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Vatican’s ‘Gay Art’ & Indulgences

Vatican Promotes ‘Gay Art’


The man who made the subversive porno film Blow Job is now being honored by the Vatican, and he is now portrayed as a "closet Catholic"? He also was known for painting the nude body parts of men, which then was called "homophilic art" and now it is known as "gay art."

So we have the Vatican promoting a homo artist and portraying him as a sensitive Catholic...

News report 'Vatican to Host Andy Warhol Exhibition' here.



Indulgenced Prayers


A woman from our church would like to have some indulgenced prayers printed and put into our “Prayers & Hymns” book. One thing she has found is inconsistencies among sources for the number of days that can be gained. For example, the Sign of the Cross with words is 100 days, but with Holy Water it increases to 300 days. Some sources give 5 years, some 500 days.

To this end, is there a definitive source for how much time is granted per prayer that should be used?

The prayers she would like to use are at this link.

I trust your good counsel and await your thoughts on the matter.

Thank you for all you are doing for Our Blessed Mother and Holy Mother Church!

     E.S., Ph.D.

TIA responds:

Hello Dr. E.S.,

Thank you for your kind words about our work.

To make the sign of the Cross saying the words: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost” earns 50 days of indulgence; if the same is made and said using Holy Water it earns 100 days of indulgence.

These indulgences are earned any number of times in succession.

Such indulgences were granted by Pope Pius IX on July 28, 1863 and March 23, 1876.

You may read the text below, which reports what we just said.

We cannot tell you anything about the other prayers you mentioned, because the link provided for them is dead.


     TIA correspondence desk



Baptism of Desire


Hi my name is T.L. and I am a traditional Catholic.

Do you believe in baptism of desire? If you do, what council is this infallibly taught?



TIA responds:


Yes, we do believe in Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood. Our position on these topics can be found here.

Along with other documents of the Magisterium presented there, the Council of Trent taught this.


     TIA correspondence desk


Relations between Coworkers of the Opposite Sex

Dear Fr. Sretenovic,

I just found and read your article with great interest. Social Relations between Married Persons and Friends of the Opposite Sex.

My fiancée and I are struggling with an issue that is very important to our relationship. We are scheduled to be married in May, a full Catholic wedding Mass.

She had dated a coworker for a few months before I met her. They started as lunch pals and resumed lunches after they broke up. She and I readily agreed that it would be improper to continue spending time with him when we met. Now, many months later, she misses the lunch hangouts to the point of demanding that she get to go back on our agreement.

She brought it up a few times along the way, but always re-agreed it was improper, just hard for her because she cannot easily develop friendships with her female coworkers.

Worst of all, she is now saying that, thanks to some Matthew Kelly books, to be true to herself, she must reserve the right to maintain contact with all ex-boyfriends.



God & Hitler Had Nothing in Common


Re: "GOP the party of religious fundamentalists." (Letters, Jan. 10) Torrance Daily Breeze News

Ron Lowe's letter calling the Republican Party religious fundamentalists and accusing them of "sliding into Nazi mentality in the name of God and Country," shows ignorance of the facts. God and Hitler had nothing in common. The slogan was "One people, one Country, One leader."

I was a school girl in Austria when my country was absorbed into the German Reich. The first day of school we noticed the crosses on the walls had been removed, the Catholic instruction class we had everyday was eliminated and our greetings of "God greets you" was now "Heil Hitler" so no connection to God, Mr. Lowe. Of course, correct speech was mandatory if you wanted to keep your job or it could even close your business. Does that remind you that's happening in this country now?

You call Republican's anti-immigration - anti-gay, anti-abortion, white, religious, "Master race" bigots. Hillary Clinton called Robert Byrd a long time member of the Democratic Senate and the member of KKK her mentor.

Our Constitution, which allows us freedom of speech is so important.

Please do not forbid it to those you disagree with.



No Relations with Heretics

Dear TIA,

I am a fairly new convert to Catholicism. My conversion lead me directly to traditional Catholicism but I suffered and endured the RCIA program, disregarded the errors, wept over the abuses I witnessed at the (novus ordo) Mass, and was confirmed last Easter.

Living in isolation from any local Catholic community, I try to go to the Latin Mass (which is some distance from where I live) when able to, and my self-directed catechesis continues. But, of course, this is not how it is supposed to be, living as a hermit with no spiritual direction. However, I cling tenaciously to the faith, and am a zealous and loving servant of God and His Holy Church.

The problem is, I live thousands of miles away from family, and am contemplating a move back to my mother’s home. She is a very obstinate heretic and has fallen in with a baptist sect, has little interest in doctrinal errors, and was baptized a second time (in spite of my pleas for her not to do it as it is an offence to the Holy Spirit). There has been no conversion, she simply loves the warm and fuzzy feelings she gets with the Baptists (of course, they never really talk about sin).

I know I must honor my mother but dread being exposed to her heresies and those of her baptist sect. She is not neglected or cut out of my life as we do speak daily. There is also a dread of returning to the Godless United Kingdom where heresy, materialism and paganism run rampant.

I am the only Catholic in my family. How does your article, ‘A Catholic Must Have No Relations with Heretics,’ apply to family members, specifically one’s parent?

     With kind regards,


TIA responds:

Dear Y.O.,

The Church teaches us that we must always give priority to our Faith.

When an opposition is raised between our Faith and members of our families, we should try to persuade them to follow the Truth and pray for them. If they reject our explanations, we should continue to pray for them, but keep our distance from them for the sake of our own salvation.

In case we are forced to live with them – when you say that you are considering moving to live with your mother you seem to imply that you have to do this for some imperative material reason – we should keep an urbane relationship with them, without making concessions in religious matters and maintaining your own privacy.

These are suggestions that occur to us as an application of the principle that Catholics should not have relations with heretics.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 1, 2018

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