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Yoga, Ocean Life & Same-sex Couples

Pantheist Character of Yoga

Dear TIA,

Fr. James Manjackal claims in The Pantheist Character of Yoga that the message of Christ comes from the Bible and is interpreted by the Church. Actually it comes from the Bible and Tradition.


God’s Imagination


This is amazing – such beautiful and interesting creatures – just a couple of minutes of magic.

This may be one of the “best videos ever” of the ocean with a 3D effect. The clarity is unbelievable. No special glasses or anything needed.

Only the people actually living it can, most likely, see it any clearer. This is in HD, 3D, I hope your monitor can view it that way.

Doesn’t the Lord have a fabulous and “beyond belief” imagination?

To watch it click here.


Progressivism versus the Councils

Dear Sirs,

After fifty years of rampant liberal modernism all we can say about the pathetic novus ordo liturgy is that it is a neo-protestant disembodiment of the Roman Catholic Faith by virtue of the Lex Orandi... Lex CredendiLex Vivendi equation. Thus, how can a ritual vehicle that intoxicates true Catholic beliefs and asphyxiates the true Faith be any other than invalid.

All we have seen since the 1960s is growing Christophobia, dechristianisation and a Church that has become everything but totally pantheist. The last five papacies have been so politically correct, so liberal, so ecumenical that they can no longer be recognized as Roman Catholic chief pastors.

Rather, we witness in reality a doctrinal, pastoral and liturgical deconstruction of The Faith of Our Fathers in favor of an Ecumenical and Inter-confessional phenomenology that divides the Body of Christ irreversibly led by a flat-line, collegial, laicized institution resembling the antithesis of The Church Our Blessed Lord established.

Thank you for your website.

     In Christo Rege et Maria Regina,


TIA responds:

Dear H.C.,

Please, read the distinction we at TIA make between illegitimate and invalid (here, here and here).


     TIA correspondence desk .


One Interpretation of Islam


I suggest you and your readers to watch this video made by what seems to be a Jewish lady. It has very good arguments about Islam that can be useful for all of us.



Francis' Ever-Growing Love for the Jews


I just can't keep up with this pope’s intent to destroy as much as he can before he leaves us (like Obama in the political sphere). Now he sends the Jewish Community best wishes for the 2016 Passover: “May the Most High grant that we may grow ever more in friendship.” Not a word about Our Lord Jesus Christ! [see text bellow]

What next? One can only guess, wait and see.

We are waiting also for Our Lady's intervention to put an end to these travesties of destruction.



Below is an English translation of the Pope’s message.

Illustrious Dr. Riccardo di Segni
Chief Rabbi of Rome
Jewish Community of Rome – Great Synagogue
Lungotevere Cenci – 00186 ROME

In grateful remembrance of our meeting last January 17, when I was cordially welcomed by you and the Jewish Community of the city in the Great Synagogue, I wish to express my heartfelt wishes for the feast of Passover. It recalls how the Almighty liberated his beloved People from slavery and led them to the Promised Land.

May He accompany you also today with His abundant blessings, may He protect your community and in His mercy grant peace to each of you. I ask you to pray for me, as I assure you of my prayers: May the Most High grant that we may grow ever more in friendship.

Read more here.


Oops, Did We Forget Earth Day?


Wasn’t April 22  Earth Day? I didn’t see too much fanfare in the media this year. It is a good sign.

Anyway, take a look on the data referring to one of the founders of Earth Day. He just killed and composted his girlfriend. By the tree you know the fruits…

Read here.



‘Serving Same-Sex Couples’


I wanted to share my letter, which was posted in the local paper today [Rockford, Illinois], with some of my friends and family. It was in response to the letter below.

This issue of welcoming same-sex couples is starting to sharply divide society in somewhat the same way that abortion has done. The time has come for Catholics, to the best of their ability, to stand up to the decadent and anti-Christian forces in society.

     James Petersen


Serving Same-sex Couples Is Christian

Religious freedoms, while very important, are often misunderstood especially by David E. Smith of the Illinois Family Institute. You are guaranteed to be able to practice your religion. You are not allowed to impose your beliefs on others. Baking a cake, arranging flowers, renting a hall, taking photos, issuing a marriage license and other services for a same-sex couple do not violate your religious freedoms. Let’s make this easy to understand. If a gun shop owner legally sells a weapon that is used in a murder, should we prosecute them for participating in a crime? Of course not!

I miss the days when Christians asked, “What would Jesus do?” I suggest that Matthew 5:41 tells Christians to bake two cakes for the couple. Lately Evangelicals have warped Christianity. If you’re Christian, please get back to asking, “WWJD?” They will know we are Christians by our love.

     Bruce L. Cesarek, Rockford


My reply:

Serving Same Sex Couples Violates Christian Beliefs

Regarding Mr. Cesarek’s comments on religious freedom, I would posit he is trying to impose his own form of Christian beliefs on others even as he condemns others for doing so. Especially since the Protestant reformation everybody seems to have his own “interpretation” of Our Lord’s teachings and commands. If a person believes his/her participating in a same sex marriage does violate a deeply held religious belief, then he/she should be protected under the law, just as much as the couple wishing to be married expects to be. The analogy of the gun owner vs. the cake baker does not pass scrutiny.

Also the use of Matthew 5:41 to support the idea that Christians are required to “go along” and be silent as an act of love is to skew the whole of Christ’s Gospel. Our Lord said also “go and sin no more,” and “if a man trespass against you rebuke him; if he repent forgive him.”

In the Traditional Catholic Church we are taught the Spiritual Works of Mercy, three of which are these: counsel the doubtful, instruct the ignorant and admonish the sinner. Love (charity) does not entail us to be ever accepting of sin and most honest Christians believe same-sex marriage to be a sin (and has been taught so since the beginning of man’s existence).

For us not to make a stand on this issue is to invite us to remain silent on every other issue that offends God.

We are required to be Christ’s soldiers not patsies!

     James L. Petersen


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 12, 2016

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