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Belgian Youth against Luther
& ‘Orthodox’ Are Heretics

Belgian Catholics against Luther

Dear TIA,

I recently discovered this and wanted to share it with you. On Saturday October 28, during an ecumenical event in a Brussels Cathedral celebrating the Protestant Revolt, a group of young men gathered to pray the rosary there, in protest of the event. Since they were being "disruptive," someone called the police and they were forcibly removed.

Not sure if this was staged by the SSPX, or some other compromised group, in which case I cannot applaud this, but in principle, this was a heroic act. Here is the new face of the resistance: young people.

Pictures and video below; news article here.

Do watch this video, it's well worth the three minutes.

Quite fantastic.



Belgian Catholics protest against Lutheran ecumenical event in a Brussels Cathedral


Francis Preparing for Married Priests


Our Lady said that priests must be pure, very pure. They should not busy themselves with anything except what concerns the Church and souls.

Our Lady of Fatima said this to the little shepherds.

But Pope Francis says... no…

Read here.




Dear TIA,

The Evangelicals are the major driving force in Christianity today, Amazonia included. It's not that Pope Bergoglio does not know it.

As Mr. Guimaraes has pointed out, this forthcoming synod is a ploy to change Catholic practices.

But how Catholic is the Conciliar Church supposed to be?

     Best wishes,

     N.C., India


‘Satan Does Not Exist’

Dear TIA,

Did you read the last news from the head of the Jesuits? It is that Satan is just a symbol created by men. The Devil, says Fr. Sosa, never existed.

If you don’t believe, read here.


     Fr. P.A.


Another Catholic-Protestant Declaration

Greetings Tradition in Action; Dr. Horvat & Mr.Guimarães,

I would like to bring to your attention, if you are not yet aware, that the Pope has signed another document, entitled, "Joint Statement by the Lutheran World Federation and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity on the conclusion of the year of the common commemoration of the Reformation, 31st October 2017", which may be accessed here.

I see this document, with its ecstatic references to the signing - one of the Anglican sect, Methodists, and Lutherans, as an example of the Pope now openly supporting a one-world church. I am concerned by his frightening cooperation with heretics - what, will he erect a Protestant temple in the Vatican City State? Set up a statue of Martin Luther in place of the obelisk in St. Peter's Square? Anything, no matter how absurd - from a renewal of the "ban" against the true Mass of the Roman Rite, the Mass established for all time by Pius V of holy memory, to the canonization of Martin Luther as a saint - anything is possible with Bergoglio.

Let us pray for Francis' conversion, but let us also pray, if God has hardened his heart, for an end to this dreadful pontificate, and for a Pope who will actually restore and defend our everlasting traditions.

This "Joint Declaration" with all its rotten fruits is the Progressivist Document of the Week - if not the Year - if I've ever seen one.



"For the true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators but traditionalists." - Pius X


‘Orthodox’ Are Heretics


I would like to thank TIA for standing out against the nefarious tendency to equate the Eastern Schismatic Churches with the one True Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church. While we hope the religious revival taking place in Russia will lead to conversion, it can and will only bear fruits with the conversion of Russia prophesized at Fatima and Russia is once again within the fold of the Catholic Church.

Being very family with the Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church where I have attended Divine Liturgy for many years, it must be brought to our attention that there is a Catholic identity problem within the East just as there is within the West. This is because there is a misconception of who Eastern Catholics are; whether Byzantine, Maronite, Coptic, Syro Malabar etc.

Among many beloved Eastern Catholics of good will, there happens to be an emotional attachment to the Eastern Orthodox Church because of its similarities in regards to theology and liturgical rites.

Having encountered many Eastern Catholics, it is not uncommon to hear that the Eastern Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox Churches are equivalent to the Catholic Church because of the validity of the 7 sacraments, the veneration of saints etc.

Even though these separated churches have valid sacraments and many similarities with the Church, it must be remembered that they are separated for a reason – that is – because of their bitter rejection of the deposit of faith in regards to submission to Peter, the Pope.

“You cannot deny that you are aware that in the city of Rome the episcopal chair was given first to Peter; the chair in which Peter sat, the same who was head—that is why he is also called Cephas [‘Rock’]—of all the apostles; the one chair in which unity is maintained by all” (Optatus, The Schism of the Donatists 2:2 [A.D. 367]).

With that in mind, we must note that many Eastern Catholics have died at the hands of schismatics and communists because of this very key doctrine. Being that they are our ancestors as martyrs and saints of the church; insisting that the Orthodox are the same Church as the Catholic Church, or at least equivalent, is a slap in the face to these very saints.

     Thank you,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 2, 2017

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