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Transubstantiation, Wolves & Rosary

Valid Transubstantiation
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I am a Sedevacantist.

I am trying to convert my sister Helen, who is a Conciliar Novice. I want her to become a Traditionalist Nun. My sister is a good girl who would make a very, very good Traditional Catholic Nun (I don't know which Traditional Community she would end up in). Her soul is very important to me. Please help.

I think in her particular case conversion may depend on Transubstantiation in the Novus Ordo being proved invalid. I hope that as Anne Catherine Emmerich said: "...nor did they receive the Body of the Lord, but only bread."

From De Defectibus I can prove that transubstantiation does not occur in the wine. But if a validly ordained (pre 1968 A.D. Rite of Ordination) Catholic priest celebrates the Novus Ordo how can I prove the bread remains only bread. She has a conservative 'priest' who can refute anything I come up with, so I am asking several expert clergy for an answer.

If I can prove to her that Transubstantiation does not occur in the Novus Ordo, I think I can win my sister to become a Traditional Catholic Nun. Please give me as much theological proof as possible for the position that the Consecration of the bread in the Novus Ordo does not cause transubstatiation to happen.

Please pray for Helen.

God Bless you and your holy work.

     Yours in Jesus and Mary


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. M.G.,

We believe that, generally speaking, the sede-vacantist position on Sacraments is too simplistic. The idea, 'he is a heretic, therefore everything he does is invalid regarding the Sacraments' is not accepted by the Church. The Council of Trent clearly condemned it.

The doubts of the Church regarding validity of Sacraments administered by heretics refer to situations that were historically analogous to the one we have today with Progressisvism. That is, many Bishops and priests who had the power to administer Sacraments entered into heresy. They still maintained, however, their power of orders because it remains forever. So, they continued to administer valid Sacraments after their apostasy. They made other Bishops, who made others, and so on.

How can their validity be traced? Leo XIII did so with respect to the Anglicans. He proved their power of orders disappeared and, consequently, their sacraments are null. Serious doubts still remain about several branches of Protestantism, centuries after their denial of the true Faith.

An analogous situation applies to Progressivism and the Novus Ordo sacraments. In this case, however, the complication increases because we have four Popes - Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI - who approved the new formulas of sacraments, including the new formulas of the Consecration. We also have the ensemble of Bishops around the world who have accepted and applied those formulas for more than 40 years.

Hence, the problem of the validity of Sacraments becomes one of knowing whether a Pope has the right to change the formulas of the Sacraments in the way that Paul VI did. Some will say 'Yes' and present arguments; others will say 'No' and present arguments. We believe that no one will have the final word until this whole apostasy ends, the Church is cleaned, and a new Pope puts everything in order.

These are times of a great confusion, especially regarding the Sacraments. Almost all discussions on this topic are fated to become byzantine and stuck in dead ends.

If you want our advice, avoid these topics in your effort to convert your sister. Instead, show her other aspects of Progressivism that blatantly clash with the previous teaching of the Catholic Church, such as its ecumenism and its adaptation to the modern world. She does not need to be an expert in theology to see that the general post-Vatican II approach is wrong. Try to touch her Catholic sense.

We hope this may help bring her to a better position. We are praying for that.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Wolves in Shepherd's Clothes
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

A recent hate mail demanded, 'Who do you really want us to be guided by? The world wide (sic) gathering of bishops at Vatican II or your group of dissenters?'

Even a cursory perusal of your website would quickly show that you really want to be and are guided by the perennial teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and not just one gathering of bishops at Vatican II, the real dissenters of all prior held dogma and teaching.

The hate mailer remarks, 'Why not start your own church... if you are right, the Holy Spirit will allow you to outnumber the Roman Catholic Church.'

Based on this the writer would do well to notice that the Second Vatican Council has tried to do just that, start their own Church on the foundation of the True Church. The consistent hemorrhage of Catholic apostasies from the ranks of the Church not to mention the lack of belief and attendance at Sunday Mass - is proof that those bishops are wolves in shepherd's clothing while TIA is simply pointing the way back to the true teachings for those who have the eyes to see and the good will to change the course.

May Our Lady bless your efforts.

     In Maria,

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From Denmark
People Commenting

I would love to have a picture of Our Lady of Gennazano. I need a miracle. I printed the picture. How much does that cost?



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TIA responds:

Hello A.C.,

The photos on our website are free, as most of the photos on the Internet. You may download them or print them at your convenience for non-profit purposes.

We also offer a good quality color photo (postcard size) in our Collection of Beautiful Pictures of Our Lady here. The set is $2.50, or you can purchase 1 card for 50 cents.

We hope Our Lady of Genazzano will protect you and draw you closer to her.


     TIA correspondence desk

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15 Decades
People Commenting

I do not always manage the full fifteen decades each day. Please, can you tell me on what days of the week do I say the different mysteries?

Thank you


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TIA responds:


Monday - Joyful mysteries
Tuesday - Sorrowful mysteries
Wednesday - Glorious mysteries
Thursday - Joyful
Friday - Sorrowful
Saturday - Glorious
Sunday - any of the three sets of mysteries.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 29, 2010

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