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Muslims + ‘Caravan’ = Sharia Law in the U.S.

Merry Christmas!

Dear TIA,

I used your website to donate.

Warm greetings at this festive time of the year! Everything we care about is embodied in the Christmas season: love of family and friends, and especially the precious gift of the Christ Child and His coming to provide a remedy for our sins and the promise of eternal life.

I want to express my most sincere friendship and appreciation for all you’ve done for me with your postings and answering various questions.

May our Savior be near to you all as we celebrate His coming.




Muslims Join Illegal Immigrants

Dear TIA,

Look at this! Muslims are moving to join forces with illegal immigrants of that “caravan” that still is in Tijuana, trying to enter the U.S. The alleged goal is to receive “asylum seekers” under the motto that “love knows no borders.”

The real Muslim goal, however, is to put within our borders as many subversive people as possible to destroy our society and impose the sharia law.

We should alert our people about this!



Blasphemous Rosary Said to Promote Vice


That pro-LGBT priest Fr. James Martin, who Francis chose to be his advisor for press, now is promoting ‘rainbow’ Rosaries with prayers for ‘full acceptance’ of gay couples.

It is a complete perversion of the finality of the Rosary, which is to avoid sins, as Our Lady asked in Fatima. To pray for the acceptation of homosexuals is more than to pray for the acceptation of murder. It is provocation against Our Lady; an irony that borders the blasphemy and the sacrilege.



Persecution of Catholics Continues in China

Dear TIA,

You are right that severe consequences and punishment for the Underground Church is the verdict for China's true Catholics.

Here is another recent report about how ALL religious statues and symbols have been removed from an underground Catholic Church in Henan's Baizhuang village as punishment for their refusing to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association that Pope Francis recently fully sanctioned.



Pius IX Mason?


I see that TIA takes the position that Pius IX was very possibly a Mason (here and here). You then say that he converted to Catholicism.

As far as I can see, nobody else in the traditionalist limelight makes this concession. Even the bold Mario Derkson/Novus Ordo Watch refuses to consider the possibility that Mastai-Ferretti was a Mason.

However, I see that you say that anyone who doubts the authenticity of Mastai-Ferretti's abandonment of Freemasonry is mentally ill.

This might be so, but I can't forget the assertion by Mary Ball Martinez in her book The Undermining of the Catholic Church, that Pius released all the Masonic revolutionaries from their jail cells as his first papal act and then removed the strict press censorship directed primarily against the Masonic revolutionaries.

At this point, his supporters will claim that he saw the light, and became a traditional Catholic. When he fled Rome, leaving the Masons in total control, and went to Gaeta for two years, his devotees will say that he was running for his life and that the Masons were so powerful that resisting them would have been useless.

No one seems to find it suspicious that his companions at Gaeta were Cardinal Antonelli and Marcantonio Pacelli, the Rothschild banking executive. The possibility that this sojourn at Gaeta may have been an intensive training session for the newly elected pope naturally occurs to no one but me, I assume.

Many people think that the Masons are simple, smiling, banquet-loving good old boys who just want everyone to be happy. This is false. They are master manipulators, and if you read some of their writing, you will find that they have finely honed minds and are very capable of great deceptions.

The point is, of course, we need to see when the Church became bad. Some put it in 1964. Some even put it in 2013, when Benedict XVI resigned.

I will say one thing more: I was a Catholic Schooler in 1960, and God was in the Catholic Church. I loved that Church. I loved God. By 1970, I did not find God in that church. I found nothing interesting in that church. I fell for the heresy of Vatican II. I admit it. Nevertheless, I retained a fondness for the old Catholic Church, the real Catholic Church, and now I am seeking it.



Moral Decay in the Concilar Church Pews


I am sending you these stats collected by Bishop Gracida, retired bishop of Corpus Christ, TX, to show how the Vatican II Church leads people to abandon Catholic Morals. On the other hand those who keep the principles taught before Vatican II still follow a high moral standard.

The numbers speak for themselves.

This is not a very encouraging picture of American Catholicisim

Bishop Rene Henry Gracida

The below Study has now been completed. The data was collected from April 1 through November 30, 2018. All told, there are samples from 15 states located all over the USA map. I have someone helping me from a statistical view to help break down the findings in a more analytically approved method.

To the layman, the differences are quite striking. In 1960 about 80% of Catholics were going to weekly Mass and now it is 99% for the TLM and 22% for the Novus Ordo. Most of my numbers were gathered post 2018 scandal.

There has been a visible drop in Mass attendance among the Novus Ordo attendees from the 22% of 2016. How much we'll only know in a few years when the 2018 Novus Ordo numbers become available. The TLM numbers were not affected by the scandal since the vast majority of the 1700+ samples were taken after September 1st.

The birth rate of 3.6 is just below the 1960 birthrate of all USA women of 3.65, but significantly higher than the 2.3 of the average Novus Ordo woman.

The monetary giving in the collection has got to turn heads. The TLM attendees give 5 times what their Novus Ordo counterparts give (6% vs. 1.2%).

Once again here are the most recent numbers we have from the Novus Ordo Catholics:

1.) 89% of Catholics agree with contraception     Pew Research 2016;
2.) 47% of Catholics agree with abortion     Pew Research 2016;
3.) 22% of Catholics attend Mass weekly     CARA 2016;
4.) 67% of Catholics agree with gay marriage     Pew Research 2017;
5.) 1.2% of income donated by Catholics in the USA     Catholic Philly.com 2013 (Protestants as of 2016 give 2.5%;Catholics gave 3.3% during the Great Depression);
6.) 62% of Catholics attending weekly Mass go to yearly Confession     CARA 2008;
7.) 37% of monthly attending Catholics go to yearly Confession     CARA 2008;
8.) 6% of a few times a year Catholics go to yearly Confession     CARA 2008;
9.) 2.3 birth rate among Catholics     Pew Research 2015.

Online poll of Traditional Latin Mass Catholics was 451 samples from 10 states (Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, Connecticut, New York, Missouri, Kansas, Idaho, Virginia, and West Virginia. The remaining (+/-) 1300 samples are from 5 in-pew parish surveys in the following cities: Dallas, Texas - Denver, Colorado - San Diego, California - Tacoma, Washington - Nashua, New Hampshire (see here).


1.) (Contraception) - 1773 samples (1734-39)      98% said no to the use contraception;
2.) (Abortion) - 1769 samples (1755-14)      99% said no to the possibility of abortion;
3.) (Mass) - 1763 samples      (1746-17) 99% attend Mass weekly;
4.) (Gay Marriage) - 1759 samples (1723-36)      98% are against gay marriage;
5.) (Donations) - 1702 samples      6%;
6.) (Confession) - 1753 samples (1723-30)      98% of weekly Mass attendees go to monthly confession; ...
9.) (Live Births) - 1085 samples      3.6.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 11, 2018

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