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Cesspool of Lies & Bombing Hiroshima



Re: Ill Informed Notoriety

BRAVO, Atila, BRAVO!!!



Editor’s Note: TIA has received carbon copies of the following messages sent to the media organs that recently attacked Tradition in Action as being a hate group. A.S.G.


Leftist & Anti-Catholic

To ProPublica

Dear Lauren Kirchner,

After reading your intrusive assault on Tradition in Action, I came to the conclusion that you're representative of the crisis in America's educational system.

Your hokey, alt-left questions and fear mongering all fit the amateur journalistic pattern.

Please tell me... how did you really get your degrees?

Of course, your boss, with a schnozz as big was a watermelon... is no doubt anti-Catholic too.

If you can't improve your outlook and journalistic fundamentals, you need to start reassessing your career.

     God bless you and may Our Lady convert you.



Fake Report on Tradition in Action

To The London Times, The Independent, Economic London and ProPublica

I was appalled to read your report that TIA considers recent popes to be imposters, fake and anti-popes. This is a statement completely opposed to reality.

I have known this group for many years and they are very good Catholics with respect for the papacy although they resist some of the new documents and practices that have been adapted since Vatican II.

I consider your article to be a cesspool of lies and untruths and fake news that needs to be repaired publicly.

In the fairness of true journalism, you need to publish TIA's answer to your false accusations with due apologies.



Not Racist or Hate-Site

Greetings TIA,

Here is the 2nd email I sent Propublica, my first one to Lauren Kirchner was returned.


Greetings Mr. Engelberg,

I tried emailing Ms. Lauren Kirchner directly, but my email was returned, so I thought will contact you directly.

I’ve been accessing the Tradition in Action (TIA) web-site for many years and I can attest that this web-site is not racist nor a hate-site.

TIA is a web-site devoted to Catholic teaching and doctrine. They have sections regarding Catholic Saints and history, plus they answer various Catholic doctrinal questions sent in by people who contact them. I’ve sent them various questions regarding, for example, preparing one’s family for Christmas.

I would suggest you visit the TIA web-site and see for yourself.




Joining Forces against a Worse Foe

Dear TIA,

I am glad to support you and have written to all [those newspapers that attacked you] but The Independent (which would not take my password) about your fine site.

Here is another group fighting the injustices of the SPLC, which you may already have noticed:

I wonder if it is a good time for the joining of forces against a worse foe?




Lawsuit against SPLC

Hello TIA,

Finally, someone is filing a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is time to stop this leftist and Jewish-controlled organization from harassing Americans who are exerting their right to fight against Communism and the moral decay of society by opposing homosexuality.

Please, read here about an Evangelical minister suing SPLC.

I wish more people would do the same and close this hateful organization that pretends that anyone who doesn’t agree with it must be placed in a hate list.

     Keep up the good work.



Bombing Hiroshima


Re: Catholic Doctrine on Atomic War

No one doubts the legitimacy of war to defend national sovereignty. The excepts of Pope Pius XII make that abundantly clear. What they don't address is needless war on masses of civilian populations and the needless incineration of hundreds of thousands of people.

Hiroshima was destroyed 72 years ago Thursday Aug 6. Nagasaki on Aug. 9. Forget about the rationales given.

The Masonic rationale behind the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 60 years ago is the same as 9-11. The purpose is to inspire fear and hopelessness, justify war, repression, debt and "world government."

The "Fat Man" bomb from Bock's Car detonated directly over Urakami Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the entire Orient.

Of Nagasaki's 250,000 residents, 73,844 were killed, 74,909 injured, and more than 120,000 suffered radiation effects.

We shouldn't overlook that Nagasaki expelled the Freemasons in 1926; by the 1930s Japan banned them entirely. Did this add "payback" to the Nagasaki bomb?

The dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in 1945 was completely unnecessary; Japan had, in fact, already offered to surrender on virtually the same terms the U.S. approved at war's end.

Truman and other U.S. officials later claimed there was a military target: the Mitsubishi shipyard. But Bock's Car flew three miles past the shipyard before dropping its payload. The cathedral was obliterated; the shipyard left virtually unscathed. Its famous hammerhead crane, built in 1909, still stands today.

Satanists conduct a human sacrifice; they believe they draw power from the victim's death. At Nagasaki, over 70,000 lives, many of them Christians, were incinerated on a satanic altar.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 29, 2017

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