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Muslim Cake, Global Hoax & Photoshop

Eating a Muslim Cake

Dear TIA,

I have a question about dealing with Muslim neighbors. We have a new family on our street. The other day the man knocked on the door and said he had a cake. He said it was his tradition and he gave cakes to most of the other neighbors at the same time. My mother answered the door and never met him before. She just took it and said thank you. We opened it up. It was a store-made cake that said ''EID celebration.'

Being traditional Catholics, we don't know what that meant. I looked up EID online and I think has something to do with the end of Ramadan. Is this considered a cultural or religious holiday? Was it wrong to accept the cake? Should we throw it away?

I searched online but couldn't find any answers. I know there is a Catholic way for everything.

What is a Catholic to do? Please advise.

     Thank you for your help,


TIA responds:

Dear D.C.,

We would advise you not to eat that cake.

The reason is quite simple. Since those Muslims want to be well accepted in their new neighborhood and Muslims are habitually religious, they probably asked some mufti to “bless” it or at least they invoked their gods to achieve that purpose.

Now, this practice brings us to the topic of false religions that “bless” their food and offer them to the public. This practice is quite common among Muslims, Jews and also among Voodoo partisans.

The Jews have a special religious ritual by which a rabbi goes to the slaughterhouse or wholesale places to “bless” the meat or salt or other food that will be offered to the public. This it is what is called kosher food.

We believe Catholics should stay away from these “blessed” foods. We already have enough problems fighting the world, Devil and flesh, as well as bearing the confused orientation we received from the Catholic Hierarchy. We don’t need to add to this situation the devils and curses that come from these “blessings” of false religions.

So, our advice is: Be civil to your new neighbors, but do not eat their food, unless you see it being prepared and can certify that no “blessed” ingredients were included.


     TIA correspondence desk


Global Warming Is an Hoax

Hello TIA,

Not sure whether you know already about this video.

Anyway, here it is for you and your readers.

     Best regards,



Bp. Richard Williamson

Dear Sir,

In deep respect for you and your teachings, I am appealing to you to please tell me your position on the status of Bp. +Richard Williamson.

I have been greatly helped and blessed by his writings, but also am frightened to follow anyone who may lead me into more heresy.

I am very confused as to who to trust. Your advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

     Thank you in the Lord Jesus and His Precious Mother,


TIA responds:

Dear R.D.,

Please, read an answer to a similar question here. It expresses well TIA’s position on the topic you mentioned.


     TIA correspondence desk


Fr. Amorth & Padre Pio

Dear Miss Horvat and Mr. Guimarães,

I saw this article and thought the information regarding Padre Pio's words to Fr Amorth supported the version of the Third Secret on which you have been working.

Maybe you have already covered this and I missed it?

     God Bless,



Lucy & Photoshop

Dear Mr. Guimarães & Dr. Horvat,

I was thrilled that you answered my questions. I got to thinking after I read Dr. Horvat's article "Photos and facts" that it makes sense that if they lied about the Third Secret back in 2000 they would lie about when Sr. Lucy died and the fact that they had a double for her.

I did have a few questions for Dr. Horvat though about that article above that she wrote. I couldn't get over all the pictures she had there comparing the true Sr. Lucy from the false one . I wondered if she got them back in 2006 from a professional photographer who sent them to her or did Dr. Horvat post them as she got them . I could never put all the labels on those pictures I saw on TIA. The one I thought was particularly convincing had the caption one “1. The slightly smiling Sister Lucys".

Dr. Horvat said she came upon seldom seen pictures and that she gathered some and got some from readers. So my questions are:

Question 1: Did Dr. Horvat post that one “1. The slightly smiling Sister Lucys" as she got it from the reader and was he a professional photographer who knew how to label them?

Question 2: Were all these pictures from the same source and did Dr. Horvat post them as she received them from one person or several readers sending them in or did she manipulate them?

Question 3: Finally I wondered if Dr. Horvat also knows how to work photoshop like you do and photoshopped any of the Sr. Lucy pictures? I ask this because I saw this picture on TIA of Our Lady of La Salette which had to have been photoshopped because it shows Our Lady with communist items around her neck to probably symbolize how communism seems to have taken over the Church and the world. I wondered if you got that from a professional photographer who is a reader because that looks like it would be difficult for your average person to manipulate it with software because it looks so realistic.

I have learned so much from your site and I never realized before I saw this evidence just how much the Vatican has been lying to us about Sr. Lucy and the Third Secret.

     God bless you and Dr. Horvat for uncovering the truth.


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear M.K.S.,

Thank you for your amiable words and wishes regarding our work.

Regarding your questions 1 and 2, none of the photos used in the articles on the two Sister Lucys were retouched or changed using Photoshop or any other photo tool. I found the older pictures on the Vatican website, which used to post several pages of photos of Sister Lucia dos Santos and the other seers.

The picture of the slightly smiling Sister Lucy was from the Vatican website collection and was not retouched. I have not been able to find these Vatican files anymore; perhaps they were taken down because of the many doubts being expressed about Sister Lucia dos Santos and comparisons of photos being made.

I don’t remember from where I took the pictures of the Second Sister Lucy - either from various web sources or from the Vatican website. But, I have never essentially changed any of them.

Unless specified otherwise, we only use Photoshop to enhance secondary aspects of photos such as for clarity, color and contrast, or to crop and resize the photo to fit our layout.

Regarding your question 3, the same criterion applies: TIA did not change this famous picture of Our Lady of La Salette you referenced.

The symbols shown on the statue are symbols of the Passion, the pincer and the hammer, as we explained here. As you can see from the pictures we featured in our explanation, it has long been a pious Catholic practice in Europe to show on the crucifix some of the tools of torture to emphasize the suffering Our Lord endured for our Redemption.

I hope this will be of help to you.


     Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 27, 2017

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