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Lay Celibates, Ties & WYD’s Spirit

Regarding the Single Vocation

Dear TIA,

I was pleasantly surprised to read about the vocation of the single state in the article, The Single Vocation: The Answer for a Broken World. The article had corrected some of the errors I had regarding it. I had been taught to think of it more in terms of social justice or the common good. For example, a doctor that doesn't marry, but instead devotes his life to healing others. I never really thought of the single state vocation as a vocation primarily serving God, strange as that seems.

One of the things that has bothered me for a long time was the notion in my mind that those unsuitable for marriage or the religious state had as I called it the, "vocation-by-default": the single state. I had felt that if it was a vocation by default, because one was unsuitable for the other two, then it didn't really feel like a true calling. I suppose in the Americanist spirit, I expected the sense of "you were born to do this."

Reflecting on the example of St. Mary of Egypt, it could be said that she too was unsuitable for marriage; the "default vocation" would have been the lay celibate life that she led, at least in general..(not necessarily with all her mortifications). While she did in fact get a unique grace from God, I believe it does have something to say for those not so blessed to have such strong signs: when we hear the call and correspond to it: we will ipso facto be corresponding to our true vocation.

One thing I am hoping that you may clarify is the difference between vocation as a calling to one's state of life versus a vocation as a calling to one's function in society. Some people seem to be clear about their career path at an early age, others spend their lives trying to figure it out, bumbling from one job to another.

     Yours truly,



Bravo !

Hello TIA,

The excellent article by Salwa on the single vocation; it is so well done! Congratulations for a well thought-out topic and so important and encouraging for all of us who do follow this vocation for the glory and love of God.

In Our Lady,

     God bless you



A Christmas Store…

Dear TIA,

Just for your entertainment.


A political cartoon mocking Democrat headquarters


Manual of Civility in Polish

Dear TIA,

Your book on Roman Catholic Civility is a great resource.

I wonder if you would consider translating it into the Polish language.

Kind regards,


TIA responds:

Dear J.H.,

Thank you for your kind words.

We are passing your suggestion to TIA’s board of directors.


     TIA correspondence


Use Tie at Home

Good afternoon,

I have been reading with some interest your articles, specifically the 'History of the Tie' series by Miss Lira (here, here and here). When I was young, I was often cared for by an aunt who was, looking back, quite a traditional Catholic. She had me more often than not in what she called 'proper clothes', that is, generally polished black shoes, a white ironed shirt with dark slacks and often enough a dark tie as well. She also provided a pair of navy blazers that I had to wear when leaving the house.

Now I find myself in adult life and my aunt is long since gone on to her eternal reward. I must admit that I have gotten somewhat sloppy, both literally and figuratively in the years now passed. I have a uniform for work, but could use some general advice for the time when I have some discretion in my dress. Any advice is appreciated, and thank you.

As a brief follow up to my prior question, do you think it desirable for me to wear a tie when working from home? I would generally be alone but interacting through email and phone. I have a sense there may be a benefit in doing so? Thank you!


TIA responds:

Good evening O.R.,

We commend you for the good formation on dress that you received from your aunt. We believe you should continue to apply the rules she taught you.

Regarding your last question, we recommend you to wear a tie even when you are at home. It is a way to show respect for yourself and also to be dignified before God, His Angels and the Saints who are watching you from Heaven.


     TIA correspondence desk


Fruit of the WYD Spirit


Here is the ongoing result of the fruits of Vatican II and the WYD initiated by the supposed saint JPII. You have young women dressed in the shortest shorts standing next to young men, also in shorts, at a CATHOLIC youth festival.

What is Catholic about this change in morals to match the modern world?

And this is mild next to the dress that we see at Masses and youth meetings in our parish....

Young men and women dancing in shorts at the WYD in Australia 2017

Some 220 young people and leaders from secondary schools and parishes will represent the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF).

This "new evangelization" is just not Catholic.



Novena to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Dear TIA,

This is just a reminder on the Novena for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, below, which should start on November the 29th. It was written by Fray Junipero Serra, another display of his devotion to Our Lady.


A Marian Novena Attributed to Fray Junípero Serra

Compiled and edited with an Historical Preface by Monsignor Francis F. Weber

Novena Immaculate Conception 1

Novena Immaculate Conception 2

Novena Immaculate Conception 3

Novena Immaculate Conception 4

Novena Immaculate Conception 5

Novena Immaculate Conception 6

Novena Immaculate Conception 7

Novena Immaculate Conception 8

Novena Immaculate Conception 9


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 28, 2017

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