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Slapping a Priest & Childless Sex Pleasure

A Good Ladybug Omen

Dear TIA,

A correspondent with TIA and a recent article mentioned ladybugs.

Personal story: almost thirty years ago. I was working in the meat department of a grocery store. Suddenly someone shouted for us to run over to aisle two. There in the midst of the flour and sugar packages were thousands and thousands of ladybugs. This “invasion” occurred in the month of August. What day? On the 15th, the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

     Patrick O’Brien


Confession in Novus Ordo churches

Dear TIA Staff,

Good day to you all and many blessings to you all. Please know your work is not in vain.

I have had a dilemma for some time concerning attending Mass. I have heard little about the issue of having no Latin Mass nearby and only the Novus Ordo.

What should I do, especially when one is not in a state of grace?

Thank you for your response.



TIA responds:


Although we believe the Novus Ordo Masses are valid, we advise you to avoid them as much as you can, because they have the flavor of heresy. You may read more on this topic here.

The same does not apply to Confession. If you need Confession and you don’t have any other place available, go there to receive absolution for your sins and re-enter the state of grace.

     TIA correspondence desk


A Bi-Ritual SSPX?

Dear Friends,

The following version of news about an SSPX priest considering a conciliar vocation in the US military chaplaincy is posted on Samuel Loeman’s “Tradidi” blog is here.

It corrected a couple errors in syntax and punctuation, deleted one footnote, added two others, and has a generally “cleaner” look and flow.

     Semper Idem,



Priest Slapped for a Slap

Dear TIA,

Re: The Victim Is the Priest, Not the Baby by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

I agree with Marian Horvat that the parents should have taken the child out of the church until it calmed down, though if it had been raised well, and if they attended a Tridentine Mass, the hysteria probably never would have occurred.

I witnessed a crying four year old, struggling to not be baptized, in a Novus Ordo “church” (more like the anti-Catholic church of all religions!), and the baptism seemed questionable to me. The Deacon performed the ceremony with the priest present. The priest had to lean through the circle of people around the child, appearing to be crowded out by the Deacon and people (!!!) and the boy squirmed away, screaming, while being anointed on the forehead with oil, which amounted to a swiggle, as the cross sign could not be made.

And that was all the priest did! He appeared to be crowded out during the entire occasion! The child never calmed down even after the ceremony.

My opinion was that the child was intuitively protesting the invalidity of the ceremony. People commented, Oh, the poor parents. I commented, “I am with the child. I would not want to be in this mockery, either!”

How different from a truly holy priest baptizing a child, which calms down in his arms, completely overwhelmed by his strength, and hopeful of coming into Jesus Christ’s Church! We have been privileged to see that in the Latin Mass.




Animals & Childless Sexual Pleasure

Dear TIA,

Would be interested in your thoughts on the current diabolical fixation on animals and how it may fit into the culture of death. I’ve heard others speak of this correlation and wonder as to your thoughts on the matter.

It seems to me that it’s logical. We started the culture of death perhaps with demolishing the traditional roles of man and woman in the family. As women began to be more like men, it is be logical that they would begin to worship the barren womb as men have no womb …

Abortion and contraception admirably accomplished this goal of gender equality as now woman could be entirely like man if she so desired, but of course with the pleasure of sex. And inconvenient children could be easily disposed of. Sterilization became another option, a form of permanent birth control, which most people don’t speak of, but I know it was of some popularity typically after a couple had one or two children. The next logical step is homosexual sex, which can never bear fruit but for different reasons.

The point is that a “childless sexual pleasure” is the mentality. It seems that one necessary consequence of this mentality is the hatred of children and, by extension, all humans especially those who are inconvenient, a burden or whatever. Abortion kills the inconvenient unborn, so logically euthanasia would be implemented to do the same with the elderly or infirm.

The point is that the presence of an immortal soul and one’s value as a human being is no longer in the mindset. Life can now be killed at any moment.

I was an unwanted child; my mother told me that I was the result of Catholic “birth control” (e. g. rhythm method), and I somehow sensed this early on. I was autistic and ADD as a child long before it was fashionable and pushed to the corner with drugs.

I can’t help but wonder if our hatred for children, indeed seeing them as a burden (some children get this feeling when both parents work and the child gets sick and the working parents fight over whose turn it is to stay home from work to care for them), has touched off some of these mental issues in children. Children become more and more inconvenient to the parents as Godlessness strips away all forms of sacrifice, and the concept of love is now so distorted. like every other natural thing, that then a dog becomes the perfect “child” for the selfish, child-hating couple these days.

We have become so emotional and Godless overall, more so with women when it comes to animals as replacement children … that we actually think that a dog can “love” us.

We have several generations of unloved children who now are basically angry, even more rebellious and need serious attention. They are emotionally abandoned by their parents, but the dog, well, you can be the biggest slob, the biggest loser, the most arrogant, selfish and human-hating person around, but your dog will always “love” you even if you ignore it.

Raising a child properly requires sacrifice, which means giving up one’s own personal pleasures and setting a good example. A dog lets you have your cake and eat it, too. Pagans abhor sacrifice, if not laugh at it.

I think we have hit that point where we can no longer tap-dance around some of these issues. We go around forgetting that a woman who, with full self-knowledge and consent, aborts her child is a cold-blooded murderer who, if tried for first degree murder and found guilty, is deserving of execution or life imprisonment the same as if she shot her two-year-old child dead with a gun.

The false and unjust abortion “laws” give her a pass. and we ignore the damage that is done to her, her family and her surviving children if she has any – surviving children tend to be overindulged and spoiled from guilt or the opposite from lack of any shame – impact on society as a whole. We have tons of these murderers walking the streets seemingly normal. And I’ve noticed that some of these women, and those who back them, are the biggest advocates of animal rights and would go crazy if somebody harmed or killed a dog.

David Chase, who wrote the acclaimed series The Sopranos, occasionally touched on this connection with lead character Tony Soprano. Soprano would think little of killing a human being but don’t harm an animal and, indeed, killed one of his top earners for apparently arranging for the burning of a crippled race horse for insurance money.

I’ve heard that the same was true with the Nazis to a degree, in the sense that they would shoot anybody they didn’t like with reckless abandon but loved animals.

Some say that we’ve lowered humans to the animal level. I often think that we’ve elevated animals to human levels if not higher.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 5, 2018

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