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Sede-Vacantist Flaws & Drinking Songs

Contradiction in the Sede-Vacantist Position

Dearest TIA,

I wanted to thank you for all your very hard and, yes objective, work. You rightly expose the errors of the Sovereign Pontiffs (Pius IX and Pius XII included) while reminding your readers the weakness and errors of these popes does not exclude them from the office of Blessed Peter.

Now I have no ax to grind against the Sede Vacantists, but for those that insist that anyone who is not of their opinion is in error or not Catholic I would like to point out (charitably I hope) a major flaw in their logic: They hold that to recognize and resist is a contradiction, sinful and "schismatic" and yet they recognize and resist Pope Pius XII's decrees Maxima Redemptionis Nostræ Mysteria, of 16 November 1955, the instructio Cum Propositum of the same date, and Hebdomadæ Sanctæ Instauratus, of 30 November 1955.

As always, be assured of my paternal benediction and prayers, especially at Holy Mass.

I remain,

     In Christo Rege,

     Msgr. T.S.


TIA responds:

Most Reverend Msgr. T.S.,

Thank you for your paternal blessing, prayers and support.

Your adroit words shed light on another flaw of the sede-vacantist position.

The sad thing is that many well-intentioned grassroots fell for it believing they are being faithful to the Church. However, they actually are removing their feet from one trap – Progressivism – to put them in another – Sede-vacantism.

The only thing we can do for them is to pray, because their leaders keep the grassroots under close control, and these leaders are not open to arguments; they act as if they were infallible.

It is a great comfort to know that we are in your daily prayers.


     TIA correspondence desk


We Need a Book on the Dialogue Mass Series

Dear Editor,

Spoke with a very helpful and pleasant staff member at TIA earlier this date by phone concerning the series of essays being carried at your website under the heading "Dialogue Mass" by Dr. Carol Byrne. I asked several questions, whereupon it was suggested that I contact you by e-mail.

Specifically then, are there any plans to publish this series in book form? A later-in-life convert to Catholicism, 1992, at 48 years, and an even later convert to the Traditional Latin Mass, 2012, I have devoted a fair amount of time and effort before and after my conversion to a layman's research on the history and theology/teachings of the Catholic Church and the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. Only now, am becoming aware of the history of the Liturgical Revolution, in large part thanks to Dr. Byrne's essays.

If there are no plans at present to compile and publish Dr. Byrne's essays, would the articles (40 to date by my reckoning) be available in PDF format or otherwise? Should very much appreciate being able to have materials to present to Novus Ordo Catholic friends when the now virtually guaranteed discussions come up concerning the liturgical devastation visited on the Catholic community by an apostate hierarchy in the '60's, and subsequently maintained by an unconsciously apostate laity.

Thanking you at any rate for your work and your apostolate,



The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. D.D.,

It is encouraging to see that Dr. Byrne’s articles are producing the effect that she and we want, which is to open the eyes of Catholics to how long the Liturgical Revolution has been going on and who are its main architects.

TIA has the plan to publish this series in book form. We have already agreed with Dr. Byrne about its general lines. However, when the series will come to an end – we would like her to not rush and write everything she wants – we will enter into details with her on the project.

Until this happens, you may send to your Novus Ordo acquaintances the articles she has already posted. If you need to print a small number of copies for them, you have TIA’s permission.


     Atila S. Guimarães


Isn't Wrong to Promote Drinking Songs?

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to me on left-handed children. I appreciate the time taken. I had always been told that parents not so long ago had a general prejudice / superstition of left-handedness being associated with evil, and this is why children were forced to use their right hand, if they were left-handed. To allow children to use their left hand was a product of a new, more enlightened time.

I am left-handed, and brought up in a progressive home, and so maybe what I think is a commonplace narrative is not quite as common.

I hope you may permit me to ask a side question.

I have seen on your music page many drinking songs (e.g. here and here). At the risk of sounding Calvinist, it seems that these drinking songs with their praise of drinking encourages one to become drunk. It even feels a little sacrilegious to invoke the name of our Blessed Lady in such music.

It has been said that even the Ancient Romans would mix their wine with water as it was considered unseemly to drink wine at full strength. Can you provide the correct sensus Catholicus regarding my observation?

     Yours truly,


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear M.R.

Thank you for your support and kind words. I appreciate your confidence in telling me a bit of your personal history.

Regarding drinking, Catholic Morals tells us that there is nothing wrong with drinking beer, wine or hard liquor, as long as we drink with moderation. Our Lord and Our Lady drank wine at the wedding of Cana. Some good brands of liquor, such Chartreuse and Benedictine, were traditionally made in monasteries. The problem is when someone drinks to excess: This is forbidden. Also, there is nothing wrong with singing while drinking so long as the lyrics are decent.


     Marian T. Horvat


Spiritual Family Audit


The Catholic parents of 5 children recently got a rude awakening. Their children attend their parish school and the two oldest are in 10th and 12th grade at the local Catholic high school. Last month the oldest daughter turned 18 and was planning on voting for the first time. At a dinner conversation, which had been very few, the daughter declared her vote for Hillary. Dad nearly fell off his chair.

It seemed that he and his wife had taken for granted that the path chosen by their children would be the Catholic path of the parents. Not quite! Without the parents realizing it, the two oldest had been swayed by their teachers, friends, movies, television, etc. to a dangerous leftist version of thinking.

Talking at greater depth, the children, also for the first time, told their parents of their support for same-sex marriage, citing the 'modernist' line: 'Who are we to judge?' At the end of a two-hour discussion, Mom and Dad looked at each other in utter disbelief. How had they been so unaware of what was going on in their children's minds? How had the outside world stolen the innocence of their children right under their noses?

The Dad decided then and there to send out a warning via the internet to all Catholic families to waste no time in doing a 'Catholic Family Audit'! As a matter of fact, he sent out his warning to non-Catholic friends and relatives as well! No matter the age of your children, it isn't too late to rescue them... Make your 'Spiritual Family Audit' a priority, and if you aren't now doing so, start praying together.

This is a 'true story' for thousands of families throughout the world.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 10, 2016

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