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Homo Gestapo, Stella Maris & Fr. Martin

Homosexual Gestapo

Dear TIA,

There was a BBC report on the recent gay pride protest in Washington DC. The current administration has not given them enough recognition, so they are interpreting the lack of complete and total endorsement as being in opposition to them. One cannot help but note that mere silence has been interpreted as 'hate'.

The fact of the matter is that no matter what concessions are made to this depraved movement they will never be satisfied. Any and all appeasement on the part of moderates will be followed by further, more egregious, demands. One protester is quoted with the following:

"Hate and intolerance still exist. We have marriage equality but that doesn't change people's attitudes."

They get their "marriage" recognized by law, but it is not enough. They will not stop so long as there are even mental reservations about their warped and shameless depravity.

It is, as Dr. Plinio once warned, the forced normalization of the monstrous.



Change Your Comments on Ave Maris Stella

Dear editor,

On your website, there is a page about the hymn Ave Maris Stella which states that the Blessed Virgin is a mediator between God and man.

Could you modify it to state that she is a mediatrix between Jesus Christ and man so as to not contradict Sacred Scripture and provide fodder for Protestants who attempt to accuse the Church of teaching heresy?

     Thank you and God bless,


TIA responds:

Dear M.C.,

Ave Maris Stella is a classical hymn of the devotion to Our Lady. Our comments on it are entirely orthodox.

Since Our Lord Jesus Christ is God and Our Lady is the universal mediator of all graces of the Redemption, we believe it is perfectly accurate to say she is the mediator between God and man.

We should try to convert Protestants not by making concessions to their accusations, but by keeping Catholic doctrine as pure as it is. If they do not accept it, it is their problem. Let them stay in their heresy rather than have them making a fake conversion, which only would serve to corrupt Catholics.

Accordingly, we cannot assist you in your request.


     TIA correspondence desk


'Sensationalism' around Fr. James Martin


Yet another dig at James Martin today. Yet another attempt to stir up shock that he's a "Papal Consultor to the Vatican's Secretariat for Communications." How awful!

Yet for all the furor I've seen expressed over this man, not one article, commentator, or website has bothered to explain exactly what a "Papal Consultor to the Vatican's Secretariat for Communications" is and what a "Papal Consultor to the Vatican's Secretariat for Communications does."

It's the worst kind of sensationalistic showboating. You're throwing around a title that you know the majority of your readership does not know or understand. Instead of explaining this simple information, you constantly play up how evil you think the man is, thus creating the impression that Satan himself is now roaming the halls of the Vatican pulling the strings.

There are hundreds of people working in the Vatican in various capacities connected to the various offices, secretariats, and congregations. All of them have mysterious-sounding titles, but in the end they're all mostly very tiny cogs in a very large machine with very little in the way of influence or power. Several other people were appointed to the same position as Martin at he same time. That alone should indicate that he's more likely to be another face on a panel, and not some power broker.

You lose whatever moral high ground you're claiming when you fail to honestly and openly give all the information to your readership. Either tell people what the position means and what it does or stop talking about Martin. Stop exploiting the ignorance of your readership for the benefit of your philosophical position. It's intellectually dishonest.


PS A response that doesn't drip with the venom of sarcasm, derision, and condescension you love to heap on anyone who dares to point out the flaws in your arguments would be much appreciated.


TIA responds:


When a Pope chooses someone to exercise a function, there are two aspects involved: the honor of the choice and the practical things the person will be doing.

Your indignant request focuses only on the second aspect of the choice as if it were the only thing that matters. It is not. Rather, the practical aspect of the choice is what counts less.

Indeed, by choosing a completely progressivst priest to be a consultant of the Vatican in Communications, the Pope honored the wrong ideas of Fr. James Martin, such as his tolerance and promotion of homosexuality and his views that Our Lord Jesus Christ was a laughing jokester, among many others.

As far as the goals of the Vatican Secretariat for Communications are concerned, its role is to cover all the media services of the Holy See, as the name suggests. When we made an Internet search, the data on this Secretariat and its consultants come among the first results. You can read its goals here.. Our criticism of Martin's new role presupposed everyone's accessibility to this easy information.

Therefore, to analyze the Pope's choice of Martin as a consultor as a way of promoting / honoring homosexuality seems perfectly normal. There is nothing dishonest about it. To the contray, to us it seems irrational and a bit hysterical to deny the importance of this choice.


      TIA correspondence desk


Resurrection through the Cross

Greetings TIA,

After reading your posting regarding Francis Chastises Those Who Speak of God’s Chastisement I had to comment on the photo of Jesus flying off the cross.

When I saw the photo, I immediately thought of the Jewish leaders who said: “In like manner, also the chief priests, with the scribes and ancients, mocking, said: He saved others; himself he cannot save. If he be the king of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him. He trusted in God; let him now deliver him if he will have him; for he said: I am the Son of God.” Matthew 27:41-43 (DRV).

It is my understanding that Jesus had to die on the cross to save us, not come down from the cross before His death. It isn't Christ's Resurrection that saves us by itself; it was the shedding of His Blood on the Cross that led to His Resurrection. His having shed His Blood is what remits our sins and what allows us to experience the fruits thereof: our own resurrection. Only after Jesus died, did the veil in the temple rent. (Matthew 27:50-51).

We get to the Resurrection through the Cross.

The Mass is the Unbloody Sacrifice of Jesus, not His Resurrection. What I saw in that photo is that Francis is not celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I’m not sure what he is celebrating but it’s not the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I am not advocating sede-vacantism, the position that the papacy is currently vacant, but it sure seems to me the Catholic Church’s leadership is more in harmony with the Jewish leadership at the time of Jesus than with St. Paul, who preached Christ crucified, (I Corinthians 1:23).

     Dominus vobiscum – the Lord be with you



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 15, 2017

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