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JPII’s Topless Women & Danish Impressionism

Were JPII’s Topless Women Tribal?


I just discovered your site and subscribed for weekly updates. I have a question about something I read regarding (Pope) John Paul ll. What is the best way for me to ask about this and other questions? I have to check out and learn about Novus Ordo Watch. I had been looking for something like this, and I'm excited to have found this!

Please advise me about asking questions, but at least for now, I will pose my question here: I read about Pope John Paul II giving communion to a topless woman (here and here). But the woman was reportedly from New Guinea, and on the surface, it appears as though she is topless not for any racy, disrespectful or sexual reason, but perhaps because this is normal for her culture. Maybe there is a valid reason why this was deemed wrong, and I mean no disrespect by saying this, but on the surface, it gives impression of maybe a fault-finding mission regarding JPII.

Can someone please explain to me why this was wrong. I'm already pretty much a traditionalist, and I'm willing to face some hard truths about past and present popes, but just not sure if this is one of them.

Thank you!



TIA responds:

Hello D.A.R.,

Thank you for your kind words.

We go on to respond your questions:
  1. Novus Ordo Watch is a very interesting website regarding its updates and journalistic skills. It is, however, an overtly sede-vacantist website. TIA does not agree with this position, as you can find out by visiting this page or typing the word sede-vacantism into the search engine of our website.

  2. Regarding the young women who posed topless for John Paul II’s Masses (here, here, here and here), there was no evidence that the way they appeared was their typical dress, as you surmised. To the contrary, when those photos were taken it was widely reported that those women were actually normal university students in New Guinea who were requested by the local religious authorities to “help” the Pope’s “inculturation” program by appearing with him in “native” apparel.

  3. Regardless of the fact that those women had the deliberate intent to appear topless before the Pope, the most important thing is that John Paul II himself allowed them to do so. Given the proverbial beforehand care with which the Vatican plans each of the public appearances of a Pope, it is certain that JPII was informed about and approved those women appearing in immodest native dress with him. This fact is far more important than investigating whether those women had the habit of going around topless.

  4. So, the problem is transferred to a higher level: What would explain JPII 's complaisance in appearing with these semi-naked women? When we know that he was favorable to nudism in the context of his quite strange "Theology of the Body,” we have an answer to this question.

  5. However, no matter what pretense he might have had to explain that behavior, it is frontally opposed to Catholic Morals as it was constantly taught by the Church for almost two millennia.
We hope these answers will be of some help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Danish Impressionism


I loved the charming painting that illustrates your article "Answering Objections to the Use of the Necktie." In it, a late-19th century family group is giving a congratulatory toast at the table, the men standing, the women sitting.

Who painted it and what is the title? It looks to me like the work of one of the French impressionists, but perhaps it's by a Scandinavian artist or even Mary Cassatt.

Whose painting is this? Do give the info!


TIA responds:


The painting you asked about was painted in 1888 by Danish painter Peder Severin Krøyer (1851–1909). It is titled Hip Hip Hurrah! and portrays a group of artist friends at a party at Skagen, where a community of Danish and Nordic artists gathered. The painting pictures various members of the Skagen Painters guild, and follows the style of the French Impressionists in the play of light used.

Kaede Lira's article shows how, even in artists’ communities that were liberal in customs at the time, there was still a refinement in dress and customs that reflected the good influence of Christian Civilization, something lost almost entirely today.

Consider, for example, one of his most popular paintings, a self-portrait of the artist and his wife Marie titled Summer Evening at Skagen Beach - The Artist and his Wife, or The Benzon Daughters to make a comparison of how the casual vulgarity of our times has conquered in customs, reducing man to a type of new-barbarism.


     TIA correspondence desk

Several paintings of Peder Severin Kroyer


Should I Stop Being a Methodist?


My name is O.T.. I just discovered your website and there is some great and very eye-opening content on it.

I was raised (and currently am, I guess) a Methodist, but I have been considering converting to Catholicism for about two years. When I began learning about the Faith I was very eager to find an RCIA class and convert immediately, but as I began discovering more about the Faith and how its changed (especially since Vatican II), I am now a little more hesitant as to how to proceed in converting because I do recognize a plot of the powers-that-be to form a One-World religion.

I cannot positively say, but the churches around me seem to be of this ilk. For example, I just discovered there are two Masses recognized by the Church (Novus Ordo and Tridentine), and none of the churches near me offer the Tridentine Mass.

I recognize that this may not be a primary purpose of your site, answering random questions, but if you were me, how would you proceed?

     Thanks for your time,


TIA responds:

Hello O.T.,

If we were you, we would not lose one day in converting to the Catholic Church. Once a part of the Church, we would start fighting to restore her to the ideal she revealed to us that made us convert. That is, we would fight to make her true face appear, which is similar to the Face of Christ as revealed in the Shroud of Turin.

Toward this end we would fight with all our forces to expel from the Catholic Church the enemies that infiltrated her – the progressivists – to make her be what she was before this infiltration.

This is our advice to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 24, 2017

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