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Deaf Girl & Black Power Cadets

Schönborn on Amoris laetitia


Here is the interpretation Francis prefers of his document Amoris Laetitia. Don't tell me the Germans - Ratzinger and his protogé Schonborn - aren't still in charge. Clearly they are.

Warm regards,


The Holy Father invites people to read Cardinal Schönborn's exposé on the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia, which he presented in Rome

The Cardinal's comments at the Press Conference can be read here.

The video of the talk given by Cardinal Schönborn in Trumau discussing Amoris laetitia can be found here.


The Devil's Barbecue


Western civilization has been cooking on the liberal grill for 100 years. The burning coals of atheisticCommunism were below the grate, just enough to not burn us, but close enough to slowly cook us, lest we jump off  the grill.

Well folks, I think we're done!

     Steve Sanborn


Hurrah South Carolina


Some good news on the pro-life front (relatively speaking, the only REAL good news is a total ban of abortion):

The South Carolina legislature passed a bill banning most abortions after 19 weeks of pregnancy unless the mother's life was at risk. If Republican Governor Nikki Haley signs the bill, which is likely, South Carolina would become the 17th state to approve such a ban.



The Miracle of the Deaf Girl

Dear TIA,

The following news report was posted on the blog Eponymous Flower.

This is special to me: May 11 is the anniversary of my First Holy Communion.

     In Maria,

Lourdes: A Girl Born Deaf Can Now Hear

Paris, Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - She was born deaf. This past May 11 shortly before 20:30 she took off her prosthesis and said to her mother: "I no longer need this. I hear now." We're talking about a little girl who was staying with her mother, her grandmother and her brother on pilgrimage in Lourdes.

"The girl was born prematurely on December 25, 2009. To save her, her doctors administered the drugs that damaged her hearing organs. In Gaslini Hospital of Genoa their own prostheses were used as hearing devices had no effect on her. With the help of speech therapy she learned in the course of time to read lips and speak with difficulty. Her story was told Giuseppe Secondi, the Unitalsi conductor of Milan West, who led the pilgrimage with the girl. Unitalsi is an ecclesial service, the Ambulance service operates at Lourdes and other international as well as Italian sanctuaries.

As a gift to her family, the mother decided to make a thanksgiving pilgrimage to Our Lady at Lourdes with the children, which included her own mother.

Our Lady of Lourdes

The pilgrimage took place in the usual way. Prayer, Holy Mass, dipping into the wells. On the evening of May 11, "we returned after the conclusion of the Eucharistic procession to the hotel," said the mother. "I was playing a bit with the kids, then, I wanted to go to the meeting of the pilgrims who are first time attendees on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. When I told my daughter that I would go away but be inevitably long, she suddenly said in a clear voice, as she had never spoken before, that I should stay."

During the meeting pilgrim pilgrimage conductor Secondi was called. He was told that the girl had taken her hearing prosthesis out and told the mother that she no longer need it, because she could now hear.

"We stood in disbelief in front of her. From an adjoining room we called her several times with a soft voice and have found that she could really hear us. Above all, she now speaks very clearly, very different than before."

"I thank you, dear Mother, for what you have done to me"

The next morning Secondi wanted to apply to the Bureau des Constatations Medicales to report the case. Previously, he had accompanied the girl to the grotto. While they were there, he said to the child: "Let's go to my Madonna, mine has a crown on her head." So, we went to the great Lady of Lourdes, crowned statue of Our Lady. As we stood in front of her, the girl said to my astonishment: "I thank you, dear Mother, for what you have done to me."

Then, we went to the Bureau des Constatations Medicales. In the waiting room there was a stylized representation of Marie. The girl said: "this is ugly." When we came into the doctor's room, a picture of the Blessed Mother crowned was hung: "This is the Madonna," she said with satisfaction.

The doctors examined her in detail, then, the mother. They performed listening tests. Investigations have since continued in Italy and are still underway. Doctors in Genoa have presented to their astonishment, a cure of the hearing organs. There was also a change in character that took place. The previously very closed, introverted, girl has now become wholly different.

In Lourdes one proceeds with caution and accurate investigations are necessary before a miracle is recognized. The surveys will therefore take some time to complete. The girl and the family are certainly happy and grateful.


West Point Cadets Give Black Panther Salute

Dear TIA,

Below is a news report on West Point cadets giving the communist closed fist salute.

The report calls the salute a Black Power salute. I just want to record that this became the Black Power salute because this was the salute of the Black Panthers, a terrorist group. And it was the salute of the Black Panthers because it is the classical communist salute. So, let's connect the dots to get the full picture.

Let's see wha the punishment will be - if any - in this Obama-dominated Army we have today.

West Point Investigates Black Female Cadets for
‘Black Power’ Salute in Photo

West Point cadets - Black Power salute

Jerome Hudson, May 9, 2016 - The United States Military Academy at West Point has launched an official inquiry into a group of 16 black, female cadets who took their traditional pre-graduation photo, raising their clinched fists in the air — a gesture historically associated with the anti-American “Black Power” movement.

“We can confirm that the cadets in this photo are members of the U.S. Military Academy’s Class of 2016,” said West Point’s director of public affairs Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker in a statement. “Academy officials are conducting an inquiry into the matter.”

The military academy’s investigation will determine whether or not the young women in the photo broke any Army Command Policy rules.

Under the section marked “political activists,” the Army Command Policy states that West Point cadets may “register, vote, and express their personal opinion on political candidates and issues, but not as a representative of the Army.”

West Point cadets - Black Power salute


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 19, 2016

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