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Dreyfus Affair, Francis & Katy Perry

Repairs to a Footnote

Dear TIA,

Regarding the Book Review of Anti-Semitism, Its History and Causes by Bernard Lazare - Phillip Mericle

The one footnote says: "The Dreyfus Affair: A political crisis in France in 1884 where a French Jewish officer, Alfred Dreyfus, was convicted of selling military secrets to the Germans. Over time it became increasingly apparent that Dreyfus was a scapegoat, and the fact he was falsely convicted came to symbolize how Anti-Semitism was so rife in France."

The book, written by the Cardinal of Chile in 1953, entitled The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled, refutes that Dreyfus was falsely convicted, as most of the witnesses were either murdered or went missing. The Cardinal traces Dreyfus directly to the Freemasons who were trying to damage the French monarchy. The court could not keep the verdict against Dreyfus standing because the Freemasons eliminated the witnesses.

This caused a bit of a conflict in my own family, as my grandfather leaned towards Socialism and defended Dreyfus. My conservative uncle in the 1950s refused to translate that portion of my grandfathers diary that animatedly defended Dreyfus and the working conditions of miners, from Danish into English.

I had to obtain the Danish copy of the entire diary and have another uncle translate the Danish for me in a bit of family "covert activity." Now that they are all gone, I may speak about it to those not in my family.

The truth is completely different from the Encyclopedia Britannica account of "the Dreyfus Affair"! It was amazing to me that this controversy should still rage to this day!

The feelings on both sides are just as intense as they were in the 1950s and even more, as the scandal raged from 1894 to 1906! My grandfather was a young adult in Denmark in 1906.




Divine Mercy Image: Fraudulent

Dear TIA,

This may have previously been mentioned but I wanted to highlight that in the original image of "Divine Mercy" that was given to Sr. Faustina – which is not the image of Our Lord usually promulgated-- there are absolutely no marks of wounds in His Sacred Hands.

This, to me, totally invalidates the devotion.

     Keep up the great ministry.



Auditorium in Serpent Shape


Please check the photos below of the Paul VI Auditorium, inside and out, they are pure evil.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but most people probably are not. (Plenty of additional pictures on the web).

Also, while not pictured here, the hideous "Resurrection" sculpture with flowing hair looks like a snake head from each side. They hide nothing anymore. I have often thought that Rome will suffer the same fate as Jerusalem for their apostasy.


Paul VI Hall compared to a snake head


TIA responds:


Thank you for sending us these photos.

We believe that we are both on the same page, as you can see here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Francis Greets Indecent Pop Star

Dear TIA,

Given that some days ago Pope Francis greeted Katy Perry publicly, let me revisit the case she opened with the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Angeles.

First, Katy Perry wanted to buy an old convent from the nuns, who did not want to sell to her because of her scandalous life. Second, the Sisters want to sell it to another person, but when everything was prepared, the Vatican denied permission. Next, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles took over the property in order to sell it to the pop star.

The nuns continued to refuse to sell to Perry, and threatened to rescind their religious vows if the sale went through. The Archdiocese sold the property for $14.5 million to Perry. The nuns appealed to the Pope, asking him not to give his approval. One elderly nun, representing the others, collapsed and died during a courtroom hearing.

The final act of the controversy is that Pope Francis not only gave his approval for the Archdiocese to sell the convent, but greeted Katy Perry in public and allowed her to be a speaker at a meeting in the Vatican. In her talk she promoted Transcendental Meditation for children.

Francis did not care about the fact the pop star is a known immoral star and a disseminator of Satanism, as shown in the photos below.

He also did not care to help the nuns - who dedicated their lives to the Church.

It is quite expressive that Francis denied the Sisters their more elementary rights to their property? Is this not the behavior of a dictator?


Francis greets Katy Perry



Dear TIA,


With regard to Atila's last article analyzing the interview of Card. Christoph von Schönborn, according to the article below reporting on the pope meeting with the German Bishops on the Communion dispute, it seems Francis is following the heretical bend of von Schonborn, turning over a major doctrinal decision to the Bishops.

     Am I right?


Vatican declines to rule on German dispute over Communion.

Nicole Winfield - Associated Press

Vatican City – May 03, 2018 – The Vatican declined Thursday to rule on a dispute among German bishops over whether non-Catholic spouses can receive Communion, asking the bishops to work it out among themselves.

The Vatican urged the bishops to try to find a unanimous solution "in the spirit of ecclesial communion" after a German delegation met with top Holy See officials, a Vatican statement said.

Seven German bishops had written the Vatican asking it to rule on a proposal adopted by a two-thirds majority of the German bishops' conference to allow Protestant spouses of Catholics to receive Communion in certain circumstances. The conference approved the proposal in February in part as a gesture of ecumenical outreach to Protestants in a country where mixed marriages are common. The seven conservative bishops had argued the proposal undermines the Catholic faith and shouldn't be decided by a mere national bishops' conference.

Pope Francis has sought to decentralize church decision-making in favor of local solutions, and has enraged conservatives by emphasizing conscience and case-by-case solutions to vexing pastoral problems.

According to the Vatican statement, Francis himself asked for the German bishops to try to work out the dispute among themselves. The pope didn't participate in the meeting, but his request was relayed to the participants by his top doctrinal official, Archbishop Luis Ladaria.

The dispute is the second major one involving the Eucharist, after Francis roiled conservatives with his cautious opening to letting divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receive Communion. There too, conservative Catholics have argued his wiggle room undermines church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage and causes confusion among the faithful. And there too, the Vatican has largely left it to local bishops' conferences to interpret Francis' teaching in the way they see fit.

Some of Francis' harshest critics in that debate have hailed from the German church hierarchy, but he also has strong support for his more flexible approach from the head of the German bishops' conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who has strongly defended the conference's outreach to Protestants.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 8, 2018

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