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Poland’s Policy & Vatican-China Accord

Veils & Secret


I am enjoying your website and newsletters.

You wrote: "I have never heard a man - except for a few progressivist bad-spirited priests - ridicule a veiled woman praying in church."

I was on the receiving end of such criticism, and it is a blessing. Because of the priests' public disapproval of my veiling, I now drive over an hour to a traditional Latin Mass rather than attend an English-speaking church about 4 minutes from my home.

Would you kindly tell me where on your site to read the real 3rd secret of Fatima? I have searched and am getting too caught up in the many pages to find the actual message.

     Thank you,


TIA responds:


You may find an attempt to decipher the document that is supposedly the Third Secret of Fatima, here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Palliative Medicine


Thank you for posting my e-mail with the article "Palliative Sedation=Euthansia".

The Pal-LIFE project at the Pontifical Academy for Life is nothing less than an attempt to make euthanasia legal globally.

Palliative medicine is being integrated into the healthcare system to cause an early death for most people. The Church is on their bandwagon.

     Elizabeth D. Wickham, Ph.D.


Evil Bergoglio


Re: Bishop Embraces Sodomite 'Married' Priest

The scandals coming from the pontificate of Bergoglio are unbounded! We're talking about a man hell-bent on destroying the Church from within which, as God promised, he cannot do, but he sure is giving it his best shot.

Mortal Sin is on the menu of acceptable things for Bergoglio, who has no problem making the Ancient Enemy from the Dawn of Man smile!

The example of Bergoglio must be fled from for eternity's sake! Badly needed prayers for a Pope who is a Catholic in no more than name only!

     Gary Morella


Sound Immigration Policy of Poland


Watch this clip.

How's this for a firm, transparent immigration policy?



Neckties & Leggings


It seems that our diabolical world of Satanism, Socialism and Tyranny finds new ways to lower itself even more. Read this news report, please.

We would rather ban the necktie, a symbol of dignity, decorum and modesty for contrived, entirely stupid reasons, while we won't even consider banning horrible leggings for women, which are an affront to dignity, decorum and modesty. Some of these leggings seem to hug a woman's lower torso with enough force to affect circulation in the legs, waist and buttocks, if one wishes to use the same arguments.

It all makes sense. Satan bitterly hates and wants to destroy what God loves and  cherishes. The more God cherishes it, the more Satan wants to destroy it, belittle it. So, it all makes sense, even the seeming illogical nature of certain actions, when one takes that into account.



‘Baptism Is against Human Rights’


RE: Baptizing babies is a violation of their human rights

The devil’s own work. It is against human rights to baptize, but it is not against their human rights to be aborted!



Abortion & Rosary


I sometimes think that had we, as pro-lifers, prayed a Rosary everyday to end abortion instead of starting even one prolife organization, we'd be abortion free by now.

Instead of raising millions of dollars, had we concentrated on millions of Rosaries from the day Roe v Wade took place, we might be in better shape.

Sadly, I do not believe that many American Catholics actually pray the Rosary every day.

It is a major regret of my life that I waited so long in making the Rosary a wonderful daily habit. Aside from being in a coma, there is never a reason to skip the Rosary.

Whatever you ask of Our Lady during your daily Rosary, please remember to ask for an end to abortion in the world.



Reaction Threatens Vatican-China Accord

Dear TIA,

Below is a news report that indirectly acknowledges the role of your website and others like it, which are leading a strong reaction against the Vatican maneuver to deliver the Chinese Underground Catholic Church to Communism.

The report speaks of a reaction within the Church itself, and also of one in the U.S. However, I only know of one churchman who is taking a public position against it and that is Cardinal Zen, who was favorable to the Patriotic Association and praised the disastrous agreement of Benedict XVI, but now he is against the new accord. However, anyone who surfs the web finds your articles against it.

It is an honor for you to have held this standard for such a long time. And to be able to raise a threat  to the success of this Vatican-China dialogue. I commend you for your strong position and encourage you to go ahead.

     May Our Lady continue to support and bless you.


Conservatives in Catholic Church close ranks to stall dialogue with China,
but won’t succeed

Zhang Yu

Global Times, July 11, 2018 – As the Chinese government and the Vatican reportedly entered a new round of talks in June on the appointment of bishops in China, analysts warn that the Pope's conservative opponents within the Catholic Church are trying harder than ever to undermine the dialogue.

Church observers contacted by the Global Times, however, are optimistic that the conservatives won't succeed in stalling the ongoing talks.

Massimo Faggioli, professor of historical theology at Villanova University, said the opposition from the conservatives will not likely be a major hurdle.

"The opposition to Francis is centered (culturally, politically, and media-wise) in the USA, but American Catholicism now is more and more preoccupied with itself and with Trump, and therefore it has not the political and intellectual power to counter this epoch-making shift that would be a new era in the relations between the Vatican and China. I do not think conservatives in the Church can stop Francis about China," he told the Global Times.

Francesco Sisci, a senior researcher at the Center of European Studies at the Renmin University of China and a Vatican affairs expert, agreed.

"Some people in the Church have opposed the dialogue for a long time. However, as many pointed out, it is important not to be intimidated by the opposition, and also not to blow this opposition out of proportion," Sisci told the Global Times.

One of the reasons for optimism is that Pope Francis himself now speaks openly against the conservatives. In an exclusive interview with Reuters in June, Pope Francis said Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-Kiun, a vocal opponent of the China-Vatican deal, is "a good man" who was a little "scared" by recent developments between China and the Vatican.

In the same interview, Pope Francis expressed his optimism for the talks with China, saying the dialogue was "at a good point."

"Dialogue is a risk, but I prefer risk rather than the certain defeat that comes with not holding dialogue," he told Reuters.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 17, 2018

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