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McCarrick, the Disabled & 15 Decades

Catholic Action League on the McCarrick Scandal


Please, publish the following letter by the Director of Catholic Action League to the editor of Boston Herald. He takes the Catholic position that TIA and I stand for.

     Thank you,

     Gary Morella

To the Editor of the Boston Herald

August 28, 2018 - Louis L. Murray of Boston Catholic Radio is to be commended for his forthright call for meaningful accountability from Pope Francis and Cardinal O'Malley over their role in prolonging the predatory career of disgraced former cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

While some victims of McCarrick's depravity were innocent children, he was most notorious for the same sex harassment and molestation of college and grad school age seminarians, who were legal adults.

If such abuses are to be prevented in the future, the Catholic Church must begin enforcing its multiple, explicit and longstanding prohibitions against the admission of homosexual men to the priesthood.


     C. J. Doyle,
     Executive Director
     Catholic Action League of Massachusetts


The Disabled in the Church

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your comments on the way the Church treated the disabled in comparison to the progressivist view.

One point to bring up is the that of disabled persons accepting their state, as a share in the redemptive suffering of Christ. In the extreme case, they accept to become victim souls, a concept totally foreign to the secular progressivist.

An inspiring example of this was Giacomo Gaglione, who contracted a disease that left him almost totally paralyzed and unable to speak. He was in constant pain, but could obtain some relief by use of a special wheelchair inclined at a 45 degree angle. After reading about a miracle attributed to Padre Pio, he arranged to be transported to the monk's friary in order to ask him to pray for a cure.

But upon meeting the saint and confessing to him, and seeing how Padre Pio patiently bore the stigmata, he completely forgot to ask for a cure. As Padre Pio smiled at him, he understood that he was to accept his sufferings as the saint did, and offer them for the salvation of others. In 2009 the Church proclaimed him Venerable Giacomo Gaglione, in recognition of his heroic virtues. To read the full story, please visit this link.

     In the Peace of Christ,
     Frank Rega,
     Author of Padre Pio and America


15 or 20 Decades of thee Holy Rosary?


Fr. Paul Sretenovic’s beautiful essay is appreciated. I happen to come across it while researching St. Louis De Montfort’s book. Devotion to Our Lady. I agree with Fr. Paul’s thinking that 15 decades (now 20) is the way to Our Lady’s Heart. It covers all aspects of the Christocentric Theme as outlined by St John Paul II.

What I would like to know: Is the layout in St. Louis De Montfort’s book correct? It starts of with the Creed, Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be and then start on the mysteries, except in his layout it seems you go straight from the Joyful to the Sorrowful, to the Glorious & now the Luminous Mysteries.

Then you finish with the Hail Holy Queen, St Michael’s Prayer, & then, in my case I use the Memorare.

Can someone tell me: each decade with all elements for each of the four decades or as St. Louis de Montfort laid out; 1 through 20 in one setting?

Your response greatly appreciated.

     Thank You,


TIA responds:

Hello MF,

We are glad that you profited from Fr. Sretenovic's article on praying the 15 decades of the Rosary. We are sending your e-mail to him. He may contact you personally for further orientation.

What you did not realize is that he  intentionally left out the Luminous Mysteries introduced by John Paul II in 2002, as this novel group of mysteries was never part of the Rosary as given to St. Dominic of Guzman by Our Lady in 1214.

TIA’s position on the Luminous Mysteries, which we believe Fr. Sretenovic endorses, is explained here. We do not advise anyone to say the Luminous Mysteries as part of the traditional Rosary.

Likewise, the Rosary as promoted by St. Louis de Montfort is comprised of the 15 decades, nothing more, nothing less. You can find a document setting out the various methods for saying the Rosary by St. Louis de Montfort here.

The more popular method is in the back of the his well-known book True Devotion to Mary, which offers a preparation for becoming a slave of Mary, which he highly recommends as the most advantageous means to salvation.

Speaking of this book, Pope Saint Pius X said, “I heartily recommend True Devotion to The Blessed Virgin, so admirably written by De Montfort, and to all who read it grant the Apostolic Benediction.”

About the holy slavery to Mary, he stated, ”There is no surer or easier way than Mary in uniting all men with Christ.”

We hope this will be useful to you in your daily praying of the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary.


