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Christ of the Agony & Efficiency of Resistance

Christ of the Agony


I want to share with you this beautiful and most pious Santo Cristo of Seville, sculpted by Juan de Mesa in the 17th century. It is called Cristo de la Agonia, Christ of the Agony, and is found in the Church of the Savior in Seville.

If you are familiar with Spanish you may read here more about the expressive anatomic details of this work of art.


Cristo de la Agonia


The Coming Book on Liturgy


Can you tell me when Carol Byrne will be producing her researched book on the liturgy?

Does she have a blog or website?

     Thank you,


TIA responds:


When the articles end, TIA plans to publish them in book form. Both Dr. Byrne and TIA have agreed to the project.

The question of the date is more complicated to determine, because there are many factors that enter into the publication of a book, especially this book which will probably be two volumes.

At this moment the articles are still being written. So, the question seems a little premature.

We should pray for the book to appear in the not too distant future and for those who are awaiting it to have patience.

As far as we know Dr. Byrne does not have a blog or website.


     TIA correspondence desk


What about the Efficiency of Resistance?


Independent and faithful priests like Fr Alvarez, organizations like TIA, parishes like Our Lady Help of Christians, also play an important role. I’m not sure what, but I just know. The Church is a hierarchical kingdom of men established by Jesus upon the apostles. However, it has been coopted by Satan. The abomination stands in the temple.

There exists the Church and the Anti-Church in the same time and space. (see Fr Clovis) The Anti-church dominates, but the Church is still there. Our suffering faithful priests and our suffering independent priests play an essential role in this struggle. Mary, at the feast of the Assumption 2018, began the purification just as she said she would. But where this is going I cannot say.

Please add your scholarly and historic insight on the role of laity today, in this extremely important time. When Saint Francis walked from san Damiano to Rome barefoot, he actually gave authority to the pope, and by the time of his death, the Friars Minor had been corrupted. Even though heralded by history, looking in hindsight did he make a mistake, that is, to abandon the organic growth of the Gospel (AND actually living it) in order to seek Rome’s acceptance? Was Saint Ignatius’ model of military rule corrupted by the church to create false obedience? The Jesuits are no longer an army for the Gospel, but for modernist propaganda.

The conflict of obedience vs truth in a corrupt hierarchical organization seems difficult for all. Regarding the laity: We are not under obedience and therefore have a specific and important role today. For sure NOT supporting bishops when they don’t act like bishops. But how does the resistance bring the Reign of Mary? “My sheep hear my voice” doesn’t seem to work for most Catholics. The members of the corrupt hierarchy are weak men who use their gift to deceive and rise in power and prestige. Exposing the trail of carcasses in God’s pasture (both good and compromised priests) doesn’t seem to be effective.



TIA responds:


Thank you for the consideration you reveal to have for TIA and our work. We hope to deserve the important role you attribute to us.

If we understand your noble position well, there are different topics in your message:
  1. Since obedience often leads to abuses of it, such in the case of the orders founded by St. Francis of Assisi and St. Ignatius, should they have obeyed the Hierarchy and the Pope? Was their obedience a mistake?

  2. In the present day crisis in the Catholic Church where the true Church lives alongside an anti-Church, doesn't obedience play the role of Satan?

  3. The importance of the position of resistance lays precisely in the fact that we do not obey the bad pastors. But, why should we have to expose the rotten actions of this Hierarchy when it does not seem to have any effect?

  4. How will the resistance bring about the Reign of Mary if we continue only to expose error and not to not build positive things?
For now, we will answer these questions in the order presented above. If we do not fully cover your question, please contact us again.
  1. In a normal situation, Catholics must obey the Hierarchs and the Pope. The Catholic Church was divinely instituted by Jesus Christ as a hierarchical society, whose visible head is the Sovereign Pontiff, His Vicar on earth. They also must obey the Bishops and the other intermediary superiors according to the situation of each of the faithful. This is the correct behavior for laymen in a situation when the Church has her normal health. So, in the cases you mentioned of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Ignatius, both should have obeyed. What they did was perfect for the needs of the Church at their times.

    When she is not in good health, for example, when a bishop falls into heresy, Catholics should adapt and not obey him. In this situation, normally other Bishops and the Pope alert the faithful not to follow that Bishop.

  2. However, when the disease reaches the very head of the Church, as we are witnessing now, the tragedy is great, because that whole organic system that was established to spread health – the good doctrine – becomes a means to spread the disease – Progressivism. Also obedience works in the opposite sense that was intended. In such a situation we should resist the authority and follow the previous constant Magiterium of the Church. St. Vincent of Lerins gave us the criteria for this here.

    What we should keep in mind is that, from a historical perspective, we are living in an exceptional situation of disease, where the Popes are abusing their office and using it to spread Progressivism. We should resist them and deny obedience in those things that go against the previous teaching of the Church. However, this is not the rule, it is an exception.

    It is an abuse that does not annul the rule, as the centuries-old saying goes: abusus non tollit usum – the abuse of a rule does not take away the validity and use of the rule.

  3. When we expose the wrongdoings of the progressivist Prelates, we are not principally seeking their conversion, as you seem to think. We are trying to open the eyes of Catholics who are following our denunciations and still have illusions about their progressivist Bishops. When you say that this denunciation is not effective, you would be right if our intent were to convert the progressivist Bishops. However, this same action is very efficient to crystallize conservative and progressivist Catholics in order to bring them to the ranks of Traditionalism and the Counter-Revolution. We are seeing a constant erosion of Catholics migrating from the mainstream to these new positions.

    So, we say that, from this point of view, our action of resistance is extremely efficient.

  4. Considering the enormous size of the Revolution and the small dimension of the Counter-Revolution, as well the multitude of people who have adhered to the ideals of the former and the few numbers we have in the ranks of the latter, in human terms it is more or less impossible to think of having a victory. So, when we speak about the Reign of Mary, we count upon an intervention of Our Lord Jesus Christ to put an end to the revolutionary process, to clean His Church of Progressivism and to install the Reign of Mary.

    Our action is necessary because, for the Reign to be installed, there must be the action of men, not just that of the Angels and the Blessed in Heaven. With this presupposition, we fight against the Revolution in the Church and in the temporal sphere as much as we can, knowing that the change to come will rely on a supernatural intervention. We apply the rule of St. Ignatius: "Do whatever you can as if everything depends only on you, but trust as if everything depends only on God."

    This is how the resistance and the Counter-Revolution can bring about the Reign of Mary.
We hope, L.G., that this answer may clarify the doubts you have, fortify your hope and encourage you to continue holding high the banner of the Counter-Revolution.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 8, 2018

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