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Michael Voris Out of the Closet

Dear TIA,

A friend sent me a video with a transcript of Michael Voris’ “confession” of his past homosexuality. I am forwarding both documents to you.

I have not made any comments since his “confession” until now because I wanted to see whether the traditionalists whom Mr. Voris attacked (SSPX, Remnant, CFN) would say a word on the topic. To date I am unaware that any of his victims took advantage of this flaw in Voris’ past to defend themselves. I believe that this is not a “noble charitable position,” since those leaders who were publicly attacked have the obligation to warn their followers about Mr. Voris’ lurid background. Their silence only causes confusion and may also reveal why they found it more prudent not to enter the topic of homosexuality…

So, I am writing to TIA now, with the hope that you will inform your readers about who the head of the “Church Militant TV,” or Vortex, is/was.

I always thought Mr. Voris was too flamboyant to be a normal man. As you may know, flamboyance is the first trait that profiles a man as a homosexual, even more than feminine mannerisms.

Now Mr. Voris has gone public and acknowledged that he was homosexual for a long period of time. Although he admits it was a long time, it was not clear whether it was a period of about 10 years (“in my thirties,” he said), then he adds 8 or 9 more years (“in a large portion of my twenties”), or since he was a teenager (“from my youth,” he also affirmed). It is a time span varying from 18 years to 30 years of being an addict to this vice against nature. When we consider that Mr. Voris should now be in his early fifties, we can consider there is a strong chance that he may have been a homosexual for about half of his life. This is not an insignificant detail. However, in his “confession” he left this time frame up in the air.

Another point to consider is that Mr. Voris took the initiative to “confess” pressured by the threat of having his infamous past life exposed by someone in the Archdiocese of New York. So, he was not moved by love of God and contrition, but by damage control: a calculation of what would be less harmful to his career.

If he should lose the opportunity to make a beautiful confession, the New York Archdiocese would expose his life and he would be forced to give a simple reply, “Yes, it’s true; I was a homosexual.” So, between the choice of being a guilty defendant or a man who discloses his own version of the facts, he jumped forward and “confessed.” The circumstances do not speak too much of the sincerity of his “repentance.”

Next, in his confession-show, Mr. Voris assumes successive roles:
  • First, he is the guilty homosexual who committed horrible crimes;
  • Second, he is the judge who quickly absolves himself from the crimes of his past life, alleging that this is the verdict that comes from the mercy of God. Judge-Voris does not mention the need of any penance for defendant-Voris, and permits himself to continue his own “apostolate”;
  • Third, he is the converted sinner, the “new man” who proclaims the glory of God and defeats the enemies of the Church as a new St. Michael.
Wait a minute! These role changes are moving a little too fast. If Mr. Voris were really repentant, he should not have rushed to judge/absolve himself. He should have inquired into what used to be the penances the Church prescribed for sins of this kind and, then, applied them to himself.

He should read, for example, the Book of Gomorrah by St. Peter Damian and try to figure out what this Saint would recommend for penance in his case. I believe that the first thing a good confessor before Vatican II would have told him is: “If you were homosexual for 20 or more years and you want to save your soul, you should not have any further contact with man, just as an alcoholic should not have contact with drinks. Retreat from public life to some far-removed place and spend the rest of your life making penance.” This would show a sincere repentance.

What Mr. Voris fails to understand is that an ex-addict of homosexuality cannot be a beacon of orientation on Catholic doctrine in a time of confusion like ours. No one who watches his flamboyant performances can dissociate them from the homosexual of the past thirsty for extravagance and applause. I believe it is too much for him to oblige his viewers to stomach this kind of obnoxious spice in his preaching.

I am sure that if Mr. Voris were to travel to the present day Vatican and confess his past life there, he would be quickly absolved for what would be considered a “peccadillo.” Perhaps he would even be invited to assume a position in the Roman Curia. But this Vatican staff no longer represents the Catholic Church. And Mr. Voris is well aware of this fact.

So, my point is: If the “confession” of Mr. Voris were sincere, he should go away, leave the public scene to make penance for his past and avoid causing scandal and confusion. If he continues with his splashy shows, he will never be free of his label of “ex.” He will be doing a disservice to the cause he imagines he is serving.

This is what I want to say about Mr. Michael Voris’ “confession.” I believe these things should be said for the good of souls to prevent a new source of confusion. I am sorry other Catholic traditionalists are not making any comment on this case

I am not sure whether the TIA editor will allow this letter to be published. I hope he does for the cause of Catholic truth.

     In Christ Jesus,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 10, 2016

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