign of Christ on earth. No more sin except sins against the environment and Mother Earth. Truly it is an hour of darkness, which symbolizes the loss of the faith in the Church and world since Vatican II.



Pious Parrot


Watch this parrot say the Hail Mary.



Strange Numerology


On what date did Pope Wojtyla promote Assisi II in 1993?

I can be excused from following the news even if it was before I contacted SSPX, since my grandma died that year and I had little if any attention left for news. Even so, I'd be relieved if I found out I had stopped attending Novus Ordo masses before the event.

ASSISI II in Atbash cipher (aleph <=> tau, beth <=> shin, thus alpha <=> omega, beta <=> psi, thus A <=> Z, B <=> Y) is: ZHHRHR RR.

ASCII Code numerical values for this (space=32, upper case ranging from A=65 to Z=90), you take a turn finding out. I got 666, but you check.


TIA responds:


In 1993 the meeting of Assisi took place on January 9-10.

We don’t know why the Assisi of this year is often “forgotten” by the media and most of the “experts” who deal with the topic.

For more details and due proof of its occurrence, please click here.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Luminous Angelic Assistance

Dear TIA,

After reading your eye opening piece entitled: ''The Luminous Angelic Assistance'' by Christine Fitzgerald, I found myself with great interest in the topic and decided to reach out for more clarification and guidance. I want to know how to invoke my Guardian Angels to help me overcome my current economic and financial challenges.

Do I invoke the angels by offering a sacrifice or by prayer alone?

What type of sacrifice and how do I go about it? Or what type of prayer do I say or recite?

From your write-up, I understand that every person, organization or city has an angel; now, how do I engage that angel to grant me my wish?

Will invoking the angels for a particular task pitch me against God?

Is there any time frame for such request from the angels or wishes to be granted immediately?

How do I also use the angels to know whom the Lord has approved for me to take as my wife?

How do I interpret my dreams using the angels?

Finally, what does this organization stands for? Is it affiliated to the Catholic Church?

     Thank you and God bless.

     E.E., Nigeria

TIA responds:

Dear E.E.,

Thank you for your e-mail and the confidence you place in our answers.

TIA and its members are proud to be Catholics. If you surf the various sections of our website for a while, you can verify this for yourself.

A presupposition that seems to be missing in your laudable interest in the Angels is that the angelic nature is enormously above human nature. For you to have an idea of this superiority, consider that St. John the Evangelist personally knew Our Lord Jesus Christ for a long time and he also was present at the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor when Our Lord appeared in a glorious state to the three Apostles – Peter, James and John.

Now then, when St. John received the visit of an Angel, who would tell him to write the Apocalypse, St. John prostrated himself to adore that Angel because he thought he was receiving a vision from God himself. This gives you an idea of how far above our human nature the Angels are.

Consequently, the first approach we have to take in our relationship with them is a position of high respect. They are not like slaves to whom we give orders. They are incomparably noble ambassadors that God sends to help us fulfill our vocation on this earth and attain our final goal, which is to save our souls and be with God to glorify Him for all eternity.

With this in mind, we go on to answer your questions.

The right way to ask your Guardian Angel to help you in your financial problems is to direct your request to him conditionally: If this assistance is what God and Our Lady want you to have, then, ask him to make your finances better. If it is not for your greater good, ask your Angel to increase your conformity with the crosses that God wants you to bear. Remember that St. Joseph, the head of the Holy Family, suffered financial difficulties for most of his life.

In the Catholic Church we offer our sacrifices to God. We can offer them through the mediation of Our Lady, who always will present our small offerings in a better way and make God more propitious to receive them and answer our requests in a positive way. You may ask your Angel to bring your sacrifices and prayers to Our Lady, so that you have the best chance to be heard.

The best sacrifice we can offer is to curb our capital vice. Try to analyze what is your principal moral defect and offer the correction of it to God, in the hands of Our Lady and of your Guardian Angel. The best prayer is to ask her as well as your Angel to know your defects perfectly and help you to correct them.

You can engage the various Angels of persons, families, cities etc. to help you by means of the admiration you have for them. Since no one can admire what he does not know, you need to know them better. Ask them and the Queen of Angels to help you gradually understand them more and more and increase your admiration for them.

Your relationship with the Angels can only please God. If, by any chance, something removes you from God and Our Lady, you should suspect that the Devils are entering the picture and making you leave the company of the good Angels.

Your prayers very rarely will be answered immediately. Since all your requests should be conditional – “I ask that this be granted to me insofar as it is for the salvation of my soul, the glory of God and the exaltation of Holy Mother Church” – you should understand that as men we have just a partial idea of the plans of God for us; accordingly, we should remain flexible and be prepared to receive or not receive what we request.

You may ask Our Lord and Our Lady and your Angel to indicate to you the right wife for you. One of the fundamental criteria for your choice is to make sure that she is a truly Catholic woman. Another is to verify that she has the affection, goodness and psychological balance to raise your children well.

The interpretation of dreams is a delicate matter wherein it is habitually very difficult to discern whether they are just the product of physiological reactions – foods that we ate or remedies that we took before going to bed that possibly cause nightmares or other dreams – or actions of the Devil or of the Angels. As far as we know, in the Catholic Church there are no prescribed rules to interpret dreams.

Remember that recourse to the Queen of the Angels is the best way to understand them and take a correct position regarding them.

We hope this will be of help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 22, 2016

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