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Mass  in the Amalfi Coast

Pier Mass on the Amalfi Coast

Somewhere along the Amalfi Coast in South Italy, a priest says a Mass on a pier, above. He is in the sight of beach-goers enjoying their morning on boats and float boards.

The hour of Communion arrives and he sees a woman in bikini who stops her float board and approaches his makeshift table-altar. He goes to the edge of the pier, leans over, and gives her the Eucharist, below. Neither the priest nor the woman care about the fact that, by exposing her body, she induces men to sin, which is also a sin.

Someone will object: It was a sin in the past, but, now, after Vatican II, it no longer is.

Our answer: Catholic Morals does not change.

Now then, after the Council Morals changed. Therefore, these morals are no longer Catholic. And the Church that teaches this New Morals ceased to be the Catholic Church. It is so simple, although so terrible!

If you want to continue to be Catholic, follow the unchangeable Catholic Morals. If you do not do so, don't be surprised if, at your death, at your personal judgment you will not be considered Catholic.

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Mass  in the Amalfi Coast
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Posted August 12, 2018

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.