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Lesbian Candidate & Altars without Relics

A Lesbian Hillary: Yoko Ono


I hope you can disseminate this news report, which has been obfuscated by other more recent scandals. It is important our American voters know who Hillary Clinton actually is. She was (is?) a lesbian, according to the testimony of Yoko Ono, one of her partners.

This confirms many other rumors about the homo proclivity she has, rumors that were not taken into consideration either.

Please, read the news report here.

     Thank you.



Catholics Disappointed with Pope in Venezuela


Thanks for your exposé of the Pope and Venezuela president Maduro meeting.

You are right - this was orchestrated to prop up a flailing dictator.

From the Economist of London:

"But people of that persuasion [critical of the Maduro government] were horrified by the propaganda coup which Mr. Maduro seemed to pull off on October 24th when he had a short, unscheduled meeting with Pope Francis and came away glowing with unaccustomed piety. “It was an excellent private meeting with profound spirituality,” the president declared on his Twitter account. Later he spoke on state television, clutching a crucifix, and said that the pontiff had given him several books and “personal reflections” to ponder. This is certainly a change of tone. In earlier life, Mr. Maduro dabbled with ideas of the Indian guru, Sai Baba.

"Many Catholic Venezuelans were disappointed that the Vatican did not take the opportunity to rebuke Mr. Maduro openly (or even obliquely) over the country’s humanitarian crisis, or over the fact its most prominent opposition leader, Leopoldo López, is in prison on what human-rights organizations consider to be trumped-up charges. At a time when the Venezuelan strongman’s credibility is running out at home and abroad, he seemed to get a reviving shot in the arm from his stopover in Rome."

     Thanks for your work - I wait for your Revolution in Pictures every week.



Pope Propping up Communism in Venezuela

Dear TIA,

Re: Pope blessed dictator Maduro

The people are being starved in Venezuela. A family that we visited in Atchison, Kansas. has relatives living in Venezuela. Actually, her parents had been to Atchison the week before us and A. could not believe how much weight her parents had lost and they were not large people to begin with. They took seeds home with them to plant and hoped that the seeds would not get confiscated when going through customs.

     God bless,



Is a Mass Said on an Altar without a Sacred Stone Valid?

Dear TIA,

I just have a query, if you may help.

There is one priest in the Philippines (who says the Traditional Latin Mass). However, he does not have an altar stone/relic. I was told that the Mass so said is invalid, considering the absence of the altar relic. Is this true?

     Thank you very much and God bless,


TIA responds:

Dear R.D.R.,

Under the 1917 Code of Canon Law, all altars either permanent or moveable needed to have the stone with relics of saints. The very concept of the sacrifice of the Mass required an ara, which is the sacred stone upon which the sacrifice was offered to God. So there were precise prescriptions regulating the size of the moveable stones so that they should be larger than the chalice in which Transubstantiation would that place (canons 1197-1202).

These laws were in vigor until Vatican II. In the aftermath of the Council, however, they started to be neglected and, after the promulgation of the 1969 General Instruction of the Roman Missal and the subsequent 1983 Code of Canon Law, they changed.

According to these new documents, altars are no longer held to the same standard. The material the altars are made of can be anything the local Bishop deems worthy, not just natural stone. While current rules demand that traditional consecrations be made for immoveable altars, moveable altars may now simply be blessed.

Also the practice of having a sacred stone with relics was abandoned. The recommendation is to keep it only as it fits the needs of the priest and the people.

While moveable altars were previously used for field Masses and remote missionary Churches, the situation is now open for Masses to be offered on altars that lack relics or altar stones based on flimsy and subjective pretenses.

So, to your question on whether or not the Mass said on an altar without a sacred stone containing relics is invalid, the answer simply put is this: No, this fact does no longer make a Mass invalid. But it would be better for the priest and would reveal a better spirit to follow the rules of the 1917 Code of Canon Law.


     TIA correspondence desk


Francis Replaces Vatican Conservatives


I read this analysis by Fr. Brian Harrison and I believe your readers can benefit from it.

Keep up the good work.

     In Jesus and Mary,


Francis Purges Conservatives from Divine Worship Congregation

Fr. Brian Harrison

Pope Francis, in one fell swoop has today carried out a stunning mass removal (see here) of all conservative cardinals and bishops from the Vatican's Congregation for Sacraments and Divine Worship. On the hit list are Cardinals Burke, Scola, Pell, Ouellet, Ranjith and many others. The Pope has ousted all of the prelates who, together with the Prefect, make up the current membership of the Congregation, replacing them with 27 new and more 'progressive' members.

The noble Cardinal Robert Sarah, who recently aroused the Holy Father's ire by daring to promote a return to the priest's versus orientem position at Mass, remains at the head of the congregation; but his days there are clearly numbered, and he will now be considerably hemmed in by all the new and more liberal prelates who are to advise him and vote on all important decisions.

These include Archbishop Piero Marini, papal Master of Ceremonies for some years under Pope John Paul II. As a young priest he was a disciple and admirer of the chief architect of the post-Vatican II liturgical reform, the late Archbishop Annibale Bugnini. Coming from that background, it is unsurprising that Marini has been a long-time outspoken foe of traditional trends in liturgy. In John Paul II's time he orchestrated such liturgical novelties as a bare-breasted lectoress at a papal Mass in Papua New Guinea, and various other dubious forms of "inculturation".

In the 1995 papal Mass at Sydney for Australia's first-ever beatification (for Blessed, now Saint, Mary McKillop), in collusion with the liberal, habit-free nuns who dominate the now-dwindling congregation founded by Mother Mary, Marini replaced the Creed by a made-up eco-friendly litany, replaced the penitential rite by a pagan dance by a near-naked, paint-daubed Aboriginal man in which he drove away evil spirits with the help of a smoking tin can, and had the multitudes of lay Eucharistic Ministers hold up ciboriums full of Hosts during the consecration, almost as if they were "concelebrating".

This almost total clean-out of an entire Congregation's voting members in a single hit - unprecedented in Vatican history, so it seems - is also in effect a sharp rebuff to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the centerpiece of whose pontifical legacy was a restoration of tradition, dignity, and Latin in the Sacred Liturgy. One is filled with a deep sense of foreboding as to what changes to the way we are expected to worship, and what possible undermining of Benedict's liberation of the Traditional Latin Rite, are portended by today's breathtaking papal purge.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 1, 2016

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