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Croatia’s Healthy Reaction to a ‘Gay Parade’

Margaret C. Galitzin

The first ‘gay pride’ parade held on June 11, 2011 in Split - Croatia's second-largest city - was met by a healthy natural reaction of the people. The approximately 150 participants in the parade faced over 10,000 protesters, visibly indignant at this public display of homosexuals in their city. The videos show that the anger of the population escalated, with many shouting protests, others throwing bottles and ashtrays from cafes in downtown Split where the ‘gay pride’ parade was taking place.

protests against the gay pride parade, Split, Croatia

En masse protests against the homosexual parade in Split, Croatia
In fact, most of the homosexual marchers were women, with some few men and heterosexual sympathizers. The media failed to report that a good number of these marchers were not even Croatians. They had been shipped in for this display of ‘gay pride’ from other countries, including an American contingency from San Francisco and Chicago. It is another proof that these demonstrations against nature do not come from the people; they are artificially fabricated and funded by the Revolution to foster its ideals.

The media also fail to point out that the people, the real Croatians, the authentic men of the street were the protesters. About 88% of the 4.4 million Croatians are Catholic. They, like many of the East European peoples, strongly oppose homosexuality, a position every Catholic in Europe used to take.

“Events of this kind should be forbidden,” an onlooker said. It is the people of Split who oppose homosexuality and were expressing their indignation that the sin of sodomy should be openly celebrated in the streets of their city.

Split police protect the gay pride parade

A strong police presence to protect the small group of marchers
Anticipating trouble in this conservative coastal city, at least 200 police equipped with tear gas, shields, batons, dogs and a helicopter were there to protect the marchers. The videos show that there were more police than marchers. But, facing such a magnitude of angry protesters, the police broke off the parade and escorted away the participants. They arrested more than 300 protesters, who will probably face civil charges.

Just a day before the march in Split, Croatia had received the green light to join the European Union in July of 2013. The parade supposedly was to exhibit the new tolerance of that East European country. To prove its worthiness to become a family member of “modern” Europe, it must demonstrate its willingness to protect free speech. Thence the ‘gay pride’ event. Thence the strong police presence to protect the unpopular initiative.

To join the European club, the people of Croatia and other East-European countries must accept the sin against nature as normal. It is the price to be paid, one that almost all of the formerly Catholic Western world has already agreed to pay.

Curbing natural law to foster the Revolution

Not only has the West been conditioned to accept homosexuality, it is being trained to view healthy resistance as bigotry and unjust. I believe the reaction of the Croatians to these ‘gay pride’ events was justified. The natural law present in the people’s mind abhors the danger this vice presents to the family and society.

American homosexuals in Split

In Split Americans spreading homosexuality
People know that homosexuality is a sin against nature. In the past, civil governments legislated against homosexual action and the Church instituted rigorous measures to combat sodomy. Today the opposite occurs. Every measure is taken by civil and religious authorities to insure rights for this vice.

None of my readers is unaware of the fact that in the US the ‘gay parades’ started like the one in Split, quite discrete with a few couples of homosexual men and women holding hands, along with some balloons and posters calling for freedom. As they became more frequent, those parades have degenerated into incredibly obscene public displays of complete nudity and simulated sexual acts. In certain San Francisco events, these acts are actually committed in public - with police protection.

Notwithstanding, any protest is presented as intolerance, bigotry and Fascism. This is what we saw the liberal media doing with the Croatian healthy natural reaction. The headlines of news reports demonstrate the blatant prejudice: “Extremists Attack Croatian Gay Pride,” “Antigay Attacks Mar Croatian Pride Event,” “Homophobic Violence in Split,” “Shame in Split.”

President Josipovic of Croatia
To please his bosses President Josipovic condemns the "anti-gay violence"
The media bias is accompanied by overt pressure from international outlets of Freemasonry. After the Split protest, the group Amnesty International called for an immediate investigation and warned Croatian authorities that discriminatory action is a criminal offense and will not be tolerated.

Representatives of the United Nations in Croatia released a statement demanding tolerance and respect for diversity. The civil authorities – eager not to upset these Masonic international organizations – hastened to comply. Croatian President Ivo Josipovic condemned “the anti-gay violence.” Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said such attacks were “something that cannot be tolerated in Croatia.”

In Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb, another ‘gay pride’ parade was scheduled one week after the Split protest. It was, as the President announced, “another chance” to prove the “maturity of democracy in Croatia.” In fact, sad to say, the parade passed largely without protest. Zagreb at least appears to be joining the corrupted modern world.

Even with this support from the civil authorities, I do not believe that the homosexual agenda would progress in Catholic countries like Croatia without the complicity of the Hierarchy, which takes a weak stance against this vice. Instead of its past insistence on punishment for the crime, the post-conciliar Church preaches respect for homosexuals and supports legislation that protects such vices.

Tear gas disperses crowds

Tear gas bombs to disperse the crowds
This attitude was slower to infiltrate East European countries, which were isolated from the West because they were under the yoke of Communism. Today, however, the Bishops are adapting the people to the post-conciliar spirit of tolerance. Already, the Croatian Bishops' Conference is condemning "any kind of violence" and discouraging the people from such disruption of ‘gay pride’ events.

Instead of supporting this type of good reaction of the people, the Conciliar Church approves the United Nations, and yields the rights and law of God to foster the rights and dignity of man.

This anti-homosexual protest in Split, Croatia – like those that have taken place in Russia, Poland, Serbia and other East European countries – represent in reality something natural and healthy in the people. Unfortunately, with the sabotage of the Church I fear this good reaction is on its way to being suppressed.

Gay pride in Split Croatia

You can see videos of the event here and here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 8, 2011

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