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Two Proofs of SSPX’s ‘Temperance’

Vox Catholica’s Attack

Re: The Sadness of Our Lady in Quito 2019

Note from the Editor: Miss Salwa Bachar is in charge of TIA’s social media. What follows is a report I asked her to write after an irrational attack she suffered from the editor of the blog Vox Catholica, who I am not sure is a priest or not. After her reply, he found it more prudent to not answer her and made his comment and her reply invisible. A.S.G.

On Saturday, Feb. 9, TIA’s staff writer Salwa Bachar posted this comment on the channel Vox Catholica’s YouTube Video. It reads:

“I believe your viewers will benefit from reading this article that gives more details about what happened in Quito last week:

Vox Catholica’s attack

Not even 10 minutes later, Vox Catholica’s editor replied to Miss Bachar’s comment. His reply not only included false representations of Mr. Guimarães’ article (straw man fallacies) and accusations that Miss Bachar was spreading “dirty propaganda from the non-Catholic sect called TFP,” but it was also rife with intimidations and threats of physical violence. The reply was the following:

This article is Slanderous, and frankly whoever wrote it is in grave sin. The author falsely accuses the Archbishop of simony (accepting bribes for religious privileges etc.), it totally mischaracterizes the TFP (Tradition Family Property, who has been illegally forcing themselves on the sisters of the convent), and it states that the SSPX moved the statue from the upper choir and that is also a DIRTY LIE. I have video footage of the Franciscan Friars 1) Leading the procession, 2) Carrying our lady down from the upper choir and placing her on the altar, 3) I have video footage of the Archbishop attending the dawn procession on Feb. 2, which is the first time EVER that he has participated in this devotion 4) and the idea that the Society has enough money to go around the world bribing bishops for privileges is a sick lie. How dare you accuse a good bishop of sin! How dare you spread this dirty propaganda from the NON-CATHOLIC SECT known as the TFP.

“+Salwa Bachar, if I wasn’t posting this response from my channel’s account, I'd be using much stronger language, and if we ever met in real life, believe me, I’d take you behind the convent and share a couple of fist fulls of the truth with you. You need to seriously re-consider where you get your news from, and you need to do some fact checking before you go around accusing Bishops of grave sin. I’ll be praying for you.” [emphasis added]

Miss Bachar’s reply

After some hours, Salwa Bachar posted this comment in response to Vox Catholica’s threats:

“If you are so courageous, why don’t you present your grievances to the author of that article? I believe he stands behind what he affirmed. I am a lady who just advised your viewers to see the other side of the picture.

“The unruly fury you showed against me for just suggesting another point of view shows that you believe you are infallible and you punish violently with words and physical threats those who are not on your side. This behavior is what scholars say characterizes the belonging to a sect. The exposition of the truth is normally calm and rational, not what you did, resorting to baseless personal attacks and labels.

“The violence of your reaction also confirms suspicion that you are directly linked with SSPX, contrary to your website’s claim that you are ‘not affiliated to any Catholic order or diocese.’”

To date, Vox Catholica has not responded.

For a snapshot of the Vox Catholica page, click here


Fr. B. Haenny’s Attack

Dear Sir,

I have read your article on the “Sadness of Our Lady in Quito – 2019.” Having been there myself for the lowering, I can tell you that the SSPX priests did NOT bring down the statue but it was the Franciscans. Perhaps some of the video and pictures I took of the event will be helpful to expose your lie.

Accusing the archbishop of simony and accepting a large donation of money based on the “talk of the town” is a calumny and a grave sin. If you have the proof, offer the evidence. If you don’t, retract your lie immediately. What kind of a Catholic man throws baseless and unproven accusations against a prelate of the Church? You talk of Catholic “knighthood” and “honor.” Such is not in the example of Catholic honor and chivalry that your mentor, Dr. Plinio taught you, I am sure, and that TFP so self-righteously claims to uphold. It is the tactic of Freemasons and all those who justify the means by the end. It is the tactic of all those in history who disregard morality, all those who serve as agents of the prince of lies. I can think of no other reason to publish such lies except that getting control of a convent of sisters and control of Our Lady is more important for you or for whoever you work for than honoring Our Lady’s requests and obedience to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

If you have any decency and honor you will retract this article and publish a full apology immediately and may God have mercy on you if you do not.

Fr. B. Haenny


The Editor responds:

Rev. Fr. Haenny,

It will be my great pleasure to answer your rabid diatribe when I find some spare time. Unfortunately for me, I have to postpone this pleasure for about 20 days since I am busy with two other ongoing projects.

To put some weeks between your message and my answer can give you time to cool your fury and check with your superiors to be sure that your points reflect well their position. It also will allow other like-minded protesters to come forth, so that I may answer all the objections together.

I like many aspects of bullfights and I am glad you assumed the role of the bull charging at the red cape in the ring.


    Atila S. Guimarães

Posted February 12, 2019

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