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Sneezing, Positive Wave & Sons of Lampedusa

Your Site Helps Me to Be Catholic

Dear TIA,

From the Cradle to the Cross, Christ is Lord of All. May we Celebrate His Birth with all the Joy and Honor due Him. Merry Christmas!

Your website with your various topics is helping me to live as a traditional Catholic man.

Enclosed is my donation to you.

     Dominus vobiscum – the Lord be with you.



Sneezing or Coughing into Sleeve


Re: Why Not a Handkerchief ?

The problem with this prescribed routing is that: When the sneezer hugs someone germs are transmitted to other persons, as are infections, bacteria, etc.

These same sleeves often reach into salad bars and are rubbed off into the salad mixes as the sneezer moves from item to item.

I think this is the WORST advice ever given.

Snot on the sleeve is contagious too, let alone unsightly…



A ‘Send Me a Positive Wave’

Dear TIA,

This is too great / terrible not to send on, from the Vox Cantoris Blog.

     Pat O'Brien

Anne Hidalgo, the Socialist mayor of Paris, who is an atheist, has received a letter from Pope Francis in which Francis thanks her for her participation in a meeting in the Vatican. The letter concludes: “I kindly ask you to pray for me, or to think well about me and to send me a positive wave.”


Sons of Lampedusa


Interestingly, the terrorist who killed 12 people and wounded more than 40 in Berlin was a Tunisian who entered Italy through Lampedusa. The same Italian island where Pope Francis went to cry for the so-called refugees. Lampedusa is a symbol of the Pope’s campaign for immigration in Italy and Europe. Now, here is the result. He is opening the door to terrorism.

Besides terrorism, the Islamic immigration in Europe is a ploy to destroy the remains of Christendom in that Continent. The Pope and the Vatican newspaper do not lose one single opportunity to promote these two evils and attack those who rightly oppose the Islamic immigration, labeling them xenophobic and populist.

Check, please, this news report published in Catholic World News

     Merry Christmas to you.


Vatican newspaper decries ‘xenophobic,’ ‘populist’ electoral gains in Europe

Catholic World News - December 20, 2016 - An unsigned front-page article in the December 20 edition of L’Osservatore Romano lamented the “frightening electoral growth of xenophobic and populist forces” in the nations of the European Union.

The article recalled that the United Nations commemorated December 18 as International Migrants Day and stated that nearly 5,000 refugees lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea this year as they undertook their “journeys of hope.”

Increasingly severe conflicts, poverty, and environmental emergencies, the article continued, have triggered “desperate migratory flows,” and nations where refugees disembark (such as Italy), rather than the entire EU, are left to bear the burden.

“It is urgent that Europe respond by overcoming national egoism,” said Laura Boldrini, president of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy, as quoted by the Vatican newspaper.

Original here.


Francis Defends Judas


Check a new spin in Francis’ revolution.

He is trying to destroy another tradition of the Church. Now, he pretends that Judas was a good guy, and the fault for his treason should be passed on to the pastors. For pastors he means the Pharisees who did not take back the 30 coins Judas wanted to return. So, according to Francis the blame is not on the traitor, but on the religious system, which he is obviously extending to today’s pastors of the Catholic Church. So, neither Judas nor the Synagogue should be blamed, but only those who retain power. Those were the bad guys…

Here is what he affirmed: “And they left him alone: discarded! The poor Judas, a traitor and repentant, was not welcomed by the pastors. Because these people had forgotten what it was to be a pastor. They were the intellectuals of religion, those who had the power, who advanced the catechesis of the people with a morality composed by their own intelligence and not by the revelation.”

Original here.



Cancelation of Masses


Is it legal and correct for a priest to suspend the celebration of Masses only because there is a small audience?


TIA responds:


Your question is very laconic. You failed to present enough details to help us understand your problem.

As you present the case, the answer is: yes. A priest can suspend the celebration of a Mass for many reasons, one is this.

It could be wrong to do so, however, if the priest has not a more important commitment or if he does so because the small audience is of traditional Catholics and the priest is just looking for an excuse.

If you want a more precise answer, next time send more data.


     TIA correspondence desk


On the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe


I recently saw a video CD on Our Lady of Guadalupe that aired on EWTN and the video indicated that the image was not directly on the tilma, but rather a few cm above it. Do you think this information is accurate?

The video CD also clearly stated that a "Mason" detonated a bomb on November 14, 1921. Is it true that Luciano Perez Carpio was a Mason who detonated the bomb? If so, did he perform this act on behalf of the Masons?

     Thank you in advance,


TIA responds:


We are not experts on Our Lady of Guadalupe. However, Msgr. Eduardo Chaves Sanchez, who is the more credited authority on Our Lady of Guadalupe, answers the first of your questions (check (here number 2 ), and gives some indications that can help you in your second question (here number 5)

To contact Msgr. Chaves for further information you may use some of these sites.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 27, 2016

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