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From Belgium, Punishment & Sad Discussion

Requested Prayers from Belgium


Ave Maria!

Congratulations with your apostolate work!

Sorry to ask a bit of your time, but having undergone many illnesses, and being a victim of a physical crime with consequences for the rest of my life, daily pain etc., I beg for an extra prayer, as I want to remain faithful to Christ.

"I have God, I have everything." but I'm completely isolated here in Belgium and even priests of 'tradition' here do some strange things, accepting too much of JP II etc. They make a mix of tradition and "neo-conservatism" of post Vatican II... impossible match.

     Thank you.


TIA responds:


Thank you for your kind words about our work.

We are including you in our prayers and passing your request on to our readers so that they might do the same.


     TIA correspondence desk


O Vos Omnes

Dear TIA editors,

Thank you for your wonderful website. I'm using it to re-educate myself in Catholic Weltanschauung [world vision].

I'd just point out that, at the 35s. mark, the beautiful hymn "O vos omnes, qui transitis per viam" stops playing. I've tried to play it with several web browsers and mp3 players to no avail.

This is the file.

     Yours faithfully,

     M.S.C., Spain


TIA responds:

Dear M.S.C.,

Thank you for your encouragement. For a Spaniard to say that he is being re-educated in his Catholic vision of the world by our website is a great compliment. It means a lot to us.

The hymn you mentioned should be working now.

Please, do not hesitate to point out to us other things that are not working properly or could be improved. Corrections and suggestions are welcome.


     TIA correspondence desk


Remembering an Unjust Punishment

Dear TIA,

On April 13th, 1949 (69 years ago to this day) four professors were fired from the Jesuit run Boston College for teaching that there is no salvation outside the Church. The names of these professors were: Dr. Fahkri Maluf, Charles Ewaskio, James Walsh, David Supple.

Their protagonists at the college were either denying the necessity of Church membership for salvation outright or adding so many qualifications to the dogma as to make it meaningless and inapplicable to almost everyone.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the freemason philosopher whose writings inspired many of the prominent French revolutionaries, wrote in The Social Contract that “whosever says that there is no salvation outside the Church ought to be banished from the state.” The firing of the four professors over this issue is strong reason to believe that the members of the Alta Vendita were (and are) succeeding in realizing their goals.

The history of the controversy surrounding the four professors is told by Sr. Catherine Goddard Clark in her excellent book The Loyolas and the Cabots. The controversy was covered by national newspapers when it first broke out. We are still praying to hear the newsboy with headlines in his hands, and a shout in his voice: “EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA ECCLESIAM NULLA SALUS!”

St. Hermenegild, pray for us.

     In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,



Citizen Atila

To our Readers,

I want to share the good news that this morning at 8:30 a.m. our web editor Atila Sinke Guimarães became an American citizen.

About two years ago, our good friend Dr. Remi Amelunxen began to insist that Atila take this step. He considered it carefully and decided to proceed. We are sorry that Dr. Remi, who passed away December 24, 2017, is not with us to see his suggestion come to completion.

Friends of TIA congratulating Atila Guimaraes on becoming a citizen

But a small group of TIA colleagues joined him to celebrate the event with a light lunch at the office patio. Joining in a toast, (starting from the left), are Miss Salwa Bachar, Mr. Atila, Mr. Phillip Mericle and Dr. Marian Horvat. Fr. Paul Alvarez took the picture.

Congratulations, Atila, from all your TIA colleagues!

Atila Guimaraes

     In Maria,

     Dr. Marian Horvat


True Catholic Teachings

Dear TIA,

I am a Traditional Catholic wife, mother and grandmother. I have supported TIA for almost 20 years. Because of the sound knowledge of true Catholic teachings, doctrine and dogma promoted by TIA, I am able to cope with the crosses of each day and have hope in these dire times.

I have watched with interest, from the sidelines, the discussion of marriage and virginity. What was, at the beginning, an interesting topic, became a vicious, emotional attempt to slander, discredit and even make claims of heresy against one of the most respected reliable sources of information on true Catholic doctrine and teachings.

I am personally acquainted with all those involved in this assault and cannot begin to comprehend the reasoning and goals behind their vitriolic, hysterical attacks. Attempts have been made by those involved to divide co-workers, families, friends and even to turn priests against Mr. Guimarães.

It is unconscionable and unfathomable that at a time when the Catholic Church is in her darkest crisis, being crucified by her enemies, these ladies and priest supporters should choose to try to divide those with common goals for her renewal.

I pray those involved in this intrigue will come to their senses and stop their selfish, childish, petty, unchristian evil diatribes and come together to work for the restoration of the Church and the Reign of Mary.

     In Maria,



Virginity & Marriage


I find it incredible that you are receiving flak over the articles about virginity and marriage.

Until the non-infallible Second Vatican Council, the Church always taught that virginity was the higher calling. I do not understand why anyone who visits your site regularly is having such a hard time wrapping his brain around this.

I remember hearing about virginity as a youngster in our Benedictine-run school, and I knew priests and sisters were. But I had no idea what a virgin was at that time, so it didn't really do me much good. I sure did not hear any teachings on the topic of virginity as a teen in the late 60's and early 70's from any pulpit, nor in CCD books.

Thank you for pointing out many teachings and truths on the topic that were new to me.

I check your site every day for sound Catholic articles.




Natural Law’s Position

Dear TIA,

I don't see anything wrong with TIA's positions on marriage or virginity in spite of the rude emails others send to TIA. Both are legitimate states of life, but as you have rightly pointed out, virginity is better, even though most people do not have this gift.

So, take this as my support, for what it's worth, for TIA in this marriage issue. I hope Fr. Sretenovic will respond to your offer of a debate. But I am against those who condemn TIA without cause. The TIA position on marriage is not TIA's personal opinion, but it is natural law.



"For the true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators but traditionalists." - Pius X


Very Sad

Dear Atila,

I was able to read the post last evening. I am very sorry to learn of this exchange. The Devil is surely at work here, continuing to wage war within the Traditionalist movement… splintering away the strongholds. Oh, how lamentable!

I will pray for a peaceful and truthful resolution to this situation.

     With prayer for strength, courage, humility and deep love for Truth.

     E.S., Ph.D.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 17, 2018

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