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Last Days of Caligula & Corrupt Schools

St. Andrew's Novena

Dear TIA,

Just a reminder to your readers that the St. Andrew's Christmas Novena begins November 30.

The feast of St. Andrew is a landmark near the beginning of a new liturgical year with Advent.

It is piously believed that whoever recites the St. Andrew Christmas novena prayer FIFTEEN times each day from the feast of St. Andrew (November 30) until Christmas Eve will obtain the favor requested.

     Have a blessed Advent.

St. Andrew Christmas Novena

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born, Of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in the piercing cold. In that hour vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, O my God, to hear my prayer and grant my desires through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ, and of His blessed Mother. Amen.


Last Days of Caligula

Dear TIA,

Did you know that Obama promoted a Queer Show at the White House? Yes, he sure did, as you can see in the video below.

So, not content with incessantly propping up homosexuality for the last eight years, now as this perverted person prepares to leave the White House, he makes a sort of homosexual orgy to reaffirm the perversion he adheres to.

Doesn't it  look like the last days of Pompeii where the worst immoralities were committed? Or the last days of Caligula, that crazy Roman Emperor who also had all the moral vices?

     God bless,





Re: Monica Petersen found dead in Haiti

I just now was learning all about Pizzagate. Very sick and disturbing.

I think it has been known for some time about Hillary's lesbianism and the murders associated with the Clintons.

But I hadn't heard about the Satanism or the pedophile stuff until now. However, I am not surprised, given the strong evidence of the depraved lifestyle and murders previously known and speculated about.

No wonder FBI folks were claiming her as an anti-Christ and have talked of full blown possession, and also mentioned this about Obama.



School System Controlled by Communists

Hello TIA,

It is quite impressive that the communists who control the school system around the country are now showing their colors without fear. They are lying openly to their students about the elections and, based on these lies, are promoting civil unrest and subversion.

They should be condemned as corruptors of the youth and harmful to the peace of society. It is sad we don’t have judges to say this and put a stop to this process.

Please read the news report below and you will realize what I am talking about.

     Keep up the good work.


Student anti-Trump protest

Students under the age to vote protest against Trump
- a fruit of the communist influence in the school system

San Francisco Teachers’ Union Provides Anti-Trump Curriculum:
‘Do Not Tell Them That We Have Lost’

Joel B. Pollak

Nov 17, 2016 - The United Educators of San Francisco, the union that represents teachers in the city’s public schools, released a controversial guide Wednesday to teaching public school children about Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the recent election.

The guide, called the “Lesson Plan on the November 2016 Election,” informs teachers that “a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base,” and suggests they teach children the same.

In fact, the lesson plan urges teachers not to tell students that Hillary Clinton lost the election (original emphasis): “DO NOT: Tell them that we have LOST and that we have to accept this. We do not have to accept ANYTHING except that we must and will fight for justice against an unjust system and against unjust people.”

The guide also recommends that teachers allow students to use profanity when expressing their feelings about the election, because “you would too if you have suffered under the constructs of white supremacy or experienced sexism, or any isms or lack of privilege.”

The Associated Press reports that the union “posted the plan on its website and distributed it via an email newsletter to its more than 6,000 members. The school district has more than 57,000 students.”

The school district refused to condemn the plan, saying that it was optional.

The Republican Party of San Francisco condemned the lesson plan, as the AP notes:

“It’s inappropriate on every level,” said Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman from California. She called it “inappropriate propaganda that unfairly demonizes not only the campaign that Donald Trump, the winner, ran, but also all of the people who voted for him.”

Original here


Violent Actions against Trump Supporters

Dear TIA,

What is going on? (read here about violent actions against Trump supporters). I do not remember people protesting, and especially high school students, because of the results of an election.

God bless,



Bishops Support Marxist Groups


Please, read the article below and help spread it.

Thank you,


CCHD: It's all about funding Alinsky groups, not helping the poor!

Mary Ann Kreitzer

Catholic Campaign for Human Development

This coming weekend (Nov 19-20, 2016) Catholic churches all over the country will once again be taking up a collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, It is heavily advertised as helping the poor, but about 50% of the grants go to enrich and enable Alinskyite community organizing groups with agendas directly opposed to the Catholic faith and using means that are fundamentally immoral. That, in itself, is not surprising since, like Machiavelli, Alinsky believed accomplishing his ends justified any means.

This year, like every other, the bishops assure us that the "charity's" action of squandering millions to advance the progressive agenda of abortion, contraception, assisted suicide, gender insanity, educational "reform", and electing Democrats, etc. is a thing of the past, but while money is not given directly to perform abortions or dispense contraception, many groups supported by CCHD promote these evils through education and referral.

But we continue to be told... "Nothing to see here; move on!" Move on, indeed, but hold onto your wallets!

CCHD continues to heavily support Alinskyite community organizing groups like PICO which has received millions of dollars to engage in comprehensive immigration reform. Many Alinsky organizations like PICO use immigrants going door-to-door to support progressive Democrats who hold positions in direct conflict with Catholic teaching. Do a search on the USCCB website for PICO and see the many millions funneled into their group. Interestingly PICO recently garnered attention during the Wikileaks dumps. George Soros gave PICO and Faith in Public Life, another left-wing organization, $650,000 to influence the direction of Catholic teaching during the pope's visit. According to LifeSiteNews:

The post operative report on the funding to influence the papal visit comes in the 2016 report entitled, Review Of 2015 U.S. Opportunities Fund. The Soros group was pleased with the result of their campaign and saw statements by various bishops against presidential candidates who are using "fearmongering" - likely a reference to the GOP lineup, and perhaps Trump specifically - as one outcome of their efforts. “The impact of this work and the relationships it has fostered can be seen in the broad range of religious leaders hitting pointedly back at presidential candidates for their use of fearmongering,” the report said...

The grant specifically targeted the ‘pro-family’ agenda, redirecting it from defending marriage to being concerned with income equality. “FPL’s media, framing, and public opinion activities, including conducting a poll to demonstrate that Catholic voters are responsive to the Pope’s focus on income inequality, and earning media coverage that drives the message that being ‘pro-family’ requires addressing growing inequality,” says the May report...

Concluding their report reflecting on the success of the grant to influence the papal visit, the Soros group was very pleased with the results. Looking to the future, they are excited that the long-term goal of shifting the priorities of the Catholic Bishops in the United States “is now underway.”

Can anyone really believe that PICO is able to serve both God and George Soros?

One of the most insidious efforts of groups funded by CCHD is what they are doing in education: undermining parental authority and promoting a top down approach that directly conflicts with the Catholic principle of subsidiarity. Stephanie Block wrote an article in October 2015 which identifies exactly how the Church's support of Alinsky groups enables and promotes the federal government's takeover of education. She offers a detailed analysis of grants to organizations in New Mexico and how they are undermining parents and insinuating government into the family from the cradle. In another 2015 article, Why Not Give to the CCHD, she reports the Lepanto Institute's findings that prove the problems continue. One group denied funding in 2012 after an expose of their homosexual activism latched onto the CCHD teat again in 2014 while they, guess what, continue to support homosexual activism. This is where your money "for the poor" is going.

Because of its origins, CCHD is unlikely to change. Michael Hichborn wrote an article last year on the Marxist Core of the CCHD. Its history is dark. In fact, the organization was founded in order to funnel Catholic money to atheist Saul Alinsky's programs. Is it any wonder that CCHD still heavily invests in Alinsky community organizing groups?

The wolf is in the sheepfold gobbling up the sheep and the shepherd is in on it.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 29, 2016

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