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Francis in JPII’s Footsteps & ‘Saint’ Paul VI

I've Learned a Lot


I discovered this site awhile back and it seems like every time I google something, this site shows up.

Thank you so much.

I've learned about the Vendee (here, here and here), George Washington, Colonial Times, etc. So thankful to have a website like yours.

     Thank you!



From a Prisoner

Dear TIA family,

Please accept my most heartfelt thanks for your prompt and wonderful response to my most recent request for Catholic truth that actually has an impact!

Having been raised 'Catholic' then fallen away in my teens, mostly due to stubborn self-will, but also because I did not ever fully absorb the meaning and graces of the Faith, prayer and Sacraments. I now am beginning to perceive through apostolates such as TIA - that perhaps the spiritual inoculations and remedies administered to my generation (at least in some areas) were generic and watered-down.

Beginning with the Fatima story, after a miracle of grace in prison - still ongoing - I assiduously began re-educating myself, realizing for the first time in my life what I famously screamed to both of my parents through the prison phone: "It's real! It's real! Its' real!!!"

While it seems I will never become worthy of such a calling, I have the gift of zeal for truth and souls which frequently upsets my old man, which is a good thing. I want God!

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us! St. Joseph, pray for us! Soul of Mother Mariana, help!

God bless you all so much, and may He continue to assist you in disseminating potent medicine to those us in desperate need. As so many 'divine physician assistants! Thanks, thanks and powerfully proclaimed thanks!

Your work and intentions, as well as yourselves, are in my prayers and the prayers of the weekly rosary group I facilitate here at South Bay prison.

     Crush the serpents' head,



Francis Teaches Errors


The amount of errors taught by Pope Francis is increasing terribly by the day. Check the comparison below.


Francis vs Our Lady of Fatima on sins of flesh


Feast of St. Paul VI Now on Calendar


Here is another reason to resist the Novus Ordo novelties. Now Francis has included Paul VI, known in Italy to be a homosexual in the Roman Calendar.

They got rid of St. Christopher, St. Philomena, and others, and add one of the worst popes in all history. I can't find anything holy about his life or papacy... but now he has a saint day.

A travesty beyond words.



The Divine Mercy Chaplet


I just read the piece about the Divine Mercy being condemned by previous popes. I have not read most of the divine mercy diary but I have a picture of the original one, not the 2nd one.

My husband and I say the Divine Mercy chaplet almost every day. Would that be proper to say or not? I know there are others devotions.



TIA responds:

Hello D.M.,

There is a promise of Our Lady that whoever prays the Rosary will not perish eternally. We don’t believe that the chaplet of Divine Mercy has anything like this.

Indeed, St. Louis Grignion de Montfort reports this promise by Our Lady given to Bl. Alan de la Roche: ”All those who will recommend themselves to me through my Rosary will not be eternally condemned.” (Louis Grignion de Montfort, O Segrêdo de Maria & Método de Rezar o Rosário, Rio: Santa Maria, 1953, Preface to the second part, pp. 79-80).

Thus, we believe it would be wiser for you to use the time that you say the chaplet of Divine Mercy to pray the Rosary. Even if you cannot say the 15 decades, you can start with 5 decades saying one set of the Mysteries – Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious – a day.

For more on this apparition of Our Lady and the soundness of the devotion of the Rosary, read here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Francis Echoes JPII

Dear TIA,

Fine article by Father Paul Alvarez Norton on "Saving Benedict XVI." I think Benedict is a better man than his successor, but until the Vatican II revolution is truly addressed and overturned in some way, things in the Church will continue to deteriorate, by small steps or by great ones.

Francis's recent endorsement of a statement which stated that God willed diversity of religions was scandalous enough. But John Paul II said virtually the same. This from a general audience of his, September 9, 1998: "The various religions arose precisely from this primordial human openness to God. At their origins we often find founders who, with the help of God’s Spirit, achieved a deeper religious experience. Handed on to others, this experience took form in the doctrines, rites and precepts of the various religions."

     Salve Maria,



Two Different Perceptions of Mary


Re: The Sadness of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito

You wrote:

“Her majesty, however, was not of an Empress who is being applauded by her subjects. It appeared to me to be rather the majesty of a Queen who is being rejected. She seems to be closed in her own dignity as if she were saying: 'I continue to be myself in all my majesty, even when no one or just a few are open to me.' (italics mine. )

Vatican II "Mary' is not "Mary." Their statues are a depiction of True Mary; but the True Mary within the N.O. people is almost gone. They do not see internally who you see internally when looking at Mary statues. Many believe this is true now. It seems this is what you have said above.

     Thank you,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 28, 2019

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