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Sun Miracle, Euthanasia & Married Nuns

Report of an Eye Witness of the Miracle of the Sun

Prof. José de Almeida Garret

It must have been 1:30 p.m. when, at the exact spot where the children were standing, a thin light bluish cloud of smoke rose about two meters above their heads and, then, evaporated. This phenomenon was perfectly visible to the naked eye and lasted for some moments. I am not sure how long this phenomenon lasted; I don't know whether it was more than one minute or less. The smoke dissipated abruptly and, after a while, it appeared again; this also occurred a third time.

The sky, which that had been cloudy all day, suddenly became clear. The rain stopped and it looked like the sun would flood with light the field, which had looked gloomy on that wintery morning. I watched the place of the apparitions in a serene, almost cold, state, waiting for something to happen. My curiosity diminished as time passed and nothing had occurred to catch my attention. Moments before, the sun had broken through a thick layer of clouds, whicht had hidden it, and it then shone clearly and intensely.

Suddenly I heard the clamor of thousands of voices, and saw the multitude scattering over that vast space beneath my feet ... turning their backs to the spot that they had been watching and looking in another direction. I also turned to that point that attracted their attention and I could see the sun, like a transparent disk with sharp edges, which shone without harming one's sight. It was impossible to confuse it with the sun one sees through a fog (at that moment there was no fog), since it was neither veiled nor opaque.

In Fatima the sun maintained its light and warmth, and stood out clearly in the sky with a sharp edge, as if it were a [round] card table. What was most surprising was that one could look directly at the solar disk without hurting his eyes or damaging his retina. The solar disk did not remain immobile, but instead began to move vertiginously; not like a twinkling star with all its brilliance, but rather the disk spun around in a furious swirl.

During the solar phenomenon that I am describing, there were also changes of color in the atmosphere. Looking at the sun, I noticed that everything was becoming dark. First, I looked at nearer objects and, then, extended my gaze to the horizon. I saw that everything had acquired an amethyst color: the objects around me, the sky and the atmosphere were all that same color. Then, everything changed – both near and far around me – taking on the yellowish color of an old apricot. It looked like the people were suffering from jaundice; I remember I had some fun seeing how ugly and unattractive the people looked. My own hand was the same color.

Suddenly, I heard another clamor, a shout of anguish from the people. The sun, in its berserk swirling, appeared to have detached itself from the firmament and, red as blood, advanced threateningly toward the earth as if to crush us with its enormous fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was dreadful.

I observed all the phenomena I have described with a calm and serene mental state, without any emotional disturbance. It is for others to interpret and explain them. Finally, I want to declare that never – either before or after that October 13 [1917] – have I observed similar atmospheric or solar phenomenon.

(Prof. José Maria de Almeida Garret, Novos Documentos de Fatima, São Paulo: Ed. Loyola, 1984)

First seen in Foro Católico


Miracle of the Sun Powerpoint

Dear TIA,

I am sure you already know about this video, but I want to send it to you anyway. I believe many people would like to watch it again this October 13, 2016, on the 99th anniversary of the miracle of the sun in Fatima.

Keep up the good work.

     In Jesus through Mary,



Russia Recalls Foreign Officials & Students


Interesting that Russia is recalling its officials and students living or studying abroad to return to the "motherland" at the exact time of the 99th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima. Read here.

I don't know what it means, but it certainly seems it could portend something momentous.



Approving Euthanasia...


The few points that we can agree upon with the Bishops of the Conciliar Church include their fight against abortion and euthanasia. Now, some of them are changing their position.

Please, read the news report below.


In Canada, Quebec’s Cardinal has said he will not refuse funerals for those choosing assisted death. Cardinal Gerald Lacroix was reacting to a document, published in mid-September by the Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories and addressed to the clergy, which said sacraments and celebrations may be refused for those opting for euthanasia. “The Catholic Church accompanies people in every step of their life,” the Cardinal said on 29 September. “We do that in dialogue with every person and every family that wishes to be accompanied.”

In Montreal, Archbishop Christian Lepine also said he does not intend to ask his priests to refuse funerals for those who choose the now legal medically-assisted dying. In June, euthanasia became legal in Canada after parliament passed a contentious bill on doctor-assisted death for terminally ill people.

Original here


Nuns Get Married


Check this and see what the “Francis Effect” approving homosexuality is producing among religious women. I don’t believe anything can stop this deluge of sins against nature except a chastisement.


Two former nuns got married, after the approval of same-sex unions in Italy, in May. The wedding ceremony took place on September 28.

The Federica and Isabel case was mentioned in the Italian newspaper La Reppublica, which published and interview with them this Friday (7). Federica is 44 years old and Italian, while Isabel is 40 years old and came from a South American country. They had a civil ceremony in the small town of Pinerolo, in Northern Italy.

The new civil couple told La Reppublica that they met each other in Guinea-Bissau, a tiny country in West Africa, while in the mission as volunteers to help the poor. They pondered to live their love as a secret, inside the convent walls, and were told by some sisters to do so. Anyway, as mentioned above, until very recently they would not have their civil rights recognized as a couple.

The evolution of the law was one of the factors behind their decision to leave the convent and live openly and without secrets. But Federica and Isabel also mention the need to live without hypocrisy. They justify themselves with the Gospel, saying that Jesus Christ himself condemned hypocrisy, but not homosexuality and they say there may be thousands of people, among the Catholic Church, "trapped" in the same situation as they were. ...

Federica and Isabel also told La Reppublica that Pope Francis was an inspiration to them when he said, earlier during his pontificate, "Who am I to judge?" They say that "the idea opened their hearts."

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 13, 2016

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