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An Islamic U.S., Angel Flight & Rigid Priests

Communion in the Hand

Dear TIA,

Have you seen this?

Oh, my goodness...

     Blessings to you and your work.



Keeping You in My Prayers

Dear TIA,

Now, I am 84 years old and my multiple sclerosis is getting worse since I fell and broke my hip.

But I will keep you in my prayers.

     God bless,



A New Islamic United States


This is in Dearborn, MI.

What you are about to see is real. It exists today.

Check this video. Go full screen.



Angel Flight


Every time we lose a soldier, the heart of America breaks. The brave men and women who have fallen in battle, take one last ride home on the Angel Flight.

It is a reminder of the sacrifices made by those putting their lives on the line for us.

I saw this video posted today.



Feast of Immaculate Conception


Has the feast of The Immaculate Conception ever been a Holy Day of Obligation in the UK?


TIA responds:


The Feast of the Immaculate Conception was held to be a day of obligation in the UK until 1970, when the obligation was removed.

Further removals of other days of obligation were made in 2006.

Consequently the remaining days of obligation in England and Wales are Sundays, The Birth of the Lord (25 December), the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven (15 August), SS. Peter and Paul, Apostles (29 June) and All Saints Day (November 1).

We hope this is of help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Fr. Amorth & Medjugorje

Dear TIA,

One website leads to another, and I have just uncovered this about Fr. Gabrielle Amorth, that recently deceased well-known exorcist. (Should exorcists be well-known? And should copies of an exorcist's book mention that he performed 70,000 exorcisms, misleading people when he himself admitted to a few hundred, the others are "minor" exorcisms?)

Either this interview falsified Fr. Amorth’s declarations or he was a Medjugorjist.



Academy Staff Dismissed


Pope Francis dismissed the entire staff of the Pontifical Academy for Life. Check here.

When will Catholics around the world wake up and stand up to a man who is increasingly undermining the very foundations of our beloved and holy Catholic Faith?



Pope Attacks Faithful Priests

Dear TIA,

Some days ago Pope Francis delivered a sermon attacking what he calls the rigidity of some priests. Rigid priests in his jargon means those who consider that when a sinner is wrong he must change. So, Francis is struggling to stop all those priests who care for Catholic orthodoxy in Faith and Morals. I am forwarding to you the most relevant excerpts below.

This confirms the conviction that we have an anarchical Pope who wants to destroy everything that is Catholic and allow everything that is revolutionary.

Keep up your courageous work, a much needed work in these sad days when we witness the end of an era.

     In Christ through Mary,


When Priests Are Rigid They Are Separated from the People

Rome Reports - In his homily in Santa Marta, the pope spoke about the rigidity of some priests. He is sure that when they "fall" into this rut, they forget their true purpose, which is to help those in need.

Pope Francis said about priests: "[They face] the people of God with a switch in their hand: ‘This cannot be, this cannot be ...’. And so many people come approaching, looking for a bit of consolation, a little understanding, and are chased away by this rigidity.”

He concluded by saying that "when the priest's work becomes a mere habit, it ends with ridiculousness, always."

Extracts of the Papal Homily

"The mediator gives himself to unite the parties, he gives his life. That is the price: his life – he pays with his life, his fatigue, his work, so many things, but – in this case, the pastor – to unite the flock, to unite people, to bring them to Jesus. The logic of Jesus as mediator is the logic of annihilating oneself. St. Paul in his Letter to the Philippians is clear on this: ‘He annihilated Himself, emptied Himself, and to achieve this union, [He did so] even unto death, death on a cross. That is the logic: to empty oneself, to annihilate oneself.

"But to make themselves important, intermediary priests must take the path of rigidity: often disconnected from people, they do not know what human suffering is; they forget what they had learned at home, with dad’s work, with mom’s, grandfather’s, grandmother’s, his brothers' ...They lose these things. They are rigid, [they are] those rigid ones that load upon the faithful so many things that they do not carry, as Jesus said to the intermediaries of his time: rigidity. [They face] the people of God with a switch in their hand: ‘This cannot be, this cannot be ...’. And so many people approaching, looking for a bit of consolation, a little understanding, are chased away with this rigidity.” …

"In the examination of conscience, consider this: today was I a functionary or a mediator? Did I look after myself, did I look to my own comfort, my own comfort, or did I spend the day at the service of others? Once, a person told me how he knew what kind of priest a man was by the attitude they had with children: if they knew how to care for a child, to smile at a child, to play with a child ... It is interesting, because this means lowering oneself, getting close to the little things. Rather, the go-between is sad, always with that sad face or the too-serious, dark face. The intermediary has the dark eyes, very dark! The mediator is open: the smile, the warmth, the understanding, the caresses.” …

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 15, 2016

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