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Fish, Voices & Sex-Orientation in Sweden

153 Fish


Some say that the 153 fish represent the 153 Hail Mary’s of the Rosary.

Our Lady sits on Our Lord’s right. Our Lady is a figure of the Church. Our Lord instructs His Vicar to fish using the Right side (using Our Lady) if he wants to bring in such a catch that it could not be fuller.



No Heart, No Wounds


Dear TIA,

Last night on EWTN was a documentary regarding the original Divine Mercy Image in Vilnius, Lithuania (also known as the City of Divine Mercy pre Sister Faustina).

There was also the one attributed to Sister Faustina. What I noticed was that the hands and feet of Jesus did not have the marks of being pierced, and the image did not show His Most Sacred Heart. If Divine Mercy happened after the crucifixion, wouldn't there be shown the pierced hands and feet of our dear Jesus. Wouldn't His most Sacred Heart be shown? Lately, many images of Jesus have been emerging, and do not show any signs of His crucifixion.

Your website is a real treasure for those of us who wish to remain ancient, traditional Catholics, and follow the one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Thank you for taking the time for reading my email.

God Bless the work that you do.

     Sincerely in Christ,



Changing Voices & Right of Animals

Dear TIA,

I continue to pass word of your website to others who are confused with these times as the site is an excellent library of thoughts and information not found in many other places if at all. I particularly like your explanations on our disordered approach to animals (e.g. here, here, here, here and here).

It seems that Satan will never get us to deny or insult Christ directly for that would be too obvious. The more God holds something sacred or important, the more Satan hates it and wants to destroy it. It occurred to me a while ago that the differences between the sexes, both anatomically and intellectually, would systematically be destroyed over time, taking marriage and family down with.

We first made the sexes interchangeable by eliminating differences in roles and in dress. As true roles and dress disappeared and pornography took over and became an integral, normal and accepted part of culture, it makes sense that women would assume vulgar dress in order to match it.

The next logical step is the LGBTQ movement, which makes sexual difference entirely moot because everything sexual is subject to change. One thing that I've noticed is that men and women are now changing their voices to emulate the opposite gender. Men's voices are becoming increasingly feminine and women are making their voices masculine by frying them.

This is noticeable in many media news and entertainment casts. I started to notice this more and more as I listen to old radio shows and remember how men's and women's voices used to sound years ago. This seems to be a logical progression since women are being like men and men are being like women. Anything to ruin the beautiful differences between man and woman.

I see the same with the effects with abortion and birth control, which is nothing more than Satan's sacrifice of children with rampant and free divorce as Satan's sacrifice of family and, by extension, sacrifice of our society. We have grown to despise our own as there is no charity, only false faith by and large. Children and spouses, and hence people, become disposable if annoying. We abort them, divorce them, then act surprised when somebody takes the logical conclusion and shoots up a school.

The entire economy of Christian life is Sacrifice, and raising children in marriage requires Christ-like sacrifice. Since we abhor the cross and sacrifice out of our inherent selfishness, we turn to animals to be our "children" or "spouses" because these creatures, which we seem to think have fully human attributes and deserve "equality," don't talk back, don't bounce the checkbook, don't give us any grief, don't require real sacrifice the sort of which is truly redemptive and towards participating in the Resurrection out of love of God who gave us the Holy Family and our Holy Mother of God as examples for us to emulate.

Not sure how much worse it will get but I would think that we can expect a chastisement in proportion to  the length and severity for which this rot continues.



Gender-Neutral in Swedish Preschools

Dear TIA,

Life Site News published this jaw-dropping article recently about how far they're going in public education in Sweden to ensure boys act like girls and vice versa, even giving them the option to change genders at very young ages.

Below are some excerpts from the article.

     Best regards,

‘Gender-neutral’ Swedish preschools teach boys to wear dresses

Sweden, March 26, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Many government-funded Swedish preschools are “gender-neutral” and teach youngsters to reject their natural inclinations toward masculine or feminine activities, instead requiring them to do activities usually associated with the opposite sex.

“A preschool’s approach to gender has now become a common question before enrollment,” the New York Times reported in a profile of these schools. Swedish teachers “are doing what they can to deconstruct” gender.

Since 1998, state curriculum has required teachers to “counteract traditional gender roles and gender patterns.”

Schools go about this in different ways, largely based on their leadership. Many Swedish children begin going to these programs when they are just one year old.

At the dawn of this massive social experiment, “Boys and girls at the preschools were separated for part of the day and coached in traits associated with the other gender. Boys massaged each other’s feet. Girls were led in barefoot walks in the snow, and told to throw open the window and scream.”

Now, preschools use a variety of techniques to eliminate gender from the classroom, and make girls act like boys and vice versa. They prevent kids from playing only with other boys or girls. Boys are sent to a play kitchen while girls practice shouting “No!” Preschools now have “gender specialists” on staff who can address problems like boys refusing to paint or dance, or students drawing eyelashes only on female subjects.

Boys may wear dresses, and the teachers celebrate when little girls become less feminine. A three-year-old boy named Otto has never heard from anyone, including “his grandparents, or babysitters, or fellow 3-year-olds,” that boys don’t wear dresses. His mother “would like this to continue as long as possible.”

One teacher celebrated how their lessons changed a “very girlie” girl into one whose parents complained she was “cheeky and defiant at home.”

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 10, 2018

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