     TIA correspondence desk


Marco Tosatti on Vigano Testimony


I am sending you this interesting article on the role of Marco Tosatti in the document Arch. Vigano released the 25th of August.

I am sure your readers will benefit from knowing it.

     Randy Engel

Journalist who helped pen pope bombshell says author wept

Nicole Winfield

August 29, 2018 – Associated Press – Rome — An Italian journalist who says he helped a former Vatican diplomat pen his bombshell allegation of sex abuse cover-up against Pope Francis says he persuaded the archbishop to go public after the U.S. church was thrown into turmoil by revelations in the Pennsylvania grand jury report.

Marco Tosatti said he helped Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano write, rewrite and edit his 11-page testimony, saying the two sat side-by-side at a wooden table in Tosatti's living room for three hours on Aug. 22.

Tosatti, a leading Italian critic of Francis, told The Associated Press that Vigano had called him a few weeks ago out of the blue asking to meet, and then proceeded to tell him the information that became the basis of the testimony.

Vigano's document alleges that Francis knew of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's sexual misconduct starting in 2013, but rehabilitated him from sanctions that Pope Benedict XVI had imposed. The claims have shaken Francis' five-year papacy.

Vigano called for Francis to resign over what he said was complicity in covering up McCarrick's crimes. There is ample evidence, however, that the Vatican under Benedict and St. John Paul II also covered up that information, and that any sanctions Benedict imposed were never enforced.

Vigano has kept largely quiet since the bombshell testimony Sunday, and his whereabouts are unknown. As a result, Tosatti's reconstruction provides the only insight into how the document came about.

Tosatti, a longtime correspondent for Italian daily La Stampa but who now writes largely for more conservative blogs and newspapers, said after their initial meeting a few weeks ago, Vigano said he wasn't prepared to go public. They had been acquaintances, not friends, and Vigano said he needed to settle some personal matters before proceeding.

But Tosatti said he called him after the Pennsylvania grand jury report published Aug. 15 alleged some 300 priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses abused more than 1,000 children over the past 70 years, and that a sequence of bishops had covered it up.

Tosatti said he told Vigano: "I think that if you want to say something, now is the moment, because everything is going upside-down in the United States. He said 'OK.'"

The two then met at Tosatti's Rome apartment. Initially, Tosatti thought Vigano would give him an interview, but then Vigano decided to put his thoughts on paper.

"He had prepared some kind of a draft of a document and he sat here by my side," Tosatti told the AP from behind his desk, pointing to the wooden chair to his right. "I told him that we had to work on it really because it was not in a journalistic style."

Tosatti said he persuaded Vigano to cut claims that couldn't be substantiated or documented "because it had to be absolutely waterproof." Tosatti said Vigano was "deadly serious" the whole time, and that both emerged physically and emotionally exhausted.

Tosatti said Vigano was well aware of the implications of the document and what it took for a Holy See diplomat to reveal secrets he had kept for years.

"They are brought up to die silent," Tosatti said of Holy See diplomats. "So what he was doing, what he was going to do, was something absolutely against his nature."

But he said Vigano felt compelled to publish out of a sense of duty to the Catholic Church and to clear his conscience.

"He enjoys a good health but 77 is an age where you start preparing yourself .. he couldn't have a clear conscience unless he spoke," Tosatti said.

Document in hand, Tosatti then set out to find publications willing to publish it in its entirety: the small Italian daily La Verita, the English-language National Catholic Register and LifeSiteNews and the Spanish online site InfoVaticana.

All are conservative or ultraconservative media that have been highly critical of Francis' mercy-over-morals papacy.

The English and Spanish publications translated the Italian document and all agreed on a Sunday morning embargo, coinciding with the second and final day of Francis' trip to Ireland, where the Catholic church's sex abuse and cover-up scandal dominated his trip.

Tosatti said Vigano didn't tell him where he was going after the article came out, knowing that the world's media would be clamoring to speak with him.

As Tosatti accompanied Vigano to his door, he bent down to kiss Vigano's ring — a sign of respect for Catholic bishops.

"He tried to say 'No.' I told him 'It's not for you, it's for the role that you (play) that I do it,'" Tosatti said. "He didn't say anything. He went away, but he was crying."

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 30, 2018

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