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‘62 Mass, Beach Bishop & Ape Church

The ’62 Mass Is an Inferior Alternative

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: 1962 Canon Presaged the Novus Ordo

The Indult service is an inferior alternative to the time immemorial sacred Roman Mass. It recognizes all the post conciliarist Popes, is usually rented out in a post conciliarist church, it uses the money of those who attend such services to preserve the errors of Vatican and all of its heresies.



The Holy Week Reform Was Odd

TIA, (from Instagram)

Re: 1962 Canon Presaged the Novus Ordo

I have wondered about that myself, especially as it relates to the reform of the Holy Week in 55-56. It seems quite odd. Check this text by Paul VI:

“It was felt necessary to revise and enrich the formulae of the Roman Missal. The first stage of such a reform was the work of Our Predecessor Pius XII with the reform of the Easter Vigil and the rites of Holy Week (1), which constituted the first step in the adaptation of the Roman Missal to the contemporary way of thinking." (Paul VI, Apostolic Constitution Missale Romanum, April 3, 1969)



Bullet Proofed...

TIA, (from Instagram)

Re: 1962 Canon Presaged the Novus Ordo

SSPX doesn’t use anything harmful to the faith. Archbishop Lefebvre, who lived through all of the changes and was part of the preparatory commission, saw nothing harmful in the 1962.

SSPX doesn’t use any of the parts deemed ‘harmful’ anyway.

Resistance etc seem to exaggerate this to deem themselves ‘more traditional’ than the Society.



Bishop with Bikini Girls Raises Indignation

To Our Readers

Re: The Beach Mass of Bishop Minarro

We received the following indignant short reactions from our readers on Facebook, which we pass on to our general audience.

     TIA correspondence desk

  • The Mass is a sacrifice, not a luau. – J.M.R

  • Shame on him. – B.R.

  • Sacrilege… – R.S.

  • Trust me if my 20-year-old self can take the heat of the tropics in long sleeves you'll be fine for a half hour to an hour. Put on your vestments and get those people's bodies covered. If you want to be a degenerate then try to be one outside the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – J.K.

  • Totally obscene! This is in no way true Catholicism. This makes me ill!! – E.M.

  • Mass is a sacrifice not a party. – J.M.

  • Defrock him, he is not true priest, he is a servant of Lucifer. – I.C.

  • Don’t you love how he’s doing the consecration sitting down? – D.A.

  • They are hippies, they teach tribal ways of life. – L.J.C.

  • This GUY gets consecrated as a bishop. – D.E.L.I.

  • Demons. – J.N.

  • “Many know my name, but few know Me.” – C.P.

  • This is not a holy priest, he is a bad priest and this is unforgivable. – R.C.S.

  • Sickening! – E.M.


  • Is this real ? – F.A.H.

  • Disgusting… – R.S.

  • Disgusting. – M.I.S.

  • I think he’s an impostor. – G.L.G.

  • Let's find and attend only Traditional Latin mass. – D.T.

  • I have been told years ago about all the abuses that happen @ these WYDs. Believe them folks. – S.F.

  • What words can convey the sacrilege. – N.F.

  • Beyond words at this... – D.D.R.

  • Speech less. – T.A.

  • Blasphemy... – J.M.

  • Our Lord is so much offended and Priests are the ones who offend him most. – T.S.A.

  • Shame on this priest. – M.H.

  • No shame here or love of MODESTY. Pray for their salvation and the grace of final perseverance. – H.L.J.

  • What happiness, what an apostolate! – M.F.

  • Very sad, no respect to God. – D.G.C.

  • Disrespectful! He should not be a bishop. – L.R.

  • Fat, shameless pig. – J.W.

  • No wonder St. John Chrysostom 3rd century said that ONE HOLY PRIEST will bring so many thousands of thousands of souls to HEAVEN and ONE BAD PRIEST will bring so many thousands of thousands of souls to HELL! – A.R.

  • I call for his collar... – J.J.B.

  • This is outrageous and shameful. He better repent before it is too late for him. – N.C.

  • How disgraceful!! – M.S.

  • St. John Chrysostom said most bishops go to hell. – J.W.

  • It is sad when I see priest in civilian clothing. How much more for this one? – C.E.

  • From Instagram

  • What... My brain cannot even understand this!!!! – H.M.H.

  • If you wouldn’t do it at Calvary, don’t do it at the Holy Mass. – S.O.A.

  • I agree, this is sick and immodest. It's totally impure. – M.J.


It Is a Sect

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: The “Good” Archbishop Travez

SSPX is a sect. One does not have to promote the Novus Ordo to recognize this. Many adhere like the SSPX adhere to tradition out of aesthetic preference or superficial motives.



It Shows a Secret Pact

Dear TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: The “Good” Archbishop Travez

It is an indisputable fact that for two decades the descent of the Statue of Our Good Success was done by a group that was banned by the "good" archbishop, a "good" archbishop who forbids the Tridentine Mass.

On the other hand, we have the accusations of calling the TFP as a sect while making the defense of the archbishop – a man who is clearly a member of the modernist sect condemned by St. Pius X – with these words: "What kind of a Catholic man throws baseless and unproven accusations against a prelate of the Church?"

Why its members have the courage to attack the TFP, but lacks the courage to unmask a modernist bishop? Of course they have a "Molotov-Ribbentrop" pact. A secret pact.



Ape Church

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: The “Good” Archbishop Travez

Anyone who tries to discuss the SSPX on social media and remind them that they are canonically separated from the Church is almost always attacked. They are extremely vicious; I can't explain it, but the symptom is there. Many of our traditionally faithful have gotten “soft” on the SSPX, and even those get irrationally angry.

I don't agree with every view expressed by TIA, but I am very happy that it sees through to the SSPX's true nature. I am also eternally grateful for TIA's promotion Our Lady of Good Success, as well as their alerts to current news and social attitudes.

There are so few that will go up against this evil cult, posing as Catholic, and what may indeed be the “ape church” that Archbishop Sheen predicted. SSPX looks and acts everything Catholic, but its members only answer to themselves and completely ignore that obedience so crucial to our salvation.

One may have the power to act like a priest, through ordination – even illicit ordination, but no one has the right to act like a priest. That right can only be conferred through faculties – which is the delegation of rights from a bishop attached to Rome. Anything else is illicit. So, anything an SSPXer does, from preaching to baptism to public Masses are all illicit due to this break in submissive obedience.

Oh how obedience and authority is utterly misunderstood today.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 7, 2019

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