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Culottes, Cesspool & Paul VI’s Canonization

More Difficult to Rape…

Dear TIA,

Re: Pier Mass on the Amalfi Coast

Such a good reminder at the end of the article!

A while back, a woman from our church, who came across TIA's article on culottes expressed her criticism, and indicated Marian’s position was “too extreme.” She went on to explain how it would be more difficult to rape a woman wearing culottes than a dress, so far better that culottes be worn than always wearing dresses.

I find myself aghast at such reasoning, but this is how twisted thinking is sometimes!

Thank you for all of your tireless work to help educate the ignorant!

     E.S., Ph.D.


Cesspool of Impurity


Reading this news report about how two priests got caught in Miami, Florida, performing a sexual act in public right after we were shaken by the scandal of the homosexuality of Card. McCarrick, we see the unbelievable degree of moral corruption of the clergy and hierarchy. It is a “worthy” expression of the New Morality preached in the Church as a fruit of Vatican II.

It is impossible not to see in this whole situation a painful confirmation of the words of Our Lady of La Salette: “The clergy will become a cesspool of immorality and Rome will become the seat of the Antichrist.”

Keep up the good work. We owe TIA a great deal for its constant warnings about this general apostasy.

     In Christ Jesus,



Petition to Stop the Canonization of Paul VI


Please consider signing and sharing this petition.


Note to Our Readers: Even though the possibility of having this petition accepted by Pope Francis is less than 1 in 1,000, we recommend our readers to sign it as an act of reparation before God showing that we protest the canonization of such a progressivist Pope. TIA


Unbelievable! Ghastly!


Re: Homo Tendencies in Children & Viganò’s Letter

Unbelievable! Ghastly... Francis needs to be tried along with the others soon. He knew all. No time left for him to plead anything but guilty

Here is this one... the teen girl impregnated by an Irish priest at St. Norbert's in Orange, CA



Chosen Souls to Build the Reign of Mary

Dear TIA,

Re: Becoming Soldiers for the Conciliar Revolution

Thank you so much for your BEV articles, particularly this last one. As a newcomer to the Counter-Revolution, I really appreciate having a clear view of things, and this series really delivers.

It is interesting (and horrifying/heart-breaking) to see how the progressivist hierarchy plans to implement more of their up-and-coming revolutionary goals, using women to do the dirty work for them. I appreciate that you showed how they are particularly trying to implement Communism and Tribalism into this new "Ordo Virginum", disguised in ambiguous language.

They really will stop at nothing to destroy every last vestige of Catholicism in the Conciliar Church. More people need to know this.

I pray Our Lady will give chosen souls the grace to dedicate their lives to her as counter-revolutionary lay celibates, so that we can defeat this Revolution in the Church and build the Reign of Mary.



Prayer Request


I beg your prayers for me, M.R., for my green card and my finances and for God's will and kingship in our lives. I have been waiting for 20 years.

I could not even go to my mother's funeral, my brother’s weddings.

Please pray for forgiveness, conversion, healing, Divine Mercy and the salvation of my family tree with no trouble at all.

I have been praying for 27 years.

     God will bless you.



Whoever Has a Gun Is Not a Christian


A friend just sent me this quote [below] by Pope Francis the Great. He made a declaration in May – the news is a little old, I agree, but I didn’t know it until now – that whoever has a gun can no longer call himself a Christian.

Perhaps he should tell his bodyguards to carry flowers instead of guns when he walks among the people.

And what about his friends of Liberation Theology, such as the terrorists Rousseff and Mujica, ex-presidents of Brazil and Uruguay? Judging by Francis warm welcome to those communists, this new rule only applies if you are not from the left.

By the way, how does he explain this order of Jesus Christ: "And if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. "(Luke 22, 36) Does this apply only to swords and not to guns?...


Francis on guns


Francis Has No Authority to Abolish Death Penalty


I believe your readers may benefit from knowing that there are other people like Deacon James H. Toner out there taking the same position we do regarding death penalty.


Imagine No Religion, Too

Deacon James H. Toner

That the decision to “work with determination” to abolish the death penalty is a Micawberish foray into secular politics; that it is ultra vires, i.e., beyond papal authority as the custodian of doctrine and not its progenitor; that it ignores the traditional properties of punishment (the medicinal and the vindictive [see CCC #2266]); that it ignores and traduces settled Church and biblical teaching; and that it creates a precedent with conspicuously dangerous probabilities – all these matters, and others, again suggest that the Church is altogether too eager to please the liberal, progressive, and secular society to which it is supposed to be witnessing and preaching (John 12:43; Gal. 1:10; 1 Thess. 2:4).

As Feser and Bessette prophesy: The abolition of the death penalty “will tend to reflect, and to reinforce, a trajectory away from theological orthodoxy and traditional morality. Abolitionism thus inadvertently provides powerful ‘aid and comfort’ to ideas and movements that any Catholic must regard as morally and socially destructive” (207).

The abolition of the death penalty is based upon a metaphysically mistaken notion of human dignity (CCC #1881), which places man at the center of all human institutions. “Dignity” provided by human customs can be repealed by human institutions. The Church has always insisted, despite the trendy liberalism of the past half-century, that human dignity is grounded in our ensoulment and in our reflection of God’s image. When that truth is twisted to mean human exaltation, liberty becomes license; moral freedom (which means sinlessness [cf. John 8:34]) becomes moral autonomy; and moral agency can be socially detached from objective and universal norms. We begin, in short, to worship the creature and to forget the Creator (aversio a Deo, conversio ad creaturam).

It is, in short, not only heterodox theology – but it is also deranged politics – to mistake respect for the dignity of every human and the nature of our relationships with others as our highest duty and chief virtue as somehow more important than the duties and virtues which lead us and bind us to God. There is a reason, in short, that the First Commandment is first (Dt. 6:5).

In pridefully exalting human dignity (cf. Jer. 17:5), we fallaciously conclude that there can be no such thing as just war; that the moral law against sodomy is somehow an assault upon our prized human dignity; that civil laws forbidding same-sex “marriage” are demeaning; and that the time and circumstances of our deaths are to be matters of personal choice and of private convenience.

Full text here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 6, 2018

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