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Ratzinger, Margil & Crunchy Foods

Ratzinger the Progressivist


The photo of a be-suited Joseph Ratzinger and his progressivist paper trail, which goes a long way back, goes along with an article by the late Rev. Fr. Luigi Villa's Chiesa Viva. In the short issue, "A Return to Paganism," he proves that in his book The God of Jesus Christ, Ratzinger wrote that Jesus began to coincide with God on the Cross and only then realized He was Divine when and only when he was on the Cross.

This is totally opposite of St. Alphonsus of Ligori and St. Louis de Montfort. Both wrote that at the Incarnation Jesus Christ knew His entire mission upon earth. This is a classic example – one of many – of Ratzinger's Progressivisim and heresy.

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.



Relics of Ven. Fr. Margil


My name is D.B., I am from New Braunfels, Texas. I live on El Camino Real. It came to my attention that Ven. Margil traveled this route.

I first found out about Ven. Margil at my church in San Antonio, St. Joseph's Chapel. We have a small statue of him with a thorn from Margil’s cane, which grew into a bush. It also came with a letter, and blessing from the late Bp. Patrick Flores.

We had this statue in our bookstore, but no one wanted to buy, so I was given it. Soon after, I started a small devotion to him.

I also have a question about Ven. Margil’s grave or if you have or know who has any relics of Fr. Margil. I would love to have a chapel dedicated to him. I would love to spread devotion to him for his cause!

     God bless you,


TIA responds:

Hello D.B.,

Thank you for your letter. We at TIA have posted a page on Ven, Antonio Margil to share our devotion to this miracle-worker Franciscan, who has the title "Apostle of Texas."

For a time, there was the Margil House in Texas that had some relics of him and was working for his canonization. That House closed over a decade ago. At the present time, we don’t know of any other place where you can get relics.

We also don’t know where to report favors received through the intercession of Ven. Antonio Margil.

If any of our readers knows whom to contact to report miracles or have more information about the process of his canonization, we would appreciate this information. Please contact us here.


     TIA correspondence desk


How to Chew Crunchy Foods in Company?


I wish to ask your opinion of the proper etiquette for eating foods that make a lot of noise, such as apples or crunchy potato chips. Is it rude to others at the table to eat these foods?

Please also comment on the etiquette of eating these foods outside of meal situations; for example, in the car with passengers present.



TIA responds:


Thank you for considering us capable of answering your questions.

The normal rule of civility at the table is to not to make noise with one’s mouth while eating in the presence of others. This rule supposes that some foods are harder than others to chew, which more properly addresses your first question. Here are some tips to avoid or diminish the noise when one eats:
  • If a person does not open his mouth when he chews, the amount of noise will diminish considerably; by the way, this is a golden rule for well-raised people;

  • This implies that the person should not speak while chewing, which is another way to avoid persons around you from hearing the noise of one's mastication;

  • If the person, after placing a hard food in his mouth, wets it with some liquid – a hard crouton can easily be softened with a spoonful of soup, the potato chip with a sip of water or wine – the chewing sound can be diminished;

  • At the table, fruits like apples, pears and peaches should not be brought to the mouth with one’s hand, but placed on a desert plate and cut into slices with a knife and fork. Each slice should be eaten with the help of a fork, and taken one at a time. What normally causes the noise is biting into the apple with one’s teeth while holding it in the hand. By cutting it into pieces, the problem is resolved.
These are some suggestions to avoid mouth noise at the table.

Before addressing your second question on how to handle noisy foods while eating in the car, we must say that, although Americans do this regularly, it is a bad habit. One should eat while driving only in rare emergencies.

The normal way to eat is to sit at the table with your relatives or friends and consume the victuals during pleasant conversation. Even when one eats alone, he should sit at the table and use the proper utensils and place setting.

When travelling, one should stop at a place that has tables and eat there, whether one orders the food from a restaurant or brings his own lunch. If there are not places available that have tables and one did not bring a folding table in his trunk, he should make his picnic by spreading a tablecloth or blanket on a clean expanse of grass and sit there to eat.

In emergencies, one should pull his car off the road into a shady place and eat the sandwich or beverage he purchased or brought with him. Then, after ending his repast, he should continue on the road. To eat while driving should be an exception to the rule. It is explicable in cases such as when one has an unexpected appointment with his employer and is running late for the meeting; then, he grabs a sandwich at home and eats it on the way to his appointment.

It is not good for one's health to eat while driving; it also is not good for one's manners.

Now, addressing the matter of the noise a child makes as he snacks while his father or mother is driving: The parent should teach the child to observe as much as possible the same rules for eating that he uses at the table. Civility requests that one be considerate of others, and if these sounds are bothering those around him, the person eating should certainly make every effort to eat as quietly as possible or simply stop eating the food causing the problem.

We hope this will be of some assistance to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Praying with Heretics

Hello TIA,

I greatly appreciate your work and your unwavering fidelity to authentic Catholic doctrine.

I am writing in regards to praying with heretics and schismatics. My parents, grandmother and friends accept the Second Vatican Council documents and attend the Novus Ordo. I don't think my Mom or grandmother has ever read the heretical documents, so I'm not sure if I can judge their culpability in this matter (or can I?).

I am curious as to whether I can pray with them (i.e. grace before meals, Rosary, etc.), considering they attend the heretical and schismatic Novus Ordo sect.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, TIA.



TIA responds:

Hello C.T.,

Thank you for your kind words regarding our work.

Some precisions must be established before giving you an answer:
  1. It is a simplification to say that the documents of Vatican II are clearly heretical. They are ambiguous, and time has shown that the intention of that ambiguity was to favor Progressivism. So, according to the normal classifications of the Church, those texts are not directly heretical but fall under the category of being suspicious of heresy.

  2. It is not sure, therefore, that your mother and grandmother would catch those subtleties if they read those documents.

  3. There is not a clear declaration of the Church saying that the Novus Ordo Mass is heretical and schismatic. In a balanced analysis, it would fall under the category of having a flavor of heresy. It certainly should be avoided, but it is another simplification to say that all those Catholics who attend it are heretics and schismatics.

  4. Many Catholics who attend the Novus Ordo Mass are going there because they think it is the Catholic Mass. They have not been given the conditions to see all the evil in it. As they become aware of its bad tendencies and fruits, they leave and become traditional Catholics. We know a great number of fellow traditionalists who were previously assiduous attendees of Novus Ordo Masses.
With these presuppositions in mind, we advise you to pray the Rosary with your mother and grandmother as well as the prayers before and after meals. You should do this with the intention of making an apostolate to bring them to the right position. This is a laudable action rather than the sin of praying with heretics.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 18, 2018

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