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Sede Vacantism

General Principles

catholicIs TIA Sede-Vacantist?
No. We admit the Pope but offer respectful resistance; see also here & here

catholicWhat Is Your Take on Cum ex Apostolatus Officio & Quo Primum?
We have analyzed them here, here & here

catholicHow Much Does TIA Question the Validity of the Conciliar Church?
While we recognize the validity of the conciliar Popes, we resist their errors

catholicGiven the General Apostasy, Aren't the Sede-Vacantists Right?
No, they judge the situation using human, not supernatural, criteria

catholicDid Liberal Bishops Walked Out of Vatican I?
Yes, some did & became the precursors of Modernism

catholicIs Sede-Vacantism an Ally of Progressivism?
Yes. Instead of fighting Progressivism, they use it to justify their position

catholicWhat to Do when I Feel Depressed to Talk about the Crisis in the Church?
Follow the Passion of the Church & join us in the Resistance

catholicHow to Be Catholic in These Times of Great Confusion?
Develop a good Catholic sense & trust Our Lady

catholicHow May I Persuade My Wife Away From Sede-Vacantism?
Here are two approaches which appeal to the intellectual & to common sense

The Papacy

catholicDon't You See that These Popes Are Heretics & Not Popes?
A heretic Pope is an illegitimate Pope, not necessarily an invalid one

catholicCan't You See that a Heretic Pope Is Not Pope & Resistance Is Wrong?
A heretic Pope ceases to be Pope before God; not before the Church

catholicHow Can a Pope be 'Protestant' & Remain the Pope?
A Pope can commit error & remain a valid Pope

catholicWhat Is Heretical Is Not Invalid? So, We Don't Have Popes
This presupposition is wrong; heretics can maintain the power of orders

catholicWhen Does a Heretical Pope Become Invalid?
When his authority loses its effectiveness before the Church

catholicWhen a Pope Becomes a Public Heretic, Is He Thus Outside the Church?
Lack of criteria to depose a Pope as a public heretic; we should resist any errors

catholicAre Popes & Bishops Who Abandoned the Faith Still in the Church?
They are the scourges of the Passion of the Mystical Body

catholicWould It Be Better for the Church if the Recent Popes Were Invalid?
The Church cannot live without a head for more than 50 years

catholicIf the Popes are Apostates, Why Should They Be Considered Legitimate?
Because only Our Lord has the authority to depose them

catholicAre the Popes Who Are Destroying the Faith Valid?
Read our distinction between illegitimacy & invalidity here, here & here

catholicIf a Pope Changes the Magisterium, Is He Still a Pope?
He keeps his powers of order & jurisdiction; should be resisted in his teachings

catholicWas John XXIII a Mason, and/or an Antipope?
There is no solid evidence John XXIII was a Mason

catholicIf the Pope Has Devilish Eyes, He Is a Devil, Not a Pope, Correct?
No. Our Lord called St. Peter ‘Satan’, but did not depose him from the Papacy

Sacraments & Ordinations

catholicAre the New Rite Sacraments Invalid?
No, since a Pope has the authority to alter the rites of the Sacraments

catholicHaving Been Confirmed in the N.O., Should I Get Reconfirmed?
Not necessarily. The sacraments of the post-conciliar Church are generally valid

catholicAm I Excommunicated for Having Attended the New Mass?
If you went in good faith without knowing the N.O. is bad, then certainly not

catholicIs the New Rite of Ordination Valid?
Yes, because a Pope has the authority to change the rites of the Church

catholicHow is Francis Pope if His Ordination is Not Valid?
We do not have the authority to declare Ordinations invalid

catholicMay We Attend Sede-Vacantist Chapels with Dubiously-Ordained Priests?
Yes, if the priest's ordination was valid; read also here

Other Theories

catholicWhy Aren't You Fair to Sede-Vacants Who Admit Siri as Pope?
Siri himself admitted the conciliar Popes. The Siri theory is false; see also here

catholicMay We Attend 'Old Catholic' Services?
No, Catholics should have nothing to do with this heresy

catholicWill You Consider Sede-Privationism?
We hold a position of Resistance expressed in this booklet & in this book

catholic Does TIA Agree that We Have Popes Materialiter but Not Formaliter?
We believe they are Popes before the Church, but not before God

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