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Sisters of St. Joseph & Decline of the Church

Sisters of St. Joseph


I just read the writing on the SSJ's of Philadelphia, written some time back.

Bravo for an EXCELLENT description of the reality of the transition and contrast associated with that once venerable congregation.

Wouldn't it be great if someone could re-form that congregation and restore its original charisma and piety? I bet they would sue someone for trying!

     Keep up the great true and objective work!

     Fr. Robert Ferguson, FSSP


Priceless Work


God Bless you, your family & your work!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your research and books. I have been following for years. Your work is priceless!

I’ve never understood how, with so many facts, all Catholics don’t see exactly what happened and what is going on. I assume it is the diabolical disorientation Our Lady spoke of.

Again thank you for all your years of priceless work!

     Ad Jesus per Mariam,



Bishop Wearing No Multicolored Garbage

To whom it may concern:

In photo of bishops wearing LBGT cross, there's a bishop, on the right, with his silver cross and name tag hanging along his left, lower waist. No smile on his face, but a hint of sorrowful, and I am not lying to my God just for quick Photo shoot.

Could you identify said bishop, if you agree with my observation?



TIA responds:


Unfortunately, we cannot identify the Bishop you mentioned.

We are passing on his photo (below) and your question to our readers to see if any of them can offer help on this question.


     TIA correspondence desk

Bishop at Youth Synod 2018


Are You against the Pope?


I have nothing against Vatican 2. I am glad the mass is in English it is easier to follow now. I love going to mass and adoration.

I hope you have nothing against Pope Francis because I think he is the Lord's choice to run the Catholic Church now.

Please tell me what you are trying to do. There are more people going to Adoration now in Ottawa. Nearly all the churches have Adoration.

Are you against the pope? Do you see the good that comes now? The pope realizes that the devil is working now in this world.

Have a blessed day. I hope you are not against the things in the Catholic church.

     M.G., Canada


TIA responds:


When the post-Vatican II Popes do whatever they can to destroy the Catholic Church and the Papacy as they were established since the beginning of the Churchl, we defend the Church and the Papacy against those Popes.

In order to defend the Church, we denounce the Revolution they are promoting so that people can open their eyes to see the destruction of the Church. When people realize this, they resist their bad orientation. When they resist, the Revolution has to slow down. When it slows down, it deteriorates, because it lives from running fast with a unanimous support. This is what we do.

To infiltrate progressivist men into the highest position of the Church has been an old plan of the enemies of the Church. Since 1958 they have been in power.

This is not just our opinion. Our Lady of La Salette warned us that “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.” (This affirmation is in paragraph 28 of Melanie's secret)

To have or not have Adoration Hours is not the only criterion to know if the present day situation is good or bad. The bad fruits of the Council are everywhere. We should see the tree inside the forest.


     TIA correspondence desk


Thank You

Dr. Horvat &.Mr. Guimaraes,

Thank you for helping me/us get to this day over so many years!

And thank St. Philomena.

Feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.



Decline of the Church & Cathedrals


In your article Penance in Fatima & Other Apparitions one of your writers mentions that “The decline in the Church can be traced to 1846,” referring to Our Lady of La Salette.

I believe the RCC used to maintain, in some places/works, that the "decline in the Church" was begun in the predicted-in-Scripture "Great Apostasy," given birth by the clerics' revolt of the 16th century (ignoring Hus of course). Protestantism surely put a stop to building cathedrals in Europe, at least in northern Europe, although I never see this point made anywhere, unless I am wrong.

The Koelner Dom construction continued fitfully after the Thirty Years War until the reign of Pope Leo XIII, about 500 years in all. St Paul's Cathedral of London was remodeled by the Anglicans of the 17th century, but no new cathedrals were built by the Prots, I think it safe to say.




Dear Tradition in Action,

More than 20 years ago we were made aware of the TFP through our son. We were intrigued with their work and followed them, to a degree. We continue to be grateful for their protests against blasphemy, and are not actively involved in anything else however.

When I received a flyer, long ago now, through the mail from Tradition in Action and saw the name Marian Horvat on it I put two and two together to realize she is related to John who heads the TFP.

So I inquired about that with some TFP members, and they told me there was a dispute between the two organizations or between the relatives. Truly this is not my business, but was at the time just curious about the name Horvat.

I was recently encouraged to look at the blog of one Ann Barnhardt, who I consider to be a truly graced lady of God. In any case I saw that her prayer pages had the logo of Tradition in Action and figured she and you must be friends and that some of her information comes from you.

Well, congratulations go to all of you for your endeavors from a lay person in love with Our Lord and Our Lady and who prays diligently for a complete purification of our Church. I am now 73, grew up with the Latin Mass in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but got side-tracked along the way. I wish I could return to the Latin (and may one day), but my convert husband would have a hard time with it now.

Thank you for keeping us educated on all matters in these confusing times.

It is hard to keep up with it all.

     Sincerely in Christ,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 23, 2018

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