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Resistance, Shrinking Military & Human Rights

On the Wanderer Article

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

Thanks for taking the time to respond [re: The Wanderer's attack on TIA] - the linked articles and background are very much appreciated.

I recently read We Resist You to the Face and found it incredibly thought-provoking. The other resources on your website have also been incredibly helpful as we try to understand what has happened to our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

As a "cradle catholic" and "revert" I began sensing something was not quite right in our local (Novus Ordo) parish. After years of research, prayer and discernment - to my dismay - it became apparent that we had completely lost our Catholic identity (or, in my case, as a 54 year-old post-Vatican II baby boomer, I had been robbed of my Catholic inheritance and was never really exposed to true Catholicism).

You and the other contributors at TIA have helped us understand what we've lost and how we got here. Now, we just need to find a way forward. The nearest Traditional chapel is over 3 hours away and the best we can do is a once/month trip for an authentic, reverent liturgy and the sacraments.

Please pray for us as we continue to pray for you. May God bless you, keep you and sustain you in these troubled times.




Catholic Burials

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for answering my question regarding Catholic burial and cremation.

Before your response to me and your readers, I didn’t realize I have adopted the language, the thinking, and have a materialist spirit of the revolution, as you point out in your last paragraph of your response.

My use of words in my question to you has made me realize how much I’ve inculcated and absorbed the mistakes resulting in changes resulting from Vatican II.

I also now truly comprehend I have a long way to go to root out and eradicate the mistakes of Vatican II.

Dr. Horvat, you have wisdom and understanding that I appreciate, with all my heart thank you.

     Dominus vobiscum,


My School Years !


I was one of the most fortunate Children in the World to be Educated by the Sister of Loreto, at Saint James Catholic School located in Highwood, Illinois. This was in the 1940s.

I am to be 80 years, next month, and my school days were great! I can still name almost all the nuns. & classmates,

There weren’t many ! It was wartime, they came and went, it was my home..

     God bless,



Our Military Is Shrinking


I imagine you will like to be informed by direct sources how and why our military are shrinking to an unprecedented level in our recent history.

You may watch part of a video on this topic here.

Best regards,



Vatican II & Religious Liberty

Dear TIA,

I recently read an article by Thomas Pink called “Vatican II’s Teaching on Religious Freedom Changed Policy, Not Doctrine.” It can be found here.

It says the State does not have the right to inhibit public religious activities and propagation of error unless the Church gives the State this authority. It, then, says that Vatican I withdrew this authority from the State, which the Church had previously given. Therefore, people now have a right not to be stopped from spreading religious error by the State. I have looked for rebuttals to this opinion but have not found any.

I have found some flaws in its reasoning, but I wondered if you could direct me to any resources to research this further.

     Cordially yours,


TIA responds:

Dear T.R.,

The State has the obligation, by Natural Law, to protect the truth and constrain error. As you may recall, Natural Law is nothing but Eternal Law imbedded in nature. A good treatise on Natural Law is by the Jesuit Fr. Taparelli D’Azeglio: Saggio Teoretico di Dritto Naturale (A Theoretical Treatise on Natural Law].

We do not believe that the Church needs to confer this duty to the State for it to defend the truth and constrain error. The Church can confirm this duty, she can give this duty a supernatural character by blessing the State, but this duty essentially is inherent to the State.

The so-called right to religious liberty as understood today – all religions are equal before the law and each person can believe and preach whatever he wants – is a fabrication of the Enlightenment to unloosen the Catholic influence over the State. Before this movement, everyone had the right to profess the errors of a false religion, but only in private. So, a Muslim or a Jew could believe whatever he wanted, teach his children and meet two or three other Muslim or Jewish couples in his house. He could not preach his error publicly nor have a public place of cult. This was the limit of religious liberty in a Catholic State. It was based on the presupposition that the Catholic Church is the only true Religion.

This theme can be found in good Catholic manuals that deal with the relationship of the Church and the State. There are many pontifical documents by Pius IX on the topic, for it was under his pontificate that the Church lost her Pontifical Territories, which were usurped by the members of the Masonic Risorgimento. So, he taught a lot on this subject. The basics on this matter are in the Dictatus Papae by Pope St. Gregory VII and the Bull Unam Sanctam by Pope Boniface VIII.

Vatican II apostatized from this truth and renounced that the only True Religion is Catholic. It assumed the error of the Enlightenment that affirmed all religions are equal before the State. Consequently, the Conciliar Church does not fight for the right of the truth, but fights for human rights. It only asks to have the same right to exist as heretics, schismatics, Jews, Muslims, pagans and even Satanists. You can find these erroneous principles in the Vatican II’s Declaration Dignitatis humanae and in countless documents of the conciliar Popes.

We believe that the Catholic Church is the only True Religion, to say that she is not, that she only has a parcel of the truth and that the other religions also have parcels, constitutes the most radical possible change in doctrine.

We hope this will help you to evaluate the article you point out, which we did not read.


     TIA correspondence desk.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 21, 2016

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