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Freemasonry, Germany & Vatican-China Accord

Freemasonry’s Public Recognition

Dear TIA,

A friend sent me the video below in which English Freemasonry made a demonstration of power in London. It took place on October 31, 2017, but the video was only released recently.

Indeed, a large number of its members made a public ceremony in Royal Albert Hall that was presided over by Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, Grand Master and first cousin of Queen Elizabeth. In the video, an official letter from the English Freemasonry to the Queen was read, along with the official answer of the Queen to the English Grand Lodge. This exchange of letters between the English Crown and a secret society gives the latter a status of public recognition that until now did not exist, as far as I know.

In the video you can see the Masons boasting their importance in History in an onstage performance of artists representing, among others, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

The video's speed is moved up in places in order to give the viewer an idea of the full ceremony in a shorter space of time. I don't know who made this change – whether some critic of the ceremony or Masonry itself, in order to help disseminate its “public face.”

My comment on this new phase of publicizing Freemasonry is that at the moment we see a secret society – which is one of the main enemies of the Church – come out of the closet, it seems to me that the time is not distant when the Devil, who is the lord of this society, will also appear publicly and demand universal recognition.

We know that Our Lady will smash the head of the Serpent. So, as the apparent manifestation of the Devil's dominance seems near, what is actually near is her victory over him and his cohorts.

The video below was found on the site Vigilant Citizen, where you can find more information.

Keep up the good work.

     In Jesus through Mary,



Totalitarian Germany

Dear TIA staff,

A couple of weeks ago, I completed a very informative piece on the more than deplorable German situation that I titled "Has Today's Unified Germany Become, De Facto, a Socialist One-Party State?."

I would be most happy if you could share this link with your readers, not the least as Germany now plays the key role in all things Europe (leading it all into the merciless and still-Soviet arms of Moscow).

God bless your uniquely instructive work!


      O.R., Europe


McCarrick Instrumental in the Vatican-China Accord


There are a lot of news reports that an accord between the Vatican and Communist China that would legitimate the status of the government-named bishops is coming soon. Check the news report below.

It is unfortunate that such an atrocity might happen, since it is a victory for Communism and a defeat for the true Catholics in China who belong to the Underground Church, persecuted by the government and loyal to Rome.

I did not know, however, that Theodore McCarrick, the homosexual cardinal protected by the conciliar Popes, played a role in reaching this accord. It is very sad but not surprising to see how all these evils are connected and being promoted by Progressivism.


McCarrick’s unofficial role in Vatican-China relations

Courtney Grogan

Vatican City, Sep 17, 2018 (CNA).- Following reports that the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China could be about to sign an agreement on the appointment of bishops in the country, attention has turned to the role of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick in fostering Vatican-China relations over the last two decades.

Over 20 years, Archbishop McCarrick traveled to China on at least eight occasions, sometimes staying in a state-controlled Beijing seminary, often serving as an unofficial bridge between the Vatican and Chinese government-appointed bishops until 2016.

Prior to allegations of sexual abuse and harassment becoming public this summer, the former cardinal had been an outspoken proponent of a deal between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Church under Pope Francis, according to Chinese reports.

“I see a lot of things happening that would really open many doors because President Xi and his government are concerned about things that Pope Francis is concerned about,” McCarrick told The Global Times, in an exclusive interview in Feb. 2016.

The interview quoted McCarrick as saying that the similarities between Pope Francis and Xi Jinping could be “a special gift for the world.”

The state-approved Chinese newspaper also reported that McCarrick traveled to China in Feb. 2016 -- “a trip in which the cardinal said he would visit some ‘old friends.’”

“His previous visits included meetings with Wang Zuo'an, head of the State Administration for Religious Affairs and late bishop Fu Tieshan, former president of Bishops’ Conference of the Catholic Church in China (BCCCC), an organization not recognized by the Holy See,” The Global Times reported.

In June 2014, David Gibson reported in The Washington Post that McCarrick had traveled to China “in the past year” for “sensitive talks on religious freedom.”

This detail aligns, in part, with the 11-page “testimony” of former apostolic nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Viganò recounted a meeting with McCarrick in June 2013, during which Vigano claims he was told by McCarrick, “The pope received me yesterday, tomorrow I am going to China.”

McCarrick was hosted by the Beijing seminary during at least two trips to China, according to a 2006 State Department document made available via Wikileaks.

The vice-rector of a Communist-approved seminary, Fr. Shu-Jie Chen, described twice hosting McCarrick in an account found in a cable from Christopher Sandrolini, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See.

Chen described himself as “king” of the seminary, saying that he “could do what he wanted within its walls.”

Sandrolini also noted that the vice rector “downplayed persecution of the underground Church,” calling the underground church “uneducated” and “elderly.” He said that Chen seemed “unconcerned” that “evangelization was not an option for official religious personnel.

A cable from U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican Francis Rooney in March 2006 noted that Archbishop Claudio Celli, who was at that time the Holy See’s principal China negotiator, insisted that McCarrick was not in a position to negotiate with China and that his visits to China were “unofficial.”

There appears to be a gap between McCarrick’s trips to China between 2006 and 2013, though McCarrick’s influence was still active.

In 2009, the archbishop had a message relayed to a friend in China through Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of the House of Representatives. Pelosi conveyed McCarrick’s greetings to Bishop Aloysius Jin of Shanghai, formerly a leading Chinese Jesuit.

“She [Pelosi] relayed Cardinal McCarrick's good wishes to Bishop Jin. Bishop Jin said he and Cardinal McCarrick had exchanged visits, beginning when the latter was Bishop of Newark,” the State Department cable reads.

During McCarrick’s time as Archbishop of Newark, Aloysius Jin Luxian was not recognized as a bishop by the Vatican. He was ordained a coadjutor bishop of Shanghai without papal approval in 1985, his position was not recognized by the Vatican until 2004. Bishop Jin died in 2013.

A 2007 article in The Atlantic described the close friendship between McCarrick and Jin, and how McCarrick claimed to have relayed messages from the Chinese government-appointed bishop to the pope in the 1990s.

Both the State Department and Chinese media recorded a 1998 visit to China by Archbishop McCarrick. On that trip he was one of three American clerics to visit China to discuss religious freedom, meeting with Bishop Michael Fu Tieshan, vice-chairman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Standing Committee of the Chinese National People's Congress.

Fu was made a bishop by Beijing 1979 without approval of the pope.

Chinese media reported that McCarrick paid a visit to the National Seminary in Beijing in 1998.

In Aug. 2, 2003, the South China Morning Post reported that McCarrick “spent three days in Beijing earlier this week on what was ostensibly a private visit.”

McCarrick was “the first cardinal from a western country to visit the mainland since relations between China and the Vatican turned frosty after a dispute over canonization in October 2000,” the article continued.

In a Dec. 2003 State Department cable, U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican Jim Nicholson wrote that Vatican Office Director for China Monsignor Gianfranco Rota-Graziosi “did not expect concrete improvement stemming from the informal trip last summer of Washington Cardinal McCarrick to China.”

On Sept. 14, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Holy See could be about to enter a deal with China which would include the recognition of seven illicitly consecrated bishops serving in the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association - a state-sponsored form of Catholicism whose leaders are chosen by Communist authorities.

Reports of the Holy See and Chinese government working towards a formal agreement on the appointment of bishops have been circulating since January, 2018. At the same time, China has launched an increasing crackdown on religious practice in the country, demolishing churches and harassing worshippers.

Posted September 20, 2018

